16 Creations Only Creative Geniuses Could Come Up With

Diply 20 Apr 2018

In a world full of random tools and materials of varying complexity, it stands to reason that there are some clever, unexpected ways to make your life easier.

Sometimes, the trick is so basic that it's hard to believe you didn't think of it first. If anyone asks where you learned these tricks, just pretend you came up with the idea first.

1. Stop relying on those weird Ikea hex keys.

Reddit | serratedspoons

You can never find one when you need one, but no worries: If you've got a decent toolbox, rummage around until you find a couple of screwdrivers to give you the torque you need.

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2. I wish I'd seen this years ago.

Reddit | lookunder_thebed

I always want to treat my books well, then I wrench them open, ruin the spine and get sad that I messed them up. This technique makes total sense: basically, be gentle with your books.

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3. Awesomeness confirmed.

Reddit | Longfingerjack

Here's one that I've actually successfully tried. The drum from an old washing machine makes an excellent fire pit. You can even dig into the ground, place the drum in the hole and fill in the sides for a low profile pit.

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4. Yeah, but who uses cookbooks anymore?

Reddit | Rekordea

I'm mostly reliant on my laptop, but for those of you who do use cookbooks, this is an awesome, inexpensive (albeit kinda goofy looking) solution for a common kitchen problem. No more finding the right page!

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5. Save your fingernails.

Reddit | vinylpanx

Ever have to put a new key on the key ring, only to find that it's impossible without shredding your fingernails? Track down a staple remover and give your nails a break.

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6. On a long flight, this could be your best friend.

Reddit | Saynomorefamily

Flight attendants always have soda cans. Just ask them for one, do some careful crushing and bending, and you've got a ready-made phone caddy.

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7. Let your laptop breathe.

Reddit | lol_80005

Looks like a couple of forks can give your laptop fans a chance to function. I've never done this, which explains why my laptop sounds like a jet engine trying to take off.

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8. The fine art of fridge stacking.

Reddit | thriftyaf

There's always enough room in the fridge, but it requires playing fridge Tetris to find that room. A couple of chopsticks across a bowl can create an instant shelf.

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9. Instant drafting table.

Reddit | Too_Much_Gnar

If you need to trace something, just grab one of those translucent plastic Ikea cutting boards that everyone seems to have and set it up over a bright light.

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10. Why don't I do this?!

Reddit | door_food

Charging cables are always sliding behind my desk. I haven't looked back there in awhile, but I can only assume it's a cable graveyard down there.

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11. How to stop being a plant murderer.

Reddit | bendsc

It's hard (well, it's hard for me) to remember to water the plants. A little bit of ingenuity creates a auto-watering system for the lazy.

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12. You want organized cables, not cable spaghetti.

Reddit | aboustayyef

It's too late for me and my hopelessly tangled cables, but a simple hair clip looks like it would be great for keeping the cables somewhat organized.

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13. New drivers need this.

Reddit | JustaBabyApe

Bumpers crack easily, and they ain't cheap. You don't want to rely on this technique, exactly...but it does look like a great way to protect cars from new drivers.

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14. Sorry, doggo.

Reddit | Tyrienne

If you want to set up a room that allows cats and banishes dogs (so unfair!), a chain lock of the right length is a simple way to remedy things.

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15. Keep your stuff off the floor.

Reddit | tboy2000

This requires a key that's hook-like, or a straight-up hook, on your keychain. But if you've got that, you've also got a ready-made hook system anytime you need it.

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16. Unethical but brilliant.

Reddit | CanadianWalrus

It's so simple! I need to start carrying around assorted signs to keep people from getting all up in my business.

...then again, it kinda seems like a recipe for trouble...

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