Cousin SNUBS Family Event for Her Own 1-Year Anniversary 💔

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🌟 Get ready for a juicy tale of family drama, young love, and the battle of the anniversaries! 💑 Our story revolves around a tight-knit family of cousins, where relationships are scrutinized and celebrations are a big deal. But when one cousin's 3-month 'anniversary' clashes with another's 1-year milestone, sparks are bound to fly! 🎇 Buckle up, because this family feud is about to get wild! 😱

🌟 Meet the Cousins: A Tale of Two Relationships! 👭

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😔 The Invisible Boyfriend: Excluded from Family Events 💔

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🙏 Introducing Bella: The Good Christian Cousin 😇

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📸 Happy 2 Weeks, Babe! The Couple That Posts Together... 💑

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💕 A Tale of Two Anniversaries: Bella's 3-Month vs. My 1-Year 📅

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🙅‍♀️ Sorry, Bella! I've Got Plans... It's My ACTUAL Anniversary! 💑

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📚 Lesson Time: What Does 'Anniversary' Actually Mean? 🤔

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🗣️ Gossip Alert: Bella Tells Her Mom, Who Tells My Mom! 📞

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🤷‍♀️ Mom Says Apologize, But I'm Not Sorry! 😤

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🎉 3 Months vs. 1 Year: The Anniversary Showdown! 🥊

In this epic battle of the anniversaries, our protagonist finds herself torn between celebrating her own 1-year milestone with her boyfriend and attending her cousin Bella's 3-month 'anniversary' party. 😱 With family pressure mounting and accusations flying, she stands her ground and refuses to apologize for prioritizing her own relationship. 💪 But the drama doesn't end there! Bella's mom gets involved, claiming that Bella and her beau are the superior couple. 😲 Talk about family feuds! 🔥 Let's see what the internet has to say about this wild situation... 👀

No favoritism and no pressure - NTA made the right decision 🙌

roseteacakes | roseteacakes

Celebrating love > family obligations. NTA 💖

hopelessautisticnerd | hopelessautisticnerd

Standing up for yourself without hurting others. NTA 👏

DinosaursOvrEvrythng | DinosaursOvrEvrythng

Setting healthy boundaries with family, NTA 👍

Jayney__ | Jayney__

Putting your relationship first is valid. NTA 👏

boogiebeta | boogiebeta

Celebrating a monthiversary is fine, Bella's still an a**hole.

OpheliaMustDie | OpheliaMustDie

Is a 3-month anniversary party really that important? 🤔

alienembry0 | alienembry0

NTA says it as it is, no sugarcoating 👌

BlockEightIndustries | BlockEightIndustries

Celebrating dating anniversary at family event? NTA wins.

SputnikSweetheart112 | SputnikSweetheart112

Celebrate your way! A clever gift idea with good vibes ✨

upinthecrowsnest | upinthecrowsnest

Family expects attendance for 3-month relationship, ignores 1-year milestone. NTA

Silly-Slacker-Person | Silly-Slacker-Person

Celebrate your real anniversary, not a three-month milestone! 🎉

Dogismygod | Dogismygod

Savage comment shutting down the idea of a 3-month anniversary party 🤣

ZappyZee | ZappyZee

Don't let clucking hens dictate your happiness 🐥

gonzar09 | gonzar09

When family takes a backseat to young love 💖

Vitruvian_man21 | Vitruvian_man21

Red flags in the relationship, but OP is still NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Break the favouritism cycle, force your partner onto them 🤔

ButtontheBunny | ButtontheBunny

Soft ESH situation, tone matters. Apologize for snapping if needed. 👍

KaliCalamity | KaliCalamity

Clear favoritism shown by cousin for her 3-month anniversary. NTA. 😊

alexdelarge113 | alexdelarge113

Anniversaries don't start at 3 months, NTA is right 😎

starwarschick16 | starwarschick16

Don't apologize, your cousin sounds entitled and NTA.

wandlust | wandlust

NTA thinks 3-month dating anniversary party is over-the-top 😑

clutzycook | clutzycook

NTA! Commenter calls out Miss Bella's need for constant acknowledgment 😎

Metonyme | Metonyme

Christianity and favoritism don't mix! NTA for standing up.

eatthebunnytoo | eatthebunnytoo

Eye-rolling at cousin's attention-seeking 1-year anniversary post. NTA.

certified_mom_friend | certified_mom_friend

User questions if Bella has any shortcoming, family may be ridiculous.

ItsJustJojo31 | ItsJustJojo31

Celebrating your own anniversary instead of cousin's party. NTA 🎉

Kittinlily | Kittinlily

Support for not inviting cousin's partner to future events.

RikkitikkitaviBommel | RikkitikkitaviBommel

Celebrate your anniversary! Family can wait 😊

KaiaThorn | KaiaThorn

Celebrating love and calling out hypocrisy with NTA comment

SexyVelociraptorCrew | SexyVelociraptorCrew

Celebrating 1 year is fine, but a party for 3 months? 🙄

shork2005 | shork2005

Celebrating your own anniversary is more important than appeasing family.

concretism | concretism

Celebrating a 3-month anniversary? NTA for prioritizing family event 🙅‍♂️

DivineTarot | DivineTarot

Skipping the apology until receiving respect from family. NTA 👍

cranberry58 | cranberry58

Why celebrate a month-sary with a party and gifts? NTA.

CoconutCritters | CoconutCritters

Calling out the absurdity of a 3 month anniversary. 🙄

Chronicler_C | Chronicler_C

Celebrating week/month anniversaries nauseating? Let cousin be, NTA.

AythnKit | AythnKit

Standing up for oneself, NTA suggests tit for tat. 😏

Space_cadet1956 | Space_cadet1956

Celebrating their own anniversary doesn't mean they're snubbing family ❤️

xwcq | xwcq

Early relationship, NTA, and a funny anecdote 😂

nerdyconstructiongal | nerdyconstructiongal

Unapologetically standing up for your relationship, NTA 🙌

Icy_Obligation | Icy_Obligation

Competitive family events creating drama. Commenter is sane 🙌

cthulu05 | cthulu05

Anniversaries are overrated, NTA keeps it real 👍

Charmander5000 | Charmander5000

Cultural differences in celebrating anniversaries, and celebrating with SO.

Rosencrant | Rosencrant

Celebrating a 3-month anniversary is crazy 😂

AurelienRz | AurelienRz

Etiquette game over: celebrating a minor anniversary and family obligations.

ruinedbymovies | ruinedbymovies

Sassy comment suggests petty revenge on anniversary snubbing cousin 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand your ground against narcissistic relatives. 💪

BlackSeranna | BlackSeranna

NTA for celebrating 1-year anniversary, cousin needs to grow up 😊

whatnameisnttaken098 | whatnameisnttaken098

Standing up to a controlling parent. NTA 👏

speedstars | speedstars

Stand up for your relationship and put your partner first 👏

TLema | TLema

1-year anniversary over 3-month party. Is something wrong with cousin?

FinanceMum | FinanceMum

Counting smaller anniversaries is fine, NTA for not attending event.

NoApollonia | NoApollonia

Standing up for your relationship against family judgment 👊

brazentory | brazentory

Dealing with annoying new couples - we've all been there 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Red flags everywhere! NTA's cringey encounter with wackjob cousin.

Vincent_Veganja | Vincent_Veganja

Family's expectations of marriage impacting cousin's relationship choices. NTA.

EmpressJainaSolo | EmpressJainaSolo

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