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13+ Times The Background Of A Photo Was By Far The Best Part

May 27, 2021

Ah, the humble background. For all the pics you may take, you're never explicitly snapping away just to capture the background. We might neglect it, but that doesn't mean it can't upstage the foreground from time to time.


Reddit | TheSANEG

Part of the allure of a destination wedding is the promise of getting married someplace that's a literal paradise. Well, this looks like paradise to me — and no flailing fallers can change a thing.

When you really love breakfast.

Reddit | mango2407

I know, I know, 75 percent of this pic is a closeup of this kid's face. But look a little to the left, and you'll see the kind of person/food relationship we should all strive for.

Almost perfect.

Reddit | porku

It's all about taking advantage of that golden autumnal light for a nice family photo on the back deck. What? Can't find the dog? I'm sure he's around here somewhere.

It wasn't me.

Reddit | itsyaboy_spidey

If that lipstick smears all over his face didn't immediately sell it, that guilt AF look all over his face confirms it. This guy's been caught by the power of flash photography.


Instagram | @lorrainefurmakeup

Look, you can have whatever unorthodox non cat-and-dog pets you want. But I'm with the lady here: if you're going to flaunt said weird pets, I'm going to throw a little shade.

Things are off to a rough start.

Reddit | asjonesy99

This is perfect! It really is. I have nothing more to say about this picture-perfect proposal in the foreground. For the couple that's doing the same thing, but in a worse spot, I'm not sure what to say.


Reddit | Jerahmy___

I'm told this is a speaker box for a board game that's no doubt really fun. But your first thought is more likely to be wonderment at why an adult with a pacifier is mean mugging you.


Reddit | RedJackson

Thanks to the combined power of shadows, sunlight, transluncence and, most crucially, intoxication, guests at this outdoor wedding have the perfect view of this guest relieving himself outside the tent.

So close.

Reddit | FalseEstimate

It could have been a fun pic: mom and baby in the foreground, swimmer in the background. Instead it looks like some flailing creature that's all arms and legs just landed in the waves.


Reddit | woody1130

Hey, background kid, we get it. This guy's milkshake is seriously out of control and we all need to have a closer look at it. But it's rude to gawk.

Creature from the blue lagoon.

Reddit | thirdtimesacharm_

This is a great pic — profile photo material, in fact. Of course, I'm talking about the mud-faced swamp creature doing the Michael Jackson dance in the background, not the woman in the foreground.

How the mighty have fallen.

Reddit | EarthboundSkies

In the foreground, a cat sits on a chair for humans, wearing a bib for humans, eating baby food for humans. In the background, a human baby plays with a cat toy.

Life in the 21st century.

Instagram | @nannymomrhonda

We didn't all intend to become slaves to our phones, it just sort of happened. Phones are so awesome, and the real world is so lame. That's why I don't blame literally 100 percent of the background moms in this pic.

Frozen in time.

Reddit | always-aimee

Anyone who's spent much time at the club knows what it's like to discover a random mystery stain at the end of the night. It isn't often that a photo captures the genesis of said stain.

Oh, I get it.

Reddit | Bombingofdresden

Do you admire a realtor who can make such a joke about living next to a cemetery? Or do you avoid a realtor who uses proximity to dead people as a selling point?

That's ominous.

Imgur | bannedforlife

True, these little girls appear practically disembodied as they play in the big leaf pile. But the thing I'm really worried about is the glowy-eyed hellhound lurking in the background.

Dr. Khaled, PhD.

Reddit | Scaulbylausis

I know that all he does is win blah blah blah, but DJ Khaled is virtually unknown in academic circles. Maybe wearing the classic mortarboard, or just giving that appearance, will change things.

Who hasn't been there?

Twitter | @TheBiaNicole

In childhood, we're allowed to be expressive. I miss the days when I could respond to a particularly boring situation by inverting my entire body as a form of silent protest.

No. Way.

Reddit | super_medium_sized

I've watched some Married With Children. I've watched some Modern Family, too. I'd be geeked to meet Ed O'Neill, but I like to think I'd hold it together better than this guy.

Is that safe?

Reddit | mybrainisfull

It's great to let your little ones explore the surroundings, but there's a line between picking up twigs and wielding a two-handed melee weapon with a sharp spike at the end.

A very royal photo-bomb.

Queen Lizzie herself blessed these soccer players' selfie with the jolliest smile I've ever seen in my life.

Quite frankly, I'm jealous. I can't even get a grin this big from my own mother.

Buzz isn't the only guy who's sick of Woody trying to steal the spotlight.

Reddit | kazaamx

This is so tragic. It even looks like Elmo was trying to give the guy a gift! I guess no gift can top Woody's steez.

This isn't a car color you see every day.

Reddit | cs502

And then imagine parking next to the exact same make and color and noticing that another one drove by.

I wish I could say this was Photoshop, but it's simple just fate and serendipity.

This bridesmaid looks like she may have chugged a few too many champagne flutes in the party bus.

Reddit | GallowBoob

Or she was just overcome with so much emotion during the grand finale of the ceremony.

Regardless, it makes for a great photo to reminisce about.


Reddit | Get_Stamosed

Welp, this looks pretty painful to say the least.

If that's her boyfriend failing attempting to save her, I guess it's safe to say they're more like exes now.

What a cute photo of a cat perched on top of a fence! What lovely flowers in that window! And that...what have we got here?

Imgur | BeardLover69

That little cat in the window looks like they want a taste of sweet freedom.

Well, this is one way to get a family photo from the server when you're too shy to ask.

Reddit | jpawli

Or better yet, just get you a family who all collectively agree to photo-bomb another family photo at a restaurant.

I like their style.

This guy saw his future self in the living flesh.

Reddit | Naptownfellow

Sometimes I would like to know what I will look like when I'm older, but what if I hated it? It would alter the way I live my life forever.

This guy looks very content with his future self, on the other hand, so that's good.

Talk about a coincidence!

Reddit | GummieLindsays

How is the dog in the back the exact same as the graphic on this child's shirt?!

I can't stop looking in amazement.

This duck is on f i r e.

Reddit | GallowBoob

Well, not actually, of course.

But the bonfire in the background sure gives this duck a pretty rad mohawk!

As they say, Travis Scott voice "it's lit."

This guy doesn't seem too thrilled to be 21. And that guy walking behind him isn't going to be too thrilled when he realizes his wallet is missing.

Reddit | Paperted

I really hope this couple noticed this robbery in real life and caught the criminal red-handed.