20 Times A Unique View Provided A Brand New Perspective

Our eyes love to play tricks on us. They love to show us all sorts of things that aren't really there, or they make it look like one thing is really another. And while that can have some creepy results, it also creates really cool and different perspectives.

These pictures aren't all what they seem. Sometimes it's a matter of having a new point of view.

Happy jalapeno.

Nothing out of the ordinary about these jalapeno peppers. But if you look at the one end, you can see that it kind of looks like it's smiling. Even if these peppers can make you cry (Don't rub your eyes after touching them!), it's nice to know that they can make you smile, too.

"The tailgate of this truck is painted to look like there’s a bulldog in the bed of the truck."

Talk about some good artistry. It has the perspective down pat. I really did believe that there was a dog just hanging out at the back of this pickup truck for a second. It may just be the quality of the picture, though. It may look less realistic up close.

"Rainbow in front of my house looks like another planet."

You know those sci-fi movies where they're on a different planet from Earth, and they have like three moons and things like that? This is what that reminds me of.

Of course, if any celestial body of that size was close enough to Earth to see that clearly, it would be too close. But let's not think about that.

Clipped car.

Poor car. It's stuck in that building with no way out. Even if it did manage to get out, it probably wouldn't be able to move.

That's also assuming the rest of the car is inside the building, and this isn't just a weird, built-in wall decoration. Unless, that's what they wanted us to think...

Rocky dice, or dicey rocks?

You could play the most destructive game of Yahtzee with these boulder-sized dice. Or, I guess they're just boulders that happen to be square, and one of them is painted like a die. I may have just confused myself, but it's fine.

"This mini campsite night light I made for my son."

Something about this beautiful miniature makes me think about how small we really are, in the grand scheme of things. Imagine being able to actually use a campsite like that. You'd have to be so small, even smaller than you are in comparison to the rest of the universe.

"These labels on the tea dispensers."

I'm glad people have the choice of what mood of Ice-T they want. He may look tough, but he's probably not that bad.

In all seriousness, that's pretty clever. And hilarious. If I saw that in real life, it would make my day a thousand times better, even if I was having the worst day.

"Couldn’t find my shirt in the hotel room."

What are the odds that the hotel room you're staying at has a chair with the exact same color of fabric as your shirt? If I didn't know any better, I would just assume it was an extra cover or something. At least they didn't forget it in there.

"A small gap in my curtains projected the entire street onto my bedroom wall this morning (camera obscura)."

Being able to see the street from your bedroom window can be kind of cool. Being able to see it projected on your wall is much cooler. But seeing it projected on your wall and upside down?

That's basically magic. I don't actually know how this can happen, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

"The securing notch on my egg carton lid looks like the chickens wing."

I love when packaging does things like this. It feels really deliberate, like the company takes pride in what they're doing. And it's fun, too.

The tab on the egg carton looks like a chicken wing! It's kind of like a full circle moment or something.

Gummy shark evolution.

I guess it's probably hard to produce gummies that look the exact same, given how soft they really are. But it's actually amazing how these gummy sharks are all different sizes, and lining them up makes them all look like they're part of some kind of evolutionary line.

"There were two Fruit by the Foot in one wrapper! Best day ever!"

I guess they have to change the name to Fruit by the Two Feet (I'm hilarious, I know). That's some crazy manufacturing error. But it resulted in one incredibly happy customer, so it can't be all that wrong.

Sometimes, something unexpected is inconvenient. But every once in a while it really works out.

A face in the shadows.

It doesn't quite look like a human face, but it's pretty close. Very rectangular, though. Still, the fact that this shadow comes from a simple bedsheet is such a wild coincidence. So glad that there's a photo, because I wouldn't believe it otherwise.

One missing blade.

If you look closely, you can see that there are five blades on that ceiling fan. The one on the upper-right side is obscured by the white ceiling. It's just the lighting that makes it blend in with its background. I'm sure at other times of the day, it looks completely normal.

"I posted this, but quickly realized someone posted a picture of the same restaurant at the same angle on the same subreddit 6 years ago."

Sometimes, having a different perspective can show you something new. But sometimes, you happen to have the same perspective as someone else, which is interesting all on its own.

And obviously, if you saw a black McDonald's logo, you'd have no choice but to stop and take a picture of it.

Half and half.

Clouds really are something else. The way they catch and bend light make for some really cool sights. Sunrises and sunsets always look different when it's cloudy.

Apparently, clouds can even make the sky look completely different from one section to the next, so that's cool.

"The shadow of these 2 street signs look like a bird."

I still can't get over how a shape can cast a completely different-looking shadow. And the two street signs coming together to make what looks like a crow is equal parts terrifying and amazing! It's kind of fitting that something so ominous would show up at night.

"My blind’s string perfectly matches the video I’m watching."

Wow, it really does look like the string from this person's blinds continue into the monitor to make up part of the video. What are the odds that something like that would happen? That's pretty cool.

Stairwell gradient.

It kind of looks like the lighting, but the different floors in this building's stairwell are actually painted different colors, making it look like it's all part of a gradient. That's so pretty and colorful; it makes me want to opt for stairs instead of elevators more often.

"The way the shadow of my LEGOs are casted on the couch in the evening."

That's so cool! It's like having a cityscape projected onto your couch. Except, it's made of LEGO buildings and isn't actually real. I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse, though.