18 People Whose New Year Is Off To A Rocky Start

I don't know about you, but I like to start the New Year on the right note. My mom always told me that the way you spend New Year's would shape the rest of your year.

Call me superstitious, but that's what I was taught, and I'm sticking to it. So I feel really bad for these folks whose year is definitely not off to a good start. Oh, boy!

1. This Winter's Revenge

"I was scraping off the front window when I thought I heard ice and snow sliding off the back window. It was not snow or ice."

Yikes! That doesn't look right at all. How can that even happen, huh?

2. This Person Who Literally Dodged A Bullet

"Happy New Year? Ten minutes after midnight, a loud metallic bounce came off the floor."

OMG, who in their right mind fires a gun to celebrate New Year's? That's so dumb and irresponsible.

3. This Unfortunate Incident

"I’m locked in my bathroom at work, it’s been half an hour so far."

Has that ever happened to you? I once got locked in a restaurant bathroom, and I literally started to panic. Thankfully, I was able to open the door eventually. Ugh!

4. This Delivery Fail

"I've been patiently waiting for my new plant pots to arrive."

Seriously? Can you not order anything online these days and have it arrive in one piece? Apparently, not. I would be so pissed off if I waited and got this instead.

5. This Road Accident

"Hit this absolutely massive pothole and got two flat tires and two dented rims on our brand new Tesla model."

This is why I never buy expensive cars. It just isn't worth it, guys. Am I right?

6. This Ultimate Party Snub

"Hosted a two-day NYE get-together at $800 Airbnb, and no one came."

OMG, can you imagine that? If that's not the ultimate New Year's Eve party snub, I don't know what is, ha, ha. I feel so bad for this person.

7. This Unusual Occurrence

"Keys and key fob are in the ignition with motor running and I somehow Hulk’d the handle off my car door. Other doors are locked, no spare keys. At least I have AAA!"

Well, yay for that!

8. This Rogue Tooth

"Went to the dentist because I thought I lost a filling. Turns out my tooth broke in half. Had to get the whole tooth pulled and have to pay 1500-3000€ to get a replacement. Happy New Year."


9. This Bad Decision

This is what happens when you park your car under the tree to shield it from the snow. Only the tree has other plans and breaks off right on your vehicle. Thanks, Mother Nature, thanks, ha, ha.

10. This Flying Cake

Wait a minute, how does that happen?

"I was holding it with one hand and you know how those store-bought cakes have the plastic tray that they pop the plastic holder into? With the holder already off it flew when my hand shifted ever so slightly."

Oh, right!

11. This Happy New Year

"I spilled the detergent. Two hours later, she spilled the paint. It's going to be a quiet night, I think."

They say that couples who do things together stay together, so let's hope that's the case for these two unfortunate souls here, hee-hee.

12. This Unfortunate Time And Place

Can you imagine sitting in your car at a stop sign minding your own business when a tree just like this falls right on it? OMG! That would be so crazy and scary at the same time.

13. This Epic Mess

"Honey, can you help me put away the Christmas decorations?" "Sure thing, hun."

I'm not sure what happened here, but that attic doesn't look very secure. Better call someone to fix this disaster before it gets worse.

14. This Big Mistake

Here's an interesting story. This person sold their iPad in a public space at night. As it turns out, the money from the buyer ended up being fake. So now they're out of the iPad and $800. Wow!

15. This Unexpected Turn Of Events

"Doing 110km/h (70mp/h) and this happened. Lucky I only had my 36-week pregnant wife, my two-year old son, and our two dogs in the car."

Whoa, I like this guy's sense of humor but perhaps he should slow down next time.

16. This Quick Thinking

"Hi, I'm calling to start a claim. My car is flooded. Huh, I don't have flood coverage? In that case, it's on fire."

Ha, ha, I can't help but laugh at that. Not at the situation, of course, but the way this person handled it.

17. This Trampoline Mishap

This is what happens when you surprise your niece and nephew with a brand new trampoline for Christmas, but the weather has other plans. I guess strong winds have nothing on this one here, huh? I bet the kids were so sad.

18. This Pizza Gaffe

Ladies and gentlemen, here's how you cook a frozen pizza. Do not defrost it, and make sure you fully pre-heat the oven! If you don't do that, a disaster like this might happen. Good luck cleaning that up.

Oh my goodness.

Aren't you so glad your New Year didn't start the way it did for these people here? I sure am. No matter how bad things might get, remember there surely are other people who have it worse than you. So Happy New Year!