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Haters Criticize Pregnant Model's Baby Bump For Being Too Small

When will the online trolls just, I dunno, go away? It seems like they have an opinion on everything, even when it has nothing to do with them.

This is yet another story of those online trolls trying to body-shame a pregnant woman. I know. What is going on with these body-shamers?

Thankfully this expecting mom knew how to shut them right down.

Belle Lucia is a model who has worked for brands like PrettyLittleThing and Oh Polly.

Belle is originally from Australia but is now based out of the U.K.

Belle recently announced that she was expecting her first baby. Congrats!

She shared the exciting news in an Instagram post on April 2, 2019, so we definitely know that it wasn't an April Fool's joke.

According to Belle, she is 14 weeks pregnant.

Instagram | @belle_lucia

Besides the announcement, Belle also shared a video of her baby belly with fans through her Instagram stories.

Instead of congratulating Belle, trolls and haters began criticizing her body.

Instagram | @belle_lucia

Some of the comments on her Instagram said that Belle was too skinny to be 14 weeks pregnant.

One person even wrote, "She'll be skinnier than me at nine months."

Belle responded to some of the comments by explaining that women's baby bumps grow at different rates.

She also posted a video of her ultrasound but had to delete it when there were even more negative comments.

Some people even went as far as trying to accuse Belle of faking her pregnancy.

She responded to the haters by saying, "Just because I have no bump doesn't mean I'm not pregnant. Why would I lie about this?"

Wow, people can be so unbelievably rude.

Belle's right, though. Women's baby bumps do grow at different rates.

Your genetics and medical history can have a huge impact on what your bump looks like and how quickly it grows.

Take a look at this bump selfie from Instagram that also shows a 14-week-old baby bump.

This mom is also 14-weeks-pregnant but is rocking a noticeably rounder bump.

Baby bumps come in all shapes and sizes, folks! There's no need to shame women over how their bump should look.

So at the end of the day, the lesson here is to just mind your own business.

Thankfully, Belle also received a ton of support and messages congratulating her on her new baby. Just keep shutting down those haters, Belle!