People Are Fessing Up To The Little Things They Secretly Judge Others Over

Being judgmental is usually seen as a bad thing.

But c'mon, real talk: it's impossible to live life without judging people now and then, even if you mostly keep this judging to yourself.

A Redditor recently posed the question, "What's something you secretly judge people about?" on r/AskReddit. The responses were hilariously relatable.

"What part of their life are they posting on social media."

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Lots of people agreed with this comment, to the point that it's the top-rated out of thousands of comments.

"People who use speaker phone for music or conversations in public places. I hate it."

This one seriously resonated with me and others.

"My roommate will sit and watch tv with me then lose interest and start watching videos on tik tok, while I'm sitting there trying to watch the show," added a frustrated commenter.

"What they say about their kids in social media."

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"I get that being a parent is hard and it’s okay to talk/vent/be real about that online, but sometimes people cross the line and talk about their kids as if they’re not real people, just because they’re not grown and don’t have a Facebook account," the comment continued. "People should imagine what their kids would think of they were all grown up and reading your internet history."

"How some parents let their kids crawl around on the floor of a restaurant. The floor is disgusting and this is also extremely dangerous."

Parenting was a major theme. "Also, parents who let their 2 year old have three big cups of coke or sweet tea. That is an enormous amount of sugar and caffeine for a teeny child," the commenter added.

"How snobbish another person reacts to someone else's situation."

This comment goes into some detail, saying that they don't like when someone reacts snobbishly to info on a person's wage, job, family situation or living situation, and comments on it.

"How they treat servers, waitstaff or hotel clerks."

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The commenter continued, explaining, "Nothing irritates me more than grown ass adults who think service professionals are somehow beneath them or that the're somehow indentured servants."

"How open they are to differing opinions."

"There are certain people who immediately jump to the defensive or shut down the whole discussion when they disagree with something, instead of having an actual conversation on it," the commenter wrote.

"The way people treat animals."

"The way people care for their pets or in general any animal," the commenter wrote. "If I have a pack of biscuits and I see a stray puppy that's looking at me, I'll always empty out the packet for it to eat. What I mean to say is, acts of compassion and kindness towards animals does tell a lot about the humanity of the person."

"Parents who try to convince me to let their kid in a ride when they’re not big enough."

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"Even when I tell them it’s for their own safety and the restraints aren’t designed for smaller people," this highly-specific comment pointed out. "It’s like they don’t care if their kid gets majorly hurt."

"Not putting their shopping cart in the return."

Here's a small one that still resonates.

"My first job was to collect carts and bag groceries. If I can put my cart away with 2 small children in tow, so can you!"

"How they treat janitors/custodial staff and whether people leave more of a mess than they should because 'it’s their job to clean up after me.'"

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Another commenter chimed in, writing:

"When I was a Boy Scout they taught us to leave every campsite cleaner than before we arrived. We would do a sweep of the entire site when we left and pick up any garbage or whatever that didn't belong. I've adapted this to all situations in my life. Why not? Always make a place equal or better than when you arrived. There is no downside."

"People who can’t get another person’s name right in an email conversation."

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"It’s literally right there in my signature, there’s no excuse for calling me by the wrong name. Also people who use a shortened version of my name or other nickname without asking if that’s ok. I really don’t like the shortened version of my name, and the version that I prefer is one extra syllable."

"For some reason I generally like people who wear less or no jewelry compared to those who wear a lot. Especially men."

"Some guy with a gold chain must have pissed me off as a kid because I've always been wary of them for as long as I can remember," explained the commenter.

"People that gossip to me about other people. I always wonder what they say about me behind my back."

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No one likes being gossiped about, and this commenter expressed as much, in effect gossiping about people who gossip too much.

What do you secretly judge?

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The thread is worth a read, especially considering how relatable some of the points are.

Let us know what you're secretly judging in the comments section!