19 Celebrities Who Still Look Like They're In Their 20s

Aging is something that happens to everyone. It does, however, take longer to kick in for some people than others!

Take these 19 celebs, for example. They've clearly found the map to the fountain of youth and have been sipping from it ever since. Most look just the same — sometimes better — than they did years later!

Come obsess over their ageless skin here.

Hilary Duff - 34

Every time we see the star on our screen, we're reminded of how she doesn't age.

She still looks just as fresh-faced on How I Met Your Father as she did on Lizzie McGuire!

Salma Hayek - 55

If there was ever a "don't look your age" challenge, the actress would win, hands down! She just keeps getting more and more beautiful with each passing day. And that's with embracing her gray hair!

Jared Leto - 50

The House of Gucci star recently celebrated his 50th birthday on Instagram with a slice of cake and a shirtless selfie.

But it was his abs that fans really wanted to dig into! They couldn't believe that the star was turning a milestone 50 and not 25.

Kate Beckinsale - 48

The English actress has a lot more in common with her Underworld character, Selene, than you'd think!

They're both clearly vampires since the 48-year-old actress isn't fooling anyone with the fact that she's not ageless!

Mario Lopez - 48

How crazy is it that the actor/TV host still looks exactly like he did when he played a teenager in Saved by the Bell?

This makes it seem like not a day has gone by since the original show and the reboot.

Paul Rudd - 52

No one was surprised when Rudd was named People's "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2021! Just look at him!

When asked in an interview about his ageless looks, he answered in typical Rudd fashion, saying, "This is all done with smoke and mirrors," Rudd demured. "I'm a hologram, I'm like the new ABBA concert."

Gwen Stefani - 52

Her ageless look is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Given how young she looks, you would have no idea that there's a seven-year age gap between her and Blake Shelton. She's 52, while he's 45!

Shakira - 44

We hope we look half as good as the Latin singer when we're her age!

She looked incredibly fit for her age when she performed at the Super Bowl with Jennifer Lopez.

Pharrell Williams - 48

Much like Keanu Reeves, Paul Rudd, and Kate Beckinsale, the internet is convinced that the singer is a vampire.

He eventually warded off suspicious when he credited his ageless appearance to skincare secrets from Naomi Campbell.

Halle Berry - 55

55 going on 28? That's how the Catwoman actress rolls.

Since so many people want to know her skincare secrets, she shared the recipe to her face mask on Instagram. The recipe calls for brewed green tea, turmeric powder, lemon juice, and plain yogurt.

Marisa Tomei - 57

It felt wrong to call her Aunt May in Spider-Man: No Way Home. She looks like she's Peter Parker's sister, after all!

We need her to drop her skincare routine, ASAP, so we can look this good at 57!

Will Smith - 53

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star is always looking fresh! He's 53 years young thanks to his glowing complexion.

He could do a reboot of the show now and no one would know that decades have passed.

Jessica Alba - 40

If there's one thing the Honest Beauty founder needs to be honest about, it's her skincare routine!

She hasn't aged a day since her face was everywhere in the early '00s, such as in the films Blue Crush and Fantastic Four.

Gabrielle Union - 49

When faced with the prospect of aging, Union said "bring it on!"

The star is 49, yet she looks incredibly similar to how she looked in the original Bring It On film. She even wore her character's cheerleading costume for Halloween a few years ago.

Tom Cruise - 59

Question: How does the 59-year-old still manage to look so young and perform his own stunts in Mission Impossible?

Answer: he takes care of himself. He follows a healthy diet and works out. And, as a Scientologist, he doesn't smoke or drink.

Sofía Vergara - 49

It's hard to believe that the Modern Family star is 49.

When she posted a '90s bikini throwback picture on Instagram, she stunned everyone with the fact that she still looks just as good today!

Kourtney Kardashian - 42

There's something in the water at the Kardashians' households.

Kim, Khloé, Kris, Kylie, and Kendall — they all look way younger than they are. Especially Kourtney. You'd hardly believe she's a mom of three by looking at her.

Rob Lowe - 57

It seems like just yesterday that this '90s pretty boy was lighting up our screens. It also looks like just yesterday since the 57-year-old doesn't look even remotely close to being in his 60s.

Jennifer Lopez - 52

She's the epitome of aging like fine wine! Jenny from the Block doesn't look like she's been around the block a few times!

She credits this to her good genes and healthy lifestyle, as she doesn't smoke or drink.