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These Body-Positive Influencers Are Changing The Way We Define Beauty

Instagram can be a minefield for your self-esteem. It's fun to see your friends' posts and comment emojis on their selfies, but it can also be a little bit crushing to see almost inhumanly gorgeous influencers doing things and looking ways you could barely hope to achieve.

Sometimes we need a refresher that most people don't look like supermodels. This list of body-positive Instagram influencers will help brighten up your timeline and help you remember that humans come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and not one of them is more beautiful than the other.

Mama Cax

Instagram | @mamacaxx

After being diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 14, Cax is now an influencer, blogger, and advocate for everyone with prosthetic limbs.

"If you're comfortable and you feel beautiful, then nothing can stop you."

Instagram | @mamacaxx

Cax told Refinery29 that, "I want to tell women to focus on how you perceive yourself. If you think you're beautiful enough to be at the beach and to be yourself and be comfortable, then do that."

Callie Thorpe

Instagram | @calliethorpe

Callie is a plus-sized model who always keeps it real about the daily struggle involved with self-love.

She wrote on Instagram, " It’s still not easy being in a bigger body and wearing a bikini. At best we are mocked and laughed at, or made into memes. At worst we are verbally assaulted (has happened to me irl) or targets of online hate."

But she doesn't want people to give up the fight.

Instagram | @calliethorpe

She says, "Visibility matters and seeing other people speak up against the ridiculous beauty standards we are put under is not only important but necessary."

Morgan Mikenas

Instagram | @i_am_morgie

Musician and fitness blogger Morgan Mikenas doesn't have any time for people's criticisms of her perfectly natural body hair. She wrote, "I hope to create movement towards a new trend for the next generations, so that we won’t have any reason to feel ashamed of who we are as we mature through life."

"Do what you want, and do what feels right for you."

Instagram | @i_am_morgie

"I hope by spreading awareness of my own experience, I can help others prevent feeling like they have to hold themselves back from who they want to be/ who they are."

Sonny Turner

Instagram | @sonnyturner___

Sonny Turner is a striking model who isn't afraid to call out body negativity. "Take up space my queens. Don’t be afraid to speak out my queens. Don’t be insecure if ur the fattest in the room or the biggest in your friendship group," she said on Instagram.

Sonny has spoken out on the power of social media.

Instagram | @sonnyturner__

In an interview with Elle, she said, "Social media has helped to normalize stretch marks and cellulite and all that stuff that's usually considered ugly. Now I see them as normal and beautiful. Having a social media presence makes me feel more comfortable to be myself."

Dana Falsetti

Instagram | @practicewithdana

Dana Falsetti is a yoga instructor who prefers "body justice" instead of body positivity. "It’s not only about self-love and self-care, but it’s about the ways in which people in marginalized bodies are viewed and oppressed," she said to Verywell.

"It isn't only a space to talk about confidence, but also to engage in difficult discussion about the social and political climates that impact us." | Michele Suits

"Confidence and assuredness of self gives us the tools we need to keep on keeping on, to live life as fully as we can, and recognize all we have to offer."

Denise Bidot

Instagram | @denisebidot

Denise is a model and founder of the "There's No Wrong Way To Be A Woman" movement. She actually got her start when she was rejected for a lingerie shoot. She was turned down for having stretch marks and tummy rolls.

She took matters into her own hands and started posting photos online.

Instagram | @denisebidot

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Denise said, "It wasn't until I owned my body and really learned to love it — all of it — that my career just went to a level that I couldn't have expected."

Kelvin Davis

Instagram | @notoriouslydapper

Kelvin is a body-positive men's fashion blogger, a model for Chubbies, an admin for Eff Your Beauty Standards, a dancer... he does it all, and he looks incredibly handsome doing it.

"Men suffer from body image issues just as much as women."

Instagram | @notoriouslydapper

On Instagram, he wrote, "I’m hear[sic] to tell you fellas, love yourself. It’s a beautiful (manly) thing to do! You deserve to feel good about yourself. You don’t need a head full of hair, abs, fair skin or be tall to be considered worthy. You are amazing just the way you are! Be you and be confident."

Em Ford

Instagram | @mypaleskinblog

Em is a beauty vlogger who isn't afraid to show off her natural skin. She posts makeup tutorials and makeup free looks on her blog and YouTube channel, My Pale Skin.

Her short film, "YOU LOOK DISGUSTING" went viral in 2015.

With over 31-million views, Em showcases how difficult it can be to be perceived as ugly or as having ugly features on social media. Check out this powerful video for yourself!

Zach Miko

Instagram | @zachmiko

Zach was the first Brawn model for IMG models, and is a huge supporter of body positivity for men. He told Verywell, "To me body positivity is learning to love and respect who you are right now."

"Not tomorrow, not after a diet, or a workout plan, or losing or gaining 50 pounds."

Instagram | @zachmiko

"It’s loving your body right now in the very moment because right now your body is beautiful, it is amazing, and it is you. Love every muscle, every roll, every curve."

Hannah Witton

Instagram | @hannahwitton

Hannah Witton is a vlogger who's incredibly passionate about raising awareness for those with invisible disabilities. In her case, she has ulcerative colitis, which results in her needing to use a stoma bag.

Hannah wants people to know that no matter what your body's normal is, it's normal!

Instagram | @hannahwitton

Hannah's not only body-positive, but sex-positive too! You can check out her YouTube page for videos about her condition, sex education, daily life, and lots more.

Stephanie Yeboah

Instagram | @nerdabouttown

Stephanie is a blogger and body-positive influencer who's trying to make a difference in how we see and treat women. She says in an Instagram post, "Something that really helped me on my journey to self love was seeing other fat women (especially black and POC women) in various states of undress online."

"It empowered me, and made me feel...normal."

Instagram | @nerdabouttown

"Self-love shouldn’t be compartmentalized; learning to love every single inch of your body - rolls and all - is a beautiful, healing experience. SO I’MA KEEP POSTING THESE THIRST TRAPS," Stephanie added.

Yes! Tell 'em, Stephanie!

Are you feeling the self-love?

These influencers are working hard to make sure the new definition of beauty includes everyone and every type of body regardless of size, shape, race, ability, gender, and everything else.

BRB, unfollowing everyone except for them.

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