15+ Powerful Pics That Filled Us With Beautiful Feelings

Sometimes all it takes to turn your day around is a good dopamine rush. If there isn't much going on in the real world to provide this, there's always the internet.

These magical pics are pretty much guaranteed to make you feel good.

Like father, like daughter.

Reddit | Sdoeden87

This newly-minted dad posted this pic in honor of the day he adopted his daughter. You can really see just how happy she is.

Everybody eats.

Reddit | xianaa

This dog wouldn't eat after a newborn baby was brought home but after its owners put some kibble with the baby, the dog happily started eating again.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

Reddit | ItsJaaaaake

The local disc golf community evidently lost one of its own so Kyle's friends put this disc out in his memory.

Fair point.

Reddit | MrLoveSpreader

If not for the added insight at the bottom, this would be a funny comparison. As it is, it's a powerful reminder of true love.

Tony Hawk's no hater.

Reddit | InNiAg

I get a kick out of Tony Hawk's stories of not being recognized, but I get an even bigger kick out of him being a generally awesome dude.

Party on.

Reddit | beejeezP0P

Even if you don't have any parties to go to, you're almost obligated to find one if your granny knits you a vest this awesome.

The more things change...

Reddit | bb23rty

For gamers, the experience of holding a new console for the first time is the ultimate endorphin rush. This guy's just as pumped for the PS5 as he was for the PS1.

New addition.

Reddit | mtlsv

Someone shared a photo their grandparents sent them. They seem to be absolutely smitten with their brand new kitten.


Reddit | zaynthelegend

This guy's daughter posted this photo, saying that her dad told her to hide the fact that he's a janitor. Instead she shared this, saying she's proud of him.

How things change...

Reddit | iamananimal28

The photo on the left shows her at the peak of her addiction to opiates. On the right, she's healthy and sober.

Family in flight.

Reddit | JephriB

The guy in the middle is flying the last flight of his career. The guy on the left is his son, who travelled cross-country to be there for his sendoff.

Epic journey.

Reddit | grecy

On the hood you can see the route this guy took along the Pan-American Highway. His trip spanned two continents and many countries.

Keep going.

Reddit | f__h

A criminal record is a serious hindrance to people who are trying to re-enter society. Stories like this definitely make me smile.

First day of school.

Reddit | runningdownhill

Thirteen years after the last time he sat in a classroom, this guy is ready to hit the books and go back to college.

Moving up.

Reddit | not_ok

It's pretty powerful to see the journey from custodian to nurse practitioner — a journey that all took place in the same building.

A thousand days, a thousand miles.

Reddit | pancakecrust

"My wife surprised me when I least expected it. 1000 days sober," wrote someone who's probably just found the motivation to keep the streak going.

Almost out of here.

Reddit | 123uno456

It's been an ordeal for this guy, but he's just finished chemotherapy and only needs to finish steroids and radiotherapy before he's cancer-free.

Big scar.

Reddit | licknuke

You can still see the scar from brain cancer surgery, but this guy's been cancer-free for three years now.

Throw it out.

Some might recognize this object as a cancer radiation mask. It must feel pretty great to beat cancer and throw the mask away.

Like grandpa, like grandson.

Reddit | Sammyg_21

"My son sits exactly like his great grandfather — who died 5 years before he was born," wrote this kid's proud parent.

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