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Australian Influencer Praised For Posting Unfiltered Bikini Photos Of Her Baby Bump

With the rise of social media, Instagram influencers have become a household name all over the world. Women who post photos of their life, their family, and themselves showcase what people are calling "perfection" and "goals." Many of these influencers make a living off of promotional posts and endorsement deals from companies and big brands.

Many people online judge influencers for constantly photoshopping and filtering their images.

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It's undeniably true that many influencers and celebrities alter their photos to make them look almost "perfect."

We live in a world where people are more interested in likes and shares than being real and authentic with themselves.

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Therefore, they have no problem "faking" it online just to get more likes.

Recently, moms online have been praising an Australian influencer who has been keeping it real.

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Belle Lucia is an Australian model and Instagram influencer with over 1.4-million followers. She shares her life on social media and frequently keeps fans involved in big moments.

She shared with followers that she's expecting and immediately got a lot of hate for how small her stomach was while carrying her child.

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Many people online claimed her baby wouldn't be "healthy."

Thankfully, she didn't listen to the haters.

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Despite the hate she received by many on social media, she still posted unfiltered, untouched photos of herself and her body during her pregnancy — even if people said she was "too small."

It's refreshing to see a model own her changing body.

Instagram l @belle_lucia

Many influencers would opt to photoshop out any blemishes or insecurity points on their body before posting it onto social media, so many moms online are happy to see Belle owning her baby body.

Recently, Belle posted a photo of her body in a bikini on the verge of her third trimester.

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In the photo, the veins in her chest are extremely blue and visible.

In the caption, she explained why this happens during pregnancy.

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Belle wrote: "I know I got a veiny chest, happens because your blood volume increases by 50% when pregnant and they go away after pregnancy when your blood volume returns."

Her newest pic received a lot of praise.

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One follower wrote: "So inspirational, especially that you’re not photoshopping and putting makeup over your chest to hide veins or anything of the kind! Natural mom beauty is the best!"

Others shared their own pregnancy experiences.

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Another said that they also had the chest veins during pregnancy. " I also had a very veiny chest during both of my pregnancies. Its one of the first signs of pregnancy. You are pregnancy GOALS!!!"

Belle is showing us that pregnancy looks different for every woman.

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Another wrote: "his is crazy amazing, I love your tiny lil bump, mine is huge I’m 22 weeks and way bigger but I love all your pics of your progress and the progress of other women so that none of us feel out of place."

Belle also posts videos showing off her baby bump, totally unfiltered.

In this video, Belle said she's 26 weeks pregnant. "Gained a total of 10KGS (so far, still got a while to go!) Loving my pregnancy body, weight gain isn’t a negative thing! Dont ever feel ashamed. Baby is roughly the size of a papaya and 36cms long."

People, again, were praising her for her for being so unfiltered and real.

Instagram l @belle_lucia

Users online are really inspired by Belle's honesty about having a "smaller than average" baby belly. Many felt that they finally had someone to relate to.

Some moms feel as though the influencer is shining light onto bigger issues.

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One person commented: "My stomach was very small like this also when I got pregnant with both of my boys, I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum however and was negative 20 pounds until about 7 months pregnant. So happy for you to be so happy and healthy with your blessing! I was in and out of the hospital 19 times the entire thing. ugh no more kids for me lol... wishing you a beautiful pregnancy the rest of the way through and an even better delivery."

Another said she had the opposite problem.

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Another wrote: "I’m 27 weeks today and the opposite to you and started showing really early. People always comment on how big I am and would always asked “are you sure it’s not twins” “are you sure you have you’re dates right” “it must be a really big baby” and being a first time mum it use to make me worry and I would always google how my tummy should look. But from about 18 weeks I learnt to not care and realised just how different everyone is and that there is no right or wrong way on how your stomach should be. Especially considering it’s out of our control. So long as our babies are healthy."

One user even said she thinks that Belle's having a girl from the way she is carrying.

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Many moms know that carrying lower sometimes indicates having a boy. But, one Instagram user feels that Belle is carrying a girl.

The Instagram user commented:

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"She is definitely a little girl. I carried much like you with my first. People only just noticed i was pregnant 3 weeks before i gave birth to my girl. Now I'm a young grandma to that girls little girl. It goes soo fast! Enjoy all the moments you can. You are looking amazing and healthy."

Belle continues to show and prove that moms are capable of anything.

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Although she is in her third trimester, Belle continues to work and showcase that moms can do anything.

At the end of the day, pregnancy is a beautiful and wonderful time in all women's lives.

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Embracing your body and all of its miracles is important, especially when you have such a big platform online.