20 Pics That Warmed Every Corner Of Our Hearts

I don't know about you, but I can always use a quick dopamine rush. Sometimes there just aren't enough feel-good things happening in real life, but fortunately, thanks to the internet, we can have our hearts warmed vicariously through others' experiences.

Check out the list below and see if your heart hasn't warmed up just a bit by the end.

"That is a wonderful accomplishment and much harder to achieve staying at the same company."

Reddit | MoniMokshith

It's really cool to see someone's progression from a minor assistant all the way up to general manager represented by the name tages she's collected along the way.

"Me the night I got arrested strung out on heroin vs me 6 years clean."

Oftentimes when someone's in a bad situation, it takes a wake-up call like getting arrested in order to make changes. Kudos to this guy for turning his life around.

"Completed the LEGO Typewriter with my dad."

Reddit | blackmachine312

LEGO markets its sets to adults as well as kids, and for good reason: everyone loves LEGO. Not only is is satisfying to complete the set, but putting it together in the first place can be a bonding exercise.

"Saw this walking around with my daughters. It's about time!"

We've all gotten so used to 'men at work' signs that it almost feels weird to question them. But when you really think about it, it's weird that they've been so gendered for so long.

"This restaurant offers food for free if you can’t afford it."

Reddit | nopepotato69

Running a restaurant isn't as profitable as it used to be thanks to the global pandemic, but this restauranteur is still willing to take a hit to their profits if it means feeding someone who's in need.

"Wish me luck at my art show tonight!"

Reddit | Tandizojere

Developing your skills as an artist is no easy feat. Deciding you're confident enough in your art to display it to the world isn't easy either. I hope this guy's art show went well.

"This man pulled 8 people out of a burning bus."

Reddit | OzCaaa1

This guy's heroism gives him a story he can tell for the rest of his life. How is anyone going to compete with a story about saving the lives of eight people?

"After 6 years, 1 month, and 21 days, I became a U.S citizen. I’m so excited, I don’t know what to do next. Any suggestions?"

Reddit | Oddpengu

Those of us born with U.S. citizenship probably don't realize just how challenging it is to gain citizenship.

"Buddies for life."

Reddit | tsuizhen

There's something about childhood pets that hits differently from pets you have as an adult. The pets you have as a kid grow with you and it feels like they'll live forever. They leave an indelible mark.

"After being a stay at home dad for 6 years I, 35m, started college alongside my son who just started kindergarten. We got this!"

Reddit | ThaCrimsonChinn

Lots of kids are nervous about starting kindergarten, and lots of adults are nervous about starting college. It's nice that these two have each other's backs.

"160 LBS lost! Resolutions can actually work."


I think my favorite thing about these two photos is that the couple looks happy in both of them. It's good to reach your goals and all, but it's also good to be happy.

"I’m down 100 pounds!"

Reddit | dlv1186

Here's another weight loss journey where the subject has a big smile in both the before and after photos. It looks like this guy's going to need an entirely new wardrobe because he's completely transformed.

"A child in Tennessee got made fun of for his homemade University of Tennessee tee, so UT made it their official shirt! The entire band is wearing it and they sold 16,000 shirts! To top that, they gave the Child a 4 year scholarship. Great job U of Tennessee!"

Reddit | tharealmouse

For what it's worth, I think the kid's design looks pretty good!

"After 16 years of homelessness I finally have my own place."

Most of us know the feeling of freedom that comes with moving into your own place. I can only imagine how much sweeter it feels when it's coming on the heels of 16 years of homelessness.

"This barber gives a free haircut to whoever can‘t afford it."

Reddit | [deleted]

A haircut, simple as it may be, can mean the difference between getting a job and getting ignored. This barber seems to realize this. Offering his time and expertise for free is an incredibly generous gesture.

"When my 4yo asks me for a cake, I go to the store. When my 4yo asks my mom for a cake, she hand-molds a friggin’ T-Rex skeleton, ages it with cocoa, embeds it in ganache and cake and hand-crushed Oreos, and just—LOOK AT THIS CAKE, PEOPLE."

Twitter | @Audrey_Burges

Well, there it is: the dinosaur cake to end all dinosaur cakes.

"My dad passed away a month ago. He never fully understood what I was doing in grad school. I found this notebook a few days after he passed. He always cared and he was always trying to understand."

Twitter | @MelCatMil

This nearly brought a tear to my eye. So much of a parent's love is the stuff that's just under the surface, the stuff you rarely see.

"This is my shower frog! He's been living in this loofah since early November. I didn't have the heart to put him outside because it got cold, but now I like him too much to get rid of him."

Reddit | Away-Whereas7748

Assuming this frog is getting everything it needs in the loofah, I would want to maintain this situation for as long as possible. Who wouldn't want a loofah frog?

"Lost my mom in April, got a tattoo of one of her drawings and her handwritten note she wrote me."

Reddit | JessiJaynexo

This tattoo is made that much more meaningful by the fact that it's traced directly from something that this person's mom drew. It's a lovely tribute.

"My grandmother and her snowman."

Reddit | Lribbs

Here's another pic where the smile totally makes it. I mean, it's cute that she made the snowman in the first place, but her big smile just brings joy to my heart. Maybe I should go make a snowman of my own.

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