16+ Hilarious Photobombs That Truly Delivered

We don't seem to hear about photo bombs that much anymore, and it's a darned shame. With selfies so ubiquitous in this day and age, a good photo bomb has a way of injecting some humor into any situation.


Reddit | doctorbutters

I can't imagine the mother, child or photographer intended for this sweet scene to feature mother, child and Rick James himself. But honestly, the framing is so perfect that maybe that was the case all along.


Reddit | jib661

Who knows what this random little kid in the background is communicating. All I know is that I'm totally on board with it. Just look at his hand gestures and sly smile.

Dawn of the dead.

Reddit | phajohns

I don't really have any context for this photo. It was taken in a dark area, the people in the foreground look happy to be there, and the zombie in the background is just chilling out and remaining low-key...for now.

I see you.

Reddit | [deleted]

Some pics work best when no one in said pic is looking at the camera. The effect is distorted a bit when some prankster makes a cheeky face at the photographer.

The authentic NYC.

Reddit | PhReAk0909

The photographer just wanted to capture a scenic view of Manhattan, but got a face full of pigeon instead. When you think about it, being accosted by a pigeon truly is the quintessential New York experience.


Reddit | chocolatelover871

On one hand, what would be a tranquil photograph of a perfect sunset has been upstaged somewhat. On the other, can you ever truly be mad when you're photobombed by a delighted dolphin?

Slowest photobomb ever.

Reddit | Garth_McKillian

I don't know how this pic came to be (seriously, even without the sloth, everyone's blocked out by leaves). I do know that sloths move verrrry slowly, so this photobomb must have been a few minutes in the making.

Can you not?

Reddit | thenegotiatordictato

These Disney castle couple photos are a bit of a cliche at this point. If you're rolling your eyes, just know that you're not alone. The lady on the right shares your disdain.

Next level.

Reddit | jpawli

Photobombs are generally opportunistic, a snapshot of convenience that comes together in a split second. But if you really plan it out, entire families can indeed photobomb entire families.


Reddit | yulilu

This Redditor was just trying to capture a selfie showing her newly blonde hair. I guess her cat wasn't used to the sight, judging by the shocked look on its face.

So graceful.

Reddit | indecisiveredditor

Cats do a lot of weird stuff, but I'm really not sure what this one is going for. Like, where did it come from? Where's it going? Did it totally ruin the bride's wedding dress?


Reddit | Lord_0verkill

There's a story here. Well, there are two stories if you include the students in the foreground. But that's boring. What I really want to know is WTF is happening in the background.

Forever alone.

Reddit | hafelnuts

Yes, that's Kim and Kanye having a special moment during a New Year's Eve party a few years ago. And yes, that's a hopeless, despondent looking man situated in between them.

Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?

Reddit | ProfessorEl

The Rock seems like a genuinely good dude. This fan was at Wrestlemania a few years ago to take a selfie when none other than Dwayne Johnson walked along behind him.


Reddit | StopClickBait

Do you see a family being photobombed by a turtle? Because I see an exasperated turtle being photobombed by a family that's invading its space. Judging by its expression, the turtle is sick of it.

Perfect timing.

Reddit | bwanajoni

In all likelihood, the people on the boat below barely noticed the photoshoot taking place on the bridge. But from this angle, they all kind of look a little bit perverted.


Reddit | Aspi87

I guess that's some pretty good cosplay of some anime character or whatever. But judging by the look on the girl's face in the background, I'm guessing it's some absurdly good cosplay.

Giddy Up

Reddit | OceanGoingSoul

Let's be honest—this horse stole the show.

Pip Pip Cheerio

Reddit | jaydetaylor

You don't need to sign any declarations in order for a royal photobomb to take place.

Baby Beluga

Reddit | sloppyFarts

What, you didn't have to sing that song in school? Baby beluga in the big blue sea, something something something something little white whale on the go. I think. This isn't American Idol guys calm down.


Reddit | danorm

I can't tell if the dog is pooping rainbows or if this implies that pooping dogs are at the end of the rainbow.

No Bromo

Reddit | Noobytoe

If this is a real gaycation, where's the glitter? Where is Carly Ray Jepson? I need answers.

Sisters Not Twins

Reddit | A_fish_called_tiger

You vs. the girl he leaves you for.


Reddit | BeardLover69

Scarier than any horror movie in the last 10 years. Change my mind.

See You In Hell

Reddit | GallowBoob

Okay Hades we get it, you're all powerful. Chill out maybe.

Where's Waldo?

Reddit | holycrapidonteven

Look closer. Closer. CLOSSSEEERRRRR. I'm a professionally trained hypnotist in case you didn't know.

He Flip. He Flap. He Attack.

Reddit | Bigforsumthin

I get it girl. Butterflies are monsters. Seriously.


Reddit | ppswwe

The best thing to do while your children are potentially getting hurt is always to snap a pic of it. More important to go viral, right?

Level Up

Reddit | mrmemelord

You've gotta keep your eyes on the prize.

Not So Goofy

Reddit | sasquatchh

Squeak Sqeak mother trucker time to DIE.

Birthday Suit

Reddit | [deleted]

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the least amount of foresight of them all?

The Circle Of Life

Reddit | logantroxell

Senior photos turned into biology class real quick.

Gears Of War

Reddit | mybrainisfull

The art in the background of this photo makes the kid look like she's about to go into battle. I trust her with my life.

Back to the Future

Reddit | Naptownfellow

This man took a selfie only to find a version of himself twenty years in the future. iPhones are killer these days.

Poker Face

Reddit | reporoire

I think we've found a human version of Pinocchio. The guy can't lie.

Get Low

Reddit | GallowBoob

Sometimes, you need to jump several hurdles to get to where you want to go. In this case, I mean that very literally.

Back up.

Reddit | 123CJP

This jogger is clearly embarrassed that he just jogged right into a couple's engagement photo. I like to imagine that he stopped dead in his tracks, then reverse-jogged right on out of there.


Reddit | ChumbaWambah

Ordinarily I'd say that the guy in the background looks menacing and scary, but how can he really be that intimidating when you apply a couple of cute Snapchat filters?


Reddit | francoranzoni88

I see the happy couple in the foreground as one that posts lots of happy pics on social media. I see the troll-like lurker behind them as the embodiment of everyone who's on Facebook, but never posts.