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19 Things That Get Under People's Skin Very Easily

What's something that gets on your nerves?

Is it people driving slow in the fast lane? People chewing food with their mouths open? Or those who always interrupt conversations?

Whatever it is, this is a safe space for you to share your grievances.

To help get us started, 19 Redditors shared the things that get under their skin easily!

Someone saying, "No offense, but...”

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Anytime this happens, you know DAMN WELL that they are about to insult you. But for whatever reason that makes sense in their brains, they think that they are sparing your feelings. Uggggh.

Someone interrupting you.


"Starting to say something in a conversation just for someone else to cut you off and then you not being able to get in what you wanted to say before the topic changes." - u/OriontheLionheart

Someone saying, "mamabear needs wine."

In addition to saying it, they have socks and socks around their home with similar sayings.

This Redditor joked that people do it because it makes covering their alcoholism sound so cute.

Chewing loudly.

"I don't go for food with friends. None of them know how to eat with thier mouths closed...like a [expletive] 5 year old. Went out fot a meal with my mum few months back n she likes to talk alot...this doesnt stop when food is in there..." - u/TheDemonBunny

Calling someone instead of texting them.

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If someone calls us unprompted, we will stare at the phone until it goes away.

Unfortunately, there are some calls you can't ignore, like the ones from this Redditor's boss. They wrote that most of the things he wants could easily be solved over text.

The terms “girl boss” or “mompreneuer”.


This also goes for "boss babe." Cringeee.

The ones who say this are almost always a part of an MLM aka pyramid scheme. Preying on your friends and family doesn't make you a girl boss, sorry.

People who don't pay attention to the green light when driving.

"Had one woman totally miss the green light until it turned red; we beeped our horns, but by the time she realized the light was green, it was too late." - u/DC_MEDO_still_lost

Someone saying, "Be a man."

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"I cant stand it. I am 21m and I am a very...effeminate male. I'm not gay or anything, but I do have a number of hobbies that aren't exactly considered manly, and I catch a lot of [expletive] for it. Like, dude, just let me live my life." - u/miniac1998

When people are unnessiccarily rude to customer service workers.

Looking at you, Karens! The people they're really mad at is the company, yet they take it out on the poor workers who couldn't do anything to change store policies.

Being called "young man."

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"It just feels needlessly belittling. Like ah yes I could recognize you're an adult with a career, but I need you to know you're still a kid to me." - u/ajfirnfh

Not returning the grocery cart.

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"Were you raised by wolves? My mother would never have allowed me to leave something some random place instead of putting it where it clearly belongs. I put away other people's carts all the time." - u/hold_on_lonely_cat

People who leave dishes out overnight.

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We get doing this every once in a while, but a daily habit? Hell no. No one wants to live with someone like that. It can invite mice and other insects. shivers.

Wearing pants or shorts with the waistband below their hips.

"I don't want to see anyone's underwear in public, especially not in my store. Plus it forces guys to clutch at their crotch to keep their jeans from hitting the floor, which is yet another thing I don't need to see." - u/UrbanWerebear

Being shushed when they're not being loud.


"My mom does this all the time, I live with her, my aunt, and my sister and she shushes us constantly. I’ll go in the kitchen at night and open the fridge very quietly, then hear an emphatic “sssshhhhh!” from the other room. I don’t know why but it sends me from calm to inner rage instantly." - u/nymphaetamine

People walking into a person's bedroom without knocking.

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Looking at you, brothers and sisters! People deserve privacy. If they're going to invade on this, they should at least close the person's door when they leave.

When people don't say "please," "sorry," "excuse me," and "thank you".


"Especially the last one. it's not that hard to express gratitude, just two words will do. but they prefer to remain as unpolite bitches." - u/micafavero

Conversations that go, "How are you?" "Good, how are you?" "Good".

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"It's a frustratingly pointless conversation that you have to have every single day even though no one actually cares. People actually get upset if you answer honestly, it's just crazy." - u/WinterWolf3098

Fishing for compliments.

This is a major pet peeve of this Redditor. They gave several examples, which include artists saying their work "sucks" and skinny girls eating pizza or tacos and then saying, "I'm so fat!"


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"I get really ticked off whenever someone spits, I mean, can’t you just swallow it? If you licked something weird or something got in your mouth it’s ok. But if you do it every five minutes, no." - u/Riverside_den

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