20 Inexplicable Things People Shared With Pics Online

One thing I really love about the internet is the sheer amount of inexplicable weirdness you can find on it. There's something really entertaining about looking at super strange things online.

And this list is full of them. You may have a few questions that'll never be answered, but that's the price to pay for entertainment from time to time.

"A beam of light made my new shampoo look radioactive."

I'm glad that OP explained that this happened because of the sun, or else I'd just be sitting here all confused. Is this really the kind of thing you'd want to put on your scalp?

"Thousands of Ants At my door step because I spilled Sugar."

I don't think I've seen a picture that's upset me as much as this one in a long time. You'd probably need, like, three cans of Raid to get rid of those things.

"This log that looks like a longhorn."

This is one of those things that would probably give you a mini heart attack if you found it in the middle of the woods randomly. So, I'm glad someone else found it and shared it with us.

"My baby looks like she has three arms."

What are the odds that this baby would be sleeping next to a wrinkle that's in turn next to her pacifier, which in turn looks like an arm? Pretty low if ou ask me.

"This bottle of beverage in Tesco is filled significantly less. Seal not broken."

Even though the bottle is sealed, I would absolutely not be buying or drinking from that one. Just don't trust it if it isn't all the way full. But that's just me.

"I sharpened my pencil really long."

As much as I want to know how you can get a pencil this sharp, I also want to know how long it would last without snapping. Probably not very long, based on how thin the tip is.

"My dentist office has a 20’ tall whale fountain. Designed, built, and installed with a crane through the skylight by the original owner (MD) and his brother."

This is honestly so cool. Weird, sure. But cool nonetheless. How many of us can say their dentist has a giant whale statue in their office?

"3D printing technology has developed enough that rich people can throw them away when they 'break.'"

And yet, I still don't have a 3D printer. I'm sure whoever threw that machine away could've fixed it (or hired someone to fix it), but I guess some people just don't have that kind of patience.

"This crow hanging upside down in my backyard."

This poor, confused crow probably perched on that power line the right way, and then flopped over. Hopefully, it can figure out how to get itself out of that mess.

"If you ever meet Steve Martin by chance, he gives you a card as proof you met him."

This is kind of cool, but also kind of strange. But I guess some celebrities really don't like having to stop and pose for pictures with every fan they happen to meet.

"The shadow of my wife's clothes made a face."

Call me crazy, but this shadow looks kind of like Ariana Grande (with a really long chin). Just looking at it for long enough is making me imagine her singing in whistle tones.

"The sinks inside the Le Creuset headquarters are Dutch ovens."

This is a very cool concept, but also kind of a waste of Dutch ovens. Seriously, those things are so expensive and so useful to have in the kitchen. Way more useful than as sink basins.

"Sunrise in Amsterdam, same spot, same time, 24h apart."

It's amazing how much can change in a day. I guess Amsterdam is just like anywhere else in the world; the weather isn't always going to go the way you'd want it to.

"My neighbour built an igloo."

As much as I want to ask why, I also want to ask why not. It seems like a really fun place for kids to play, whether they want to use it as a clubhouse or as a fort for snowball fights.

"Thought there was a strange reflection of the person serving me in the supermarket on until I got closer and realised they were identical twins working back-to-back."

Strange that they would have identical twins working in the exact same part of the store at the same time. Hopefully they don't confuse people too much.

"My washing machine turned my fitted sheet into a perfect soufflé."

The weirdest thing about this is the way the design on the sheets is reflecting on the sides of the drum. It almost looks like the washing machine has a floral design on it.

"I saw a cow with an extra limb on its hump."

I have a feeling that extra limb doesn't really bother this cow all that much. She just seems to be going about her day, probably not even noticing the extra leg. And honestly, I respect that.

"A pike frozen in the ice halfway through eating another fish."

This is one part incredible, one part kind of terrifying. The fact that the pike (and its prey) froze mid-attack means that they probably didn't feel getting flash frozen, at least.

"Pulled the card quickly to her face right as I took a photo resulting in capturing both."

This is one of those pictures that you probably won't expect to take, like, ever. Seriously, what are the chances that she'd move the card at the exact time the shutter went off?

"This tiny globe of water on my glasses lens."

Everything about this is so much stranger than it probably should be. Like, just the way the water droplets look so perfect on that lens, as if gravity and all that doesn't matter.

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