15+ Unexpected Things That Almost Seem Like They Found Us

Do you believe in fate? Y'know, the idea that some things are just destined to happen, decided by some grand universal design?

I don't, usually, but there's the odd moment that really feels like it was meant to happen. Even small moments like the ones on this list of unexpected things that almost seem like they found us.

"Before you throw a non working dryer out, get screw driver and open it up."

Do I have to wait until it's non-working? Can I do it now? I could use the extra cash.

"My local coffee shop recycles milk containers as carry trays."

This is a great way to reduce your store's waste! Now here's hoping your customers recycle it properly, too.

"This black STOP sign."

It's not a phase, they really are goth!

"This moss covered stump that looks like a tiny log cabin."

There's a reason it looks like a cabin. You're going to come back one day and see smoke coming out of that chimney.

"Chrome blue wasp I found in my backyard."

This is a blue mud dauber. Not only do they look sick as hell, but these badasses are most famously known for hunting black widow spiders!

"4 out of 5 dentists recommend cockroach toothpaste."

I think I trust the one dentist that doesn't over the four that do.

"Finding a 65 million year old Plesiosaurs vertebrae whilst walking the dogs. Buckinghamshire, uk."

You're just out here casually finding fossils, meanwhile every morning I struggle to find my glasses.

"Cleaning out my grandparents basements unearthed this nightmarish bottle."

It's definitely unique. No wonder they had it hidden away for so long.

"This new sidewalk tree introduced itself."

How sweet! This looks like the start to a beautiful friendship between you two.

"My bandaid is the same exact color as my skin tone."

You are the blueprint, the standard. How does it feel to be Band-Aid's chosen one?

"I found a DVD of *The Labyrinth* starring David Bowie on my walk today."

I guess you got reminded of the babe!

"So apparently Dollar Store brand Play Dough dissolves pennies from 1984."

It may seem useless now, but I'm confident that this information will be crucial to something one day, so don't forget it.

"The wife found a snow globe replica of the church we married in."

If you don't find or make tiny models of yourselves to add to the scene, what are you even doing with your life?

"There is a rubber band inside my toilet paper."

It's there to provide just a bit more structure and support in your time of need.

"This baby tortilla I found in a bag of big tortillas."

This is great, now I can make a matching baby burrito for my cat! Does that make me sound lonely?

"NYC subway station elevator."

This is both a 'please don't' throw urine bags' request and a 'watch out for falling urine bags' advisory.

"This display case of Gundam models in a hospital waiting room."

My guess is it's there to help kill time. Looking at all of them would probably take hours!

"My son found a pink grasshopper."

It seems more like that grasshopper found him. Someone in the comments provided insight onto the color, "Most insects are white to red immediately after they molt before the exoskeleton is sclerotized and melanin is created for darkening during the hardening process."

"This sticker on a streetpole next to my house."

It's clear that the original sticker read, "Don't read books." Who would advocate for that? What do they have against books?

"This tree has its own military grade camouflage."

Military-grade or not, it's not very good. I can still see it.

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