20 Pics That Start Weird, Become Fascinating, And Circle Right Back To Weird

We live in a pretty weird world. Sure, a lot of the strange stuff you may encounter is also going to be pretty fascinating, but even the most fascinating thing can't mask how weird it really is.

The pics in this list may have you going through a range of thoughts and feelings. You may get weirded out, fascinated, and then weirded out once again.

"Snowman at my local Dunkin."

This lil' snowman is cute and all. But the more I look at it, the more I think, "how did it get there?" That looks like the drive thru window. Did an employee... reach over to make it?

"My NY Strip looks like a sleeping baby dragon."

This is both strange and hunger inducing. The more I look at the steak, the more I can see a dragon's face. But to me, it looks more like it's giving us a side eye.

"My cookie fell into my coffee, leaving a nice little ring around the edge."

On one hand, this is kind of cool to look at. On the other hand, there's now two thirds of a cookie in that coffee, and I have no idea how that's going to taste.

"The amount of toilet paper in this bathroom."

At least this place can be confident in saying that they won't run out of toilet paper any time soon. Even if their method of keeping the stall stocked is... excessive, to say the least.

"A seagull about to catch a chip. (Feat. Some funny facial expressions in the background)."

There's a lot going on in this picture. The sheer amount of seagulls in one place is already weird enough, but they all also look like they're going through it. Especially the ones that are about to fight over that fry.

"1 order of 4 filters = 4 shipments of 1 filter each."

I love the way these filters could've all been put into the same box. Or, at the very least they could've been shipped in smaller boxes. But no, they had to show up like this. So weird.

"The carbonation in my drink froze."

On one hand, the way just the carbonation froze makes it look like there's an icy planet on the top of that cup. On the other hand, what the heck is going on here!?

"The way these eggs (that I dropped while brining [*sic*] groceries in) froze."

If I didn't know any better (and if there weren't eggshells littered around the ground), I probably would've assumed that this frozen egg was some kind of weird fungus. After all, it's always a weird fungus.

"My parrot laid an egg, it’s unfertilized so I ate it."

I mean, I'm sure parrot eggs taste just fine. But I can't get past the idea of eating a random unfertilized egg that came out of your pet exotic bird.

"Someone left their binoculars on my bike seat."

I hope whoever left those binoculars there isn't going to miss them. Because they're probably never going to get them back.

That's why you don't set your stuff down on random people's bike seats.

"This Rolled-up Snow."

I'm sure some science person can explain what has to happen for snow to roll up like this without breaking apart. But I'd almost rather not know. Knowing how this works wouldn't do anything but ruin the magic.

"My sandwiches for work look like a bunny rabbit."

Honestly, I just want to know what happened to that bread for it to make that shape. It's so... odd.

Also, if you look at it from right to left, it kind of looks like an angry aardvark (with the part at the bottom right being the snout).

"Pasta came totally crushed right out of the box. Cooked it anyway."

That looks a lot more like shredded cheese than pasta. But to be honest, it probably still tasted good. Even if it was shredded cheese, it'd still taste good.

"Dad completely filled a bottle of oil and it looks like a solid piece of glass."

This is really cool, but I'm also worried about what's going to happen when somebody tries to put a lid on it. Something tells me that bottle's about to get a little messy.

"Wheel lines left by lawnmower made a grid in the snow."

I don't know what to think about this. On one hand, it's so cool! But on the other hand, it's so weird. I guess it's a bit of column A, a bit of column B.

"Tried to toss my shirt into my closet, landed caught on both door knobs."

That's a pretty impressive coincidence. Too bad the way the shirt is hanging on both sides of the door makes it look a little bit like a tiny ghost.

"The way the ice froze in this tray."

There's a pretty cool pattern at the bottom of this frozen tray. I'm not sure if the leaves make it even cooler, or if it just makes the whole thing look weird, though.

"My 7 year old had this perfect fang looking tooth right in the middle of his two front adult teeth. It was removed today (surgically it hadn't erupted yet)."

When you think about it, teeth are so weird. We randomly lose ours, and then more grow in their place. And sometimes, extra teeth just show up for no reason.

"This one dude in the crowd in a neon shirt."

Imagine being that one person in an entire crowd wearing a bright shirt. Either he wanted to stand out, or he didn't realize there was going to be a blacklight effect at the show.

"Apparently you can’t mix Coke Zero and Fanta."

As someone who's been known to mix random sodas together at fast food places, I'm not going to judge this person for trying. Even if the result ended up being really weird and a little off-putting.

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