18 Bad Luck Pics That Have Us Wishing Time Machines Were A Thing

If you're ever having a bad day, you must remember something. Chances are you're not the only one. In fact, I'm about to make your day by showing you other people who have it a lot worst than you.

So don't worry. This too shall pass, and when it does, you can have a good laugh. At someone else's expense, of course.

1. This Ultimate Tree Revenge

We are experiencing a lot of strong winds around here, so there are plenty of tree branches flying everywhere. I am thankful, though, that nothing like this has happened because that's a homeowner's worst nightmare. OMG! I have no words for that.

2. This Paint Accident

Word to the wise: Always make sure those paint cans are securely closed. Otherwise, you might end up with a situation like this on your hands. Wow! How the heck are they going to get this cleaned up?

3. This Car Art

S,o here's the thing: When your neighbor's kid decides to draw with rocks on your car, what do you do? If you get mad at them, there goes your friendship. But if you don't, you're faced with a hefty car bill. Decisions, decisions.

4. This Amateur Cook

This person thought they were so clever to bake their own pizza. But they forgot one important thing — the pizza goes on a sheet pan! Duh! Clearly, they've never baked anything in their life, ha, ha!

5. This NutriBullet Explosion

Somehow I don't think the NutriBullet people had this situation in mind when they named their product, ha, ha! Oh, my! Even though I used to own one, I still don't understand how this can happen. Any guesses? I need to find out.

6. This Life Lesson

Congratulations, you're a good parent. Your toddler just learned how to use the microwave, lol. The only problem is they decided to put the wrong things inside of it, and now you're on the hook for it.

7. This Morning Surprise

This is what happens when you wake up after a windy night and find a mountain of tumbleweeds in your front yard. Where in the heck does this person live? That's what I would like to know.

8. This Snowy Situation

Here's a good life lesson for parents out there. Always make sure your kids close the doors to your van all the way. You wouldn't want to find yourself in this situation, huh? That can't be fun.

9. This Doggone Mishap

This is what happens when you leave your butter chicken cooking for six hours and then your roommate's dog decides to sabotage it. I guess somebody isn't having a homecooked dinner tonight. Oh, I would be so ticked.

10. This Job Site Bandit

It must be so satisfying to lay down that concrete because it looks absolutely perfect. And then this little guy shows up and decides to go for a quick walk destroying all your hard work. Job well done!

11. This Right Before Closing Mishap

This person was getting ready to go home when they realized one of their coworkers didn't close the box properly. So now, they have to spend an extra hour making sense of this mess. I bet they're really happy about that.

12. This Baking Mistake

This person made some kickass cookies only to realize there was an unusual film on the top. Well, as it turns out, they forgot to remove the plastic wrap before putting these into the oven. Oh, shucks!

13. This Zipper Fix

When your zipper breaks at work before a few important meetings, don't worry. You, too, can MacGyver your way out of things just like this person did. I don't know how unnoticeable this is, but at least it works.

14. This Lion's Den

Yes, in North America, we might have Shark Tank and Dragon's Den, but if you live in South Africa, you can have the real lion's den right in your backyard. Holy crap! That's quite a sight first thing in the am. Am I right?

15. This Garlic Fiasco

At first, I thought this was a can of beans that somebody broke inside of their fridge. But I soon found out it was much worse. It's actually a jar of minced garlic. Get used to smelling that for as long as you live in this house. Oh, no!

16. This Allergy Test

I once had an allergy test done, and all I can say is, thank God my arm didn't look like this one. I guess this person is allergic to pretty much everything. How will they ever leave their house again?

17. This Double Pie Drop

You know you're having a bad day when you not only drop one pie on the floor but two perfectly beautiful ones. Oh my goodness. And they look like they would taste so good. I would cry!

18. This Ring Mishap

How would you feel if you lost your ring and realized it ended up in the garbage disposal? OMG!

I freaked out the other day when I thought my ring went down the drain. Thankfully, my fiancé found it in the living room. This lady wasn't so lucky.

See, what I told you?

Even when you think you're having the worst kind of day, it might not be as bad as you thought. Other people are going through the same thing or even something a lot crappier. Just keep that in mind before you go off the deep end. You're welcome.