15+ Things That Had Us Totally Convinced They Were Something Else

What's your favorite holiday? Mine's always been Halloween, not only for the spooky aesthetic but also because of the fun I had dressing up and pretending to be someone else for a day.

Some things take that fun and stretch it all year long, like the objects in this list of things that had us totally convinced they were something else.

"I dropped some coffee and it looks like a bird."

He's here to sing you a morning song to go along with your coffee!

"It looks like there’s a polar bear melting in my ice cream."

It looks like he's reaching out to you. You can hear him out, or you can keep eating that delicious ice cream, up to you.

"This half bagel stacked on another bagel kinda looks like a happy frog."

Food looking like animals seems to be a theme, but this one I feel less bad for eating since it doesn't look as sad as the previous image.

"The fuzz on my sock looks like a flamingo."

You're sure it's not a tiny, tiny flamingo? How else would pink thread come out of a black sock, hmm?

"I found a mushroom that looks like a fried egg."

What a quick cook time, toss it on a pan and it's done immediately!

"This photo and frame at World Market absolutely looks like a Corgi face with shades!"

A frame that tells you exactly what picture it wants to hold! Hopefully, you bought it and found an appropriate glasses-clad corgi to fit inside.

"I thought a bird froze to death in my backyard. It’s just a tree stump."

Well, now you have to paint it like a bird and use it as decor. To commemorate the moment.

"This piece of driftwood that looks like a goose."

This one could just be a closeup of that last picture, which makes me stand behind my 'paint it and use it as decoration' suggestion even more.

"Shower tiles are cut into mountain shapes, in my hotel in a mountainous destination."

A quirky, subtle design choice that makes this place stand out. Super smart all around.

"This wood knot on the gym floor looks like a little Manta Ray blasting off."

I thought it looked like a shoe that flew off someone's foot. Anyone else see something different?

"I ripped the label off a kombucha bottle, and the tear looked like a starry mountain range."

Of all the bottles I'd expect something like this to happen on, kombucha was at the top of the list.

"[The] shadow of this fire hydrant looks like a soldier holding a rifle."

Man, camouflage is getting really intense these days, it blends in perfectly anywhere!

"In France mustard comes in wine glasses."

Something about this feels unsettling, but that might just be the thought of drinking mustard.

"This tree outside my friend's house [...]."

One day that could be a real dinosaur/kaiju monster, but they would never know because they're so used to the tree.

"My avocado pit looks like an unpopped popcorn kernel."

Surely you know what needs to be done, yes? Put that sucker in a popper and see what happens?

"My brother’s cactus grew to look like a deer."

That has to be the most majestic, proud cactus I've ever seen. Beautiful.

"Found a strawBEARy!"

I envision a future where this bear is the main character in a children's show and he's very cute!

"This rock that looks like a sock."

I have issues breaking in new shoes but that's surely nothing compared to breaking in one of these.

Shock and awe.

Whatever you're doing in front of that poor post, he can't wait to gossip to all his friends about it.

A little bit squished.

Back to food that looks like animals, but this has to be the best one on the list. He's trapped, get him out of there!

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