12+ Times Designers Had A Brighter Future In Mind For Us All

Diply 13 Aug 2018

Not to worry, the future our kids inherit won't be entirely horrible. Sure, things might look grim if you only look at things like global diplomacy and climate. But when it comes to design, well, smart minds have been coming up with cool ideas to make the future brighter, easier, and just plain better.

And that's what we all want for our kids, right? A better world than we had. And that better world will be built in increments, with small things and clever ideas that snowball into bigger things. If the ideas below are any indication, I think we're on the right track.

1. How often have you had to grab something at a strange grocery store and wandered the aisles in an increasingly frantic hunt?

Reddit | caspii2

This shopping cart removes that stress with a map of the store right on the handle.

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2. And how about trying to shop and read all the small print on labels these days?

Reddit | bottlehole

This shopping cart includes a magnifying glass to help decipher some of the trickier labels.

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3. This parking garage doesn't want you to lose your car, so they provide reminders on paper you can tear off and take with you.

Reddit | actualspam

Just don't lose that slip of paper!

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4. A shelf isn't exactly a sparkling innovation so much as the placement of it can be.

Reddit | PirateGloves

Putting one next to an entryway so employees don't have to juggle their coffees while finding their swipe cards, for example, will make many friends.

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5. We've all been sprayed by sprinklers coming on at strange hours, right?

Reddit | plantsandplants

Well, this place took sprinklers out of the equation by hooking trees up to IVs instead. Might also help keep their water bills down.

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6. I don't know if I would be more willing to drink orange juice bottled in light bulbs, but somebody wants me to try.

Reddit | Rescooperator

Mind you, at $4 a bottle, I'm not exactly thrilled by the idea.

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7. I hope that, in the future, we will all be able to enjoy secret entrances to our underground parking structures.

Reddit | d0rxy

Might be some fanciful thinking, but I do hope for it, because secret entrances are inherently cool.

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8. Why didn't anyone think to put a net over sewage drains before?

Reddit | Palifaith

This is clearly working, collecting all kinds of debris — all you really have to do is make sure to empty the net regularly so the drain doesn't get backed up.

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9. There's snacking, and then there's making a "hot dog" from peanut butter, Nutella, and a banana.

Reddit | Mnix96

This is the kind of comfort food snacking innovation that makes America so wonderful.

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10. I don't know how practical this is, but I think I would still love to have this below-ground walk-in fridge in my house.

Reddit | RIPJ4WZ

As long as I don't have to worry about power bills ever again, of course.

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11. Not that I would want a cabinet right above the sink when I'm doing dishes, but when space is at a premium, using the bottom shelf as a drying rack is ingenious.

Reddit | Sk3tchyboy

And I never would have thought of it.

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12. Okay, this might be controversial, but this Japanese restaurant in New York doesn't allow tipping.

Reddit | LinkedAg

So, there's no math at the end of the meal. And although some will say they want to be able to reward or punish their server with a tip, it's worth remembering that the threat of being fired can still deter bad service.

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13. Even people who are visually impaired should be able to get frustrated by a Rubik's Cube.

Reddit | retrologist

By putting braille on the squares, the puzzle becomes tactile. By making it all white, it makes those of us without impaired vision want to cry. Serves us right.

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14. I love this sign. It's simple and effective.

Reddit | DrJulianBashir

While professional truck drivers should know how tall their vehicle is and pay attention to the maximums posted, it's occasional drivers who often get caught by low bridges. Nothing like renting a U-Haul only to smash it into a bridge, amirite?

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15. This bus company has a simple way to help drivers quickly see if a ticket is valid for the day.


Each one is printed with a word of the day, randomly selected. The words are short so that they're easy to read quickly as passengers wave them at the driver.

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16. Barbecue is delicious, but oh-so-messy.

Reddit | CaptainSnacks

Sometimes, the bib and wet wipes just aren't enough to save your clothes from sauce splatters. Don't worry, though, because this restaurant smartly provides stain remover pens for their patrons.

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17. This guy has beach naps figured out, with his head propped up on a tiny deck chair.

Reddit | oldelpaso91

Looks like it's more supportive for his neck than a pillow, and much easier to carry.

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18. For those who just can't figure out what they want to eat, this restaurant offers darts to throw at this board.

Reddit | TheRealDerpGuy

Because some days you crave a burrito, and some days you're too hungry to care.

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19. The middle of this bench pops up to make a little table between two people.

Reddit | Reddit

The perfect spot to rest a coffee while you catch up with a friend without losing full functionality of the bench.

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20. You have to admit, this is a better way to stow your toilet paper than looping it over the plunger's handle. 

Reddit | iamsms

Because why shouldn't your toilet paper storage be a little fun?

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21. Instead of pushing the swing for their child, this one lets parents swing with them. 

Reddit | Bearat

Besides being fun for both, this also allows for more careful control of how high and fast the swing goes.

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22. I'm all for any design changes that save me from touching public things with my hands.

Reddit | CarrollPC

Like this elevator with the buttons down by the floor. Instead of touching the buttons with your hands, you can press it with your foot. Great for cold and flu season, or simply when you hands are full.

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23. As an introvert with social anxiety, I need more stores to do this.

Reddit | hand_

If you want help or don't mind being interrupted, take the orange basket. If you don't want to make eye contact with strangers and always use the self-checkouts to avoid it, pick the green.

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24. If you've ever taken medication on a schedule, then you know the sense of dread when you can't remember if you took your last dose.

Reddit | CptnB

This bottle solves that problem by having a timer built into the lid. It resets each time the bottle is opened.

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