Christina Perri Opens Up About Blood-Clotting Diagnosis After Devastating Pregnancy Loss

Jordan Claes
Christina Perri in her backyard, wearing a hoodie.
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Christina Perri is a multi-platinum recording artist, renowned for her angelic voice and heartwrenching ballads. She was one of the most popular artists of the 2010s, thanks to songs like "Jar Of Hearts" and "A Thousand Years."

Since becoming a household name, Christina got married, had a child, and was forced to endure the unimaginable loss of not one but two pregnancies. Now, she's opening up on how a simple test for blood clots could've saved the lives of her unborn children.

Christina Perri first burst onto the scene back in 2010.

Christina Perri posing in the woods, wearing a white dress.
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Her song "Jar Of Hearts" sold over 48,000 digital copies in its first week alone. Within the first month, she exceeded more than 100,000 digital copies and peaked at #17 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Christina became a household name the following year, thanks to the track "A Thousand Years."

Christina Perri standing beside her garden, wearing a rose gold pilgrim dress.
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The tortured love song was heavily featured in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and appeared on the film's soundtrack. "A Thousand Years" has since been certified Platinum 4x over.

These days, Christina has shifted her focus from music to something that hits much closer to home.

Christina has made it her purpose to educate women to help them avoid the heartbreaking loss she experienced after losing two pregnancies that may have been caused by a treatable blood clot disorder.

In the most recent issue of 'People', Christina described the heartbreaking loss of a late-term pregnancy that occurred a mere 10 months after a miscarriage.

Christina Perri walking on the beach with her daughter and husband.
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"There was so much anger and pain and sadness," Christina explained. "And there were days I couldn't even see a future version of me."

A few months after the death of Christina's daughter (who would've been named Rosie), the singer discovered her blood-clotting disorder.

According to the doctors, there may have been a direct correlation between Christina's disorder and her two pregnancy losses.

Christina then met with her OB-GYN, Dr. Mary Kerr, to consult on her disorder.

Christina Perri and her daughter in their backyard.
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"Ninety percent of miscarriages are due to a spontaneous genetic error," Kerr explained. "That leaves 10 percent caused by something like a blood disorder that could be prevented with something as simple as a blood thinner."

Since Christina became aware of her disorder, she's been receiving daily injections of Lovenox — a blood thinner designed to prevent clotting.

"Once I processed what she had told me, I was sick to my stomach for weeks," Christina lamented. She then began inquiring as to why this simple test isn't offered to all pregnant women.

As of today, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends the test be done only after two consecutive early pregnancy losses.

Christina Perri in sunglasses and a hoodie in her backyard.
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"I can't be angry at the doctors because they followed protocol," Christina reasoned. "But ACOG has the power to offer that test as part of a prenatal screening to every woman in her first trimester."

"This is not about the past for me. It's about saving babies."

Although she's gotten to a better place, not a day goes by that Christina and her husband, Paul Costable, don't think about their daughter Rosie and the life she might've had.

Christina now sports two new tattoos in memory of her daughter

Christina Perri performing on stage in a white dress.
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Christina has the name of her daughter Rosie tattooed across her chest, as well as a rose imprinted on her hand. She and her husband have also planted a rose garden in their backyard.

For those looking to learn more about Cristina's journey, you can pick up the latest issue of 'People' from your nearest newsstand.

Christina Perri "A Lighter Shade Of Blue" album cover.
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Christina also has a brand new album, A Lighter Shade of Blue, which is due out this month. The record is her first original work since 2014's Head or Heart.