20 Close-Up Pics Where Something Cool Showed Up

We tend to view things from the same perspective, but zooming in on the details can reveal some fascinating stuff. It's easy to miss if you don't have a macro lens or a microscope on you at all times, so let's check out some of the more interesting examples we've found online.

"This is what sandpaper looks like zoomed in really far."

Reddit | FeatRope

The composition of sandpaper is right in its name: it's paper that's embedded with sand. Still, there's something kind of weird about seeing all those little grains of sand up close like this.

"Milk and water."

This pic was obviously taken using special lighting, but it still demonstrates the interplay between the clear water and the opaque milk. A split second after this pic was snapped, they'd be blended together and you wouldn't be able to see the difference.

"This close up of my rug kinda looks like it belongs in a biology textbook."

Reddit | OGOJI

I'm a hardwood guy, not a rug guy, but this close-up rug pic is still pretty cool. It really shows how carpets are made up of thousands of little strands.

"Little brown mushrooms with yellow fairy cups beneath the rising moon."

Reddit | Elgiard

The forest floor is full of life and color, even if we're usually too busy walking all over it to take notice. Those fairy cups must be nearly invisible to the naked eye.

"Before he died, Adam West lived in Ketchum, Idaho. This is from the Ketchum phone book during that time."

Reddit | TekTomm

Not too many people are going to bother to read the tiny text in a phone book, especially in the 21st century, but eagle-eyed Idaho residents were privy to this Easter egg.

"Water drops in spiderweb."

Reddit | MauMyHaTa

There aren't many sights more beautiful than seeing a spider's web that's full of raindrops or morning dew. Up close, you can see how every individual droplet holds a detailed reflection. The colors aren't bad, either.

"Self-portrait of my iris and pupil. Look at the limbal rings!"

Reddit | ralphsquirrel

I'm not sure what limbal rings are, but whatever they are, they're apparently on full display in this detailed pic. I wonder if this person's eyes are this stunning at a normal distance.

"Finally got a shot of her eye!"

Reddit | tonkotsu_tare

Speaking of eyes, let's move from human eyes to cat eyes. Cat eyes are more impressive anyway. It never ceases to amaze me how big and how small their pupils can get depending on the light.

"I just tried to take a zoomed in photo of my TV."

Reddit | rateb03

It's well known that tiny RGB lights are what make up the image on a TV, computer, smartphone or any kind of screen. Seeing it in action, zoomed all the way in, makes it seem miraculous that these colors can form an image.

"Print on a milk bottle."

Reddit | sp3nko

Most of us only glance at this text to see if the milk is expired or not, but it's still nice to see a cheerful message, something out of the ordinary, on this bottle of milk.

"Chasing snowflakes in the backyard."

Reddit | RenatoRensing

We're told that no two snowflakes are alike. Short of somehow comparing this snowflake to every other snowflake that's ever fallen, I don't think we'll ever know for sure. Until then, let's just appreciate how pretty they are.

"ROG Flow Z13 Tablet has the coordinates of Asus headquarters printed on it."

Reddit | Nebula303

Most companies will include a hotline or email address to contact in case you have issues. Asus goes the extra mile by showing you exactly where they're located.

"Wasp blowing water bubble."

Reddit | carrot9817

I don't know what kind of wasp this is, nor do I know if the bubble blowing is one of its traits. All I know is that there's a lot to look at when it's viewed up close.

"Frost crystals on my car remind me of the Fortress of Solitude."

Reddit | Adequatecr

It's incredibly cool how frost grows. First it starts as a kind of moist film that settles over objects, then it grows little crystals that increase in size the colder it gets.

"Pen tip with stacking."

Reddit | OHDFoxy

It's easy to take ballpoint pens for granted when they're almost literally a dime a dozen. But when viewed from this angle, you can see the clever technology that allows them to write so smoothly.

"Seen at work in a cardboard box."

Reddit | No_chickenwings

Many of us do the majority of our shopping online, and as such have more cardboard boxes than we know what to do with. I wish they all included fun suggestions like this one.

"A butterfly wing."

Reddit | Swisscustom

Butterfly wings are incredibly delicate and imbued with a kind of powder that helps them fly. You can get a better idea of what they look like and how they work with this spectacular macro photograph.

"The hooks on a Western Desert Tarantula's foot hanging on to my truck's tire."

Reddit | milkgang777

I'm far too much of a wuss to get this close to a tarantula. But for those who are brave enough, a macro lens will reveal the spider's adorable little paws.

"I just learned that the line for your signature on your social security card is actually intaglio microtext spelling SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION."

Reddit | amethyst_dep

This is exactly the kind of thing you would notice while waiting in line, painfully bored, at some kind of government office.

"Grips on PS5 controller are the PlayStation symbols."

Reddit | Redstone41

The attention to detail on the PS5 console is pretty astounding. Not only does the controller have the iconic symbols imprinted on it, the headset and the console itself do as well.

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