21+ Interesting Designs Thought Up By Clever Minds

The great architects and product designers of the world make it look easy, but it has to be incredibly difficult to plan out how people will use things in an increasingly complex life. But that's their job, and when they do it well, somebody will take notice.

Now, I'm not saying all of these things are out-and-out genius. But clearly, some thought went into them, and they'd almost certainly be welcome changes to my life. So maybe they'd be welcome in yours, too.

1. This hotel's hair dryer includes a stand that should ensure it's always put back in the "off" position.

Reddit | Thedaveabides98

Mind you, that requires it to be put back on the stand every time. But it's a great idea!

2. This ice cream cone, ordered "to go," included an edible topper to keep all the toppings where they should be without ruining the ice cream experience. 

Reddit | juxtaposasian

The thin sugar topper isn't exactly a taste sensation, but it serves its purpose well.

3. Seen at an allergist's office, these tiny ice packs come in the same packets as take away condiments like ketchup and mustard.

Reddit | saint___nic

No need to numb your entire arm over a little injection, right?

4. All of the automated faucets should have this feature, a handle that allows you to adjust the water temperature.

Reddit | Iroc_ZL1

If there's anything worse than being forced to wash your hands under cold water, it's scalding hot water.

5. I'm actually not sure how I feel about this takeout bag for coffee cups.

Reddit | docinsfca

On one hand, it must be much easier to carry than a tray, and you're less likely to spill on your pants. On the other, it's plastic, rather than a nice, recyclable paper tray.

6. This middle school lets the eighth graders paint ceiling tiles to personalize the classroom.

Reddit | Ace_of_hearts_23

So what if there are lots of Legend of Zelda and Minecraft fans? It's an awesome ceiling.

7. If you're going to use a cardboard cutout of a security guard instead of a real security guard, at least make it as lifelike as this one.

Reddit | Xan_derous

I mean, I would probably turn around and walk right out after realizing it's not a real person.

8. There's nothing new about sunlight-activated colors, but there's something charming about using them to make a tote bag blush.

Reddit | eighteen7

Sure, it's not exactly a Kate Spade, but it still has to bring a smile to your face.

9. Waiting around for your car at this mechanic's shop isn't the worst thing in the world because you can practice your putting on the green in the lobby.

Reddit | dericksucks

Now that's a mechanic who puts their customers first.

10. Meanwhile, at this dentist's office, patients can watch the TV in the ceiling while they get their teeth cleaned.

Reddit | ninjasrevenge

Apparently, my dentist needs to make an upgrade — or I need to upgrade my dentist.

11. This is objectively the best hoodie ever because the drawstrings are also fully functional earphones.

Reddit | kuroilighto

They're waterproof, and they attach to jack in a pocket inside. You just have to remember to take your phone out of your pocket before you wash it.

12. This cupboard above a sink uses space efficiently, with the shelves doubling as a drying rack for clean dishes.

Reddit | pearseL

This would be a huge counter space saver in a small apartment.

13. Also perfect for a tiny apartment: this combination sink, stove, and fridge.

Reddit | tammiallday

I mean, chances are it's sub-par at every function it's supposed to do, but in a pinch, it's better than nothing.

14. This literary-themed clock is the perfect wall adornment for a bookshop.

Reddit | JCarp316

All the books arrayed around it have titles that correspond to the numbers they're placed at.

15. Another appropriate use of literature, this playground in Valencia, Spain, is based on Gulliver's Travels.

Reddit | Honeyfish69

Kids can climb all over a giant Gulliver like they're all a bunch of Lilliputians.

16. At this hotel, you don't need to jam your face against the door to see out the peephole. 

Reddit | KRA2008

A nice, large, wide-angle lens on the inside gives a pretty clear view even at arm's length.

17. At this school, the air vents have a circle of fake grass in front of them so they don't kill the real grass.

Reddit | Reddit

I'm not sure there was a great solution to this problem, but this works.

18. This garage door has a normal door in it.

Reddit | mmcnaug6

Frankly, I'd love to have one of these in my garage so I don't have to raise and lower the giant door every time I want to just do some yard work or something.

19. A nice little touch for day planners: adding a perforated corner to each page.

Reddit | frankrizzo24

Tear off the corner at the end of a day, and the next day you'll open your planner right up to the proper day.

20. Since not all schools can afford fancy smart boards — or even whiteboards — this one puts magnets on their laptops to stick them to the chalkboards.

Reddit | CraneFly07

Again, it's better than nothing. And no, the magnets won't mess up the hard drive.

21. This door has a secure keypad built right into the handle.

Reddit | Ratherlargefeet

Love that it's so lowkey, rather than having a big ugly pad next to the door. However, I'm sure I wouldn't love the fact that it's on a public bathroom door.

22. You can't ask for a better explanation of the differences between various espresso beverages than this chart.

Reddit | smitakmr

Having worked in a coffee shop, where I had to explain the differences daily, I can confirm that this chart is very necessary and welcome.

23. This public trash can gives an accurate digital display of how full it is.


I guess to prevent people from trying to stuff it to overflowing, in theory. I wonder if it actually works like that, though.

24. Quite possibly the most welcome improvement on a toy, this horse that kids are supposed to push has a plush head.

Reddit | shoebox17

So it won't hurt too badly when it gets pushed into your shins repeatedly. Your ankles might still take a bruising, but hey, one step at a time.