20 People Who Want To Help In The Most Entertaining Ways Possible

We're all guilty of maybe overstepping some boundaries when trying to help someone else. We just get so caught up in the act of wanting to be nice that we forget the person we're being nice to might not even want it!

This list is filled with situations just like that, but instead of them resulting in awkwardness, they result in hilarity.

"Went to see the fam for Xmas and had heartburn. 'There's some Tums in the medicine cabinet'."

The comments were claiming that there's no ingredient in Tums that can expire and these are still totally safe to eat, but I don't trust like that. I'm not about to risk total stomach obliteration tomorrow for temporary relief today.

"[Came] home to see this is how my mom put the cone on my dog…"

This is known as putting a cone in sport mode, as it cuts down on wind resistance and creates a more aerodynamic dog. However, this does rid the cone of its original purpose, protecting your dog's wounds from scratching and biting. So choose wisely.

"I really need one of these nearby."

This store clearly isn't for buying the things you need, but for buying the things you want. Go on, you know you want to get yourself a giant green inflatable alien, or maybe even a knife for only $1. You're allowed to indulge here.

"These two things probably shouldn’t be next to each other."

No matter which one you swish, you'll be left with a squeaky clean and sparklingly fresh mouth, one will just taste a lot better than the other.

However, both are not equally suited to clean your floor, though you could try if you really wanted to.

The true Christmas spirit.

"I turned a picture of my Labrador pooping into a puzzle, gave it to my dad for Christmas as a white elephant gift. He put it together, framed it, and gave it back to me. That’s what Christmas is all about."

"My Dad got each of us a calendar with just pictures of him. July is my favorite one."

I would genuinely love something like this from a parent or loved one. It's funny, they put some form of effort into it, it's creative, and it'll have me thinking of them all year long whether I want to or not!

"About time they cracked down on horses playing golf."

Golf-playing horses are the worst at local parks. They take up way too much space when they bring their entire herd, trample the grass until it looks terrible, and don't even warn people when golf balls are flying towards the playground!

"My daughter is obsessed with horses, but I obviously can't afford to buy her one. Bought her a gift card for riding lessons and wrapped it like this."

As someone much more clever than I pointed out in the comments, this is like a Trojan horse! Instead of an armed ambush in the middle of the night, though, inside is a lovely gift your daughter is sure to cherish.

"Did my fortune cookie just threaten me?"

It does seem that way. If it's not a direct threat, it's still alluding to your life ending very, very soon.

When it comes to fortune cookies, it seems they're either too vague and are thus useless, or far too specific for comfort.

"Can’t figure out what the bottom left warning means."

Maybe it's advising people to drink this beverage if they're currently in the middle of a demonic possession? I can't imagine how alcohol would help, but I also can't imagine how it'd hinder either, which means it's gotta be positive!

A wide variety.

"For all my adult life my dad has been the most random gift giver you could imagine. I present this year’s Christmas gift… Spicy Corn Relish, Mexican Vanilla Flavoring, plastic mask inserts (5ea), and… my favorite this year, a werewolf claw back scratcher. I love you Dad, never change."

"My aunt's Christmas decorations were moved around by a windstorm and she woke up to this."

Poor guy only ever gets to see the Christmas cheer of the people across the street, he wanted to take a quick peek inside the home he's put in front of to see if they're decking the halls appropriately!

"Timely driving reminder near Mt. Ashland, Oregon."

Either the person who put these signs up are really, really emphasizing the need for critical thinking while traveling down this road, or they're a family of zombies luring humans to their secluded woodland home so they can feast undisturbed.

"Decided that my bathroom fan timer needed these."

This is honestly very helpful. I'm not one to turn on my bathroom fan much, and even when I do, it's only one speed. Entering someone's fancy bathroom with their multi-speed fan and knowing exactly what circumstances to use them in would relieve a lot of anxiety.

"Daughter bought me a gift from the Santa shop at school. I am missing the parts for it."

Or maybe she's hoping you can use these to make your beard ultra-luxurious, give it a real spa treatment and come back with it looking longer, healthier, and wavier than ever.

Then you can style it and lock it into place with the hairspray!

"Saw this as I was coming back from the shops..."

Don't apply within! Apply that sponge directly to the exterior, then drag it all along the van, achieving maximum coverage and wiping away all that grime. Since the sponge will likely be tossed after and the van won't need it anymore, it's sort of a one-night stand.

"Home for the holidays and opened my parents fridge. I immediately said 'mom I think you need new baking soda' She asked 'How can you tell?'."

They can't get rid of it yet, don't you see that it has a great movie deal attached? No point in ripping it off before they finish the box, though, have a little patience with 'em.

"Everyday the upstairs neighbor has a ferret that uses the balcony drainpipe to help volunteer as the neighborhood watch."

Have you ever met a ferret? They're wiggly, feisty little things. I would trust nobody more to be on the watch for intruders because I know once they leap on one, they'll start scurrying and biting all over until the intruder is forced to retreat!

"This traffic sign in Virginia with a sense of humor."

Forget just driving slow, why not turn around entirely? Whoever put this sign up could have made a fake roadblock, some construction that ran too wide, an 18-wheeler completely sideways on the road, anything more useful than this!

"Perfectly hidden!"

Once you're inside an apartment building, all hopes of hiding a package are gone. There's nowhere for it to go that doesn't just put it in more danger. Leave it up to the powers that be whether or not it gets stolen, and may the security cameras catch it.

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