20 People Who Wanted To Show Off What Makes Them Unique

Common wisdom tells us that everybody on planet Earth is totally unique. When you really think about it, it's a wild scenario to consider: nearly eight billion people are here, and not a single two are really, truly identical — not even identical twins.

Let's celebrate the little things that make us all unique.

"My arm naturally bends like this."

Reddit | whisperskeep

To be fair, lots of people's arms naturally bend like this. The big difference is that when most people's arms bend like this, it means they've badly injured themselves. To this person, though, it just comes naturally.

"I took a picture of my eye in front of a mirror and you can see my reflection in my own eye."

Reddit | Ragnarangar

Eyes are one of those things that can go unnoticed, but contain worlds of detail if you take a close look. It's fascinating to see someone reflected in their own eye.

"My (non-functional) prosthetic legs wearing mom jeans without me."

Reddit | angiehalf

Not many of us can sit our bottom half on a bench, then move away and look at it sitting there, but this person can. I'm not sure what explains the mom jeans.

"There's a patch on my leg that doesn't get goosebumps."

Reddit | mcrfreak78

This is one of those things that definitely isn't a superpower and isn't noteworthy enough to brag about, but is fascinating nonetheless. What happened to the...uh, goosebump receptors in this part of the leg?

"Had surgery to repair my left Achilles tendon. This is the difference between both my legs after only 3 weeks of not using the left one."

Reddit | humanlearning

It doesn't take much exercise to make a big difference. Conversely, it doesn't take much non-exercise to make a big difference. You can see the comparison right here.

"The many colors of my black eye."

Reddit | KindOfMoist

We might call it a black eye, but for all the colors it can potentially take on, it's practically a rainbow eye. The eye goes from purple to brown to yellowish over time.

"My anatomy teacher’s bathroom pass is a human leg bone."

Reddit | LuciusWasTaken

This teacher wins the award for most unique bathroom pass I've ever seen. It's also the bathroom pass I'd feel the weirdest about actually using. I'd rather just have a key fob, y'know?

"I (17M) have abnormally long arms 5’9 with a 6’6 wingspan."

Reddit | NupSuckle

If you're built like this, you're unique indeed. With most people, wingspan is roughly equivalent to height. Those long arms must make it easy to pick things up without any strain on the back.

"This giant whisker from my neck. Regular sized one next to it for scale."

Reddit | chrisbrolumbus

I get this in my beard all the time, and usually it's just the result of several hairs tightly wrapping themselves around each other to make a really thick hair.

"The hair on my arm which my cast was removed from has grown a lot more than normal."

Reddit | jogjelsv

I wonder what body mechanics are at play to make cast-covered hair grow quicker than normal hair. Does it have something to do with the shade or what?

"Pawel Poljanski's legs after he cycled 1,758 miles during the Tour de France."

Reddit | SkyFallingUp

I admire this guy for biking such an impressive distance. I'm also somewhat concerned for this guy, because the cramps in those legs must be borderline unbearable.

"Burned my arm with coffee, ended up in an interesting pattern."

Reddit | Cristi57875e

Burns can range from mildly inconvenient to straight-up life threatening, with every possible gradation in between. They can also, apparently, result in some weird runic-looking patterns on the site of impact.

"The hair on my neck grows in a circle/hurricane."

Reddit | aidanlandman

This is somewhat common along the hairline, and sometimes even on the top of the head. I have no idea why some people have it and some don't, but it's interesting to see.

"Proud of myself. I'm 52 and have a better body than when I was 25. It definitely helps confidence."

Reddit | TexRetroTech

Anyone who's 30 and above will tell you that metabolism and aging can work against you when it comes to staying in shape, so it's super impressive that this guy's done what he's done.

"I have pin-sized holes either side of my neck that leak sinus fluid. I believe they are a congenital birth defect called branchial cleft fistulae."

Reddit | Amindoffyonder

I like how this person actually did the research on their unique rather condition rather than just shrugging and accepting it like the rest of us.

"My able bodied wife found herself in a fencing tournament with a wheelchair restricted opponent."

Reddit | NHLroyrocks

The fencer in the wheelchair is used to this scenario, but for the fencer who's used to standing up, this must be an unusual position to do their fencing from.

"Here’s a hand with really long fingers."

Reddit | Evil-Zelda

Whether you have long, long fingers like this person or short, stubby fingers like me, having unusually-sized hands makes it awfully tough to find a pair of winter gloves that actually fits properly.

"I have vitiligo and heterochromia."

Reddit | brysizzlle

If you're wondering what those two conditions are, they're what causes this guy to have the white streaks in his mustache and eyebrows, along with two differently-colored eyes. The longer you look, the more fascinating it becomes.

"My left eye grows a single, fragile grey eyelash that grows as long as I let it."

Reddit | deityfreeme

I have no idea what this condition is called, or if there's even a name for it, but it's certainly random. I guess this guy just has one persistent hair that dares to be different.

"My wisdom tooth was so unique the surgeon wanted to take a picture of it to show his students."

Reddit | IamBrazilian_AMA

It must feel weird to be this person. You'd feel special and unique, deserving of congratulations even, but you haven't actively done anything to deserve the praise.