20 Fascinating Pics That Need Just A Little More Context To Understand

Do you ever see an image and think about how fascinating it is, only to realize there's a bit more to the story? Yeah, that's always a pretty fun surprise.

These pictures look cool on their own, but they come with context that kind of puts them over the top. Nothing wrong with trying to squeeze out a bit of extra coolness.

"Winston (left) and his nephew, Salem. Both 5 months old in their respective photos."

If I didn't know any better, I would've assumed that both pictures were of the same cat. Though, the one on the left looks a lot older than the one on the right (and they were the same age in the pictures, too!).

"My nanny’s decade+ old bread tag collection."

You can tell that this woman goes through a lot of bread. I wonder what you could do with a bunch of bread bag tags, though? Make some kind of cool art piece? Melt them down into some different plastic thing? Keep them on display?

"For Halloween, my college gave out deodorant in the bathrooms."

Why do I feel like this was out of necessity? Like, if you're giving out Halloween-themed mini deodorants, then you're probably trying to give a not-so-subtle hint to the student body that their pits stank.

"My morning egg came with two yokes in it. One broke when I cracked the shell, but the other is fully intact. According to my wiccan friends it means good fortune."

You know, you can actually buy egg cartons with eggs that have a high chance of having double yolks. Does that mean you're getting extra luck, or is it a way of cheating the system.

"I just opened this can of cream soda and my cup very nearly runneth over."

I'm not sure what I thought was going on in this picture before, but now it makes a lot more sense. If anything, it at least looks pretty cool. It's like a sparkly, bedazzled soda can.

"Burned my flatbread."

Why does this look more like a very small volcano than it does flatbread? For starters, it isn't even flat, which is from the amount of heat that went inside it. But the burnt top looks like it's about to take out a small village in the valley.

"This shredded carrot that looks like bacon."

I'm always amazed by the different colors fruits and vegetables can come in. I've never once seen a carrot that looks like that, and even though it won't taste anything like a delicious bacon bit, it has the look on point.

"Taking down our Halloween decorations. All the skeletons fit in one body bag."

Halloween s truly the only time of the year you can talk about stuffing a body bag full of skeletons without people giving you weird looks. Don't worry, officer, it's just my Halloween decorations!

"The sidewalk ends as you near the parking lot at my school so there’s a naturally set trail from people walking the same way every day."

They should really put a path in there somewhere. Since it looks like people are going to keep walking on the grass, they could at least put in a nice path.

Then again, what school has a budget to spend on landscaping?

"My sister saw the rock that was on the cover of her college textbook."

I'm not going to lie, I thought the book was part of the display for a second. Don't ask me why I'd think a book would be part of a display. But for obvious reasons, they match pretty well.

"This perfectly stocked grocery store, the day before its grand opening."

This fills me with so much joy and dread. Joy because the shelves are so beautifully and evenly stocked, and dread because you know it'll take about 10 seconds for it to all get messed up.

"Paper jammed in my scanner and I accidentally created abstract art."

Like I always say, some of the best art happens by accident. This looks like a mixture of pop art and abstract, which makes it so much cooler. Would I frame this and put it up on my wall? Absolutely.

"Playing card replacement purchasing form, found in an old deck of cards."

That's actually kind of funny. I've never once seen a deck of playing cards that's so nice, you'd want to replace individual cards instead of just getting a new deck. I must not play cards enough.

"The Buddha's hand lemon has high amounts of vitamin C, calcium and dietary fiber."

I still have a hard time believing that those are lemons. They look a lot more like bananas (or banana peppers) to me. It's amazing how many different varieties of fruits and vegetables there are.

"The way light forms a color gradient within these slabs of ice at my place of work."

I'm not going to ask why this person's work has a bunch of slabs of ice stacked on top of one another. It'll just ruin the mystery.

The fact that we know it's ice is context enough!

"My roommate uses a glove with a bar of soap in it to wash in the shower."

Fascinating... and kind of gross. Sure, the idea seems cool in theory (you'd get to wash and exfoliate at the same time), but this person should probably wash that glove a bit more often than they probably do.

"This sidewalk was built to accommodate a tree that now, no longer exists."

I bet this looked super cool when the tree was there. They could've even put a little bench or something next to the tree, which would've made it extra cozy. I feel like we're missing out, now.

"Mirrors and lasers, this is the inside of an average self-checkout machine."

It's funny how we end up using these things so often, and yet we barely notice how complex they really are. I guess the scanners need to be able to pick barcodes up at different angles.

"I am Canadian and went to the food bank and asked for KD. They gave me this... I am not disappointed."

In Canada, Kraft Mac and Cheese is called Kraft Dinner, or KD. This Cheetos Mac'n Cheese is a whole different beast, though. But I can't say that I wouldn't want to try it.

"When I work with industrial magnets, I have to heat my tools in the oven to get rid of magnetic fields."

That's actually kind of cool. Magnets are such strange things; like, I get how they work, but they're also a bit of a mystery. In a cool way, though.

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