Start The New Year Off Right With A Sassy 'Chicken Daddies' Calendar

What's something no one asked for, but the world is better for it being created?

It's a chicken daddies calendar. What is a chicken daddy, you ask? Simple: it's a man who owns chickens, loves his chickens, and also loves eating the camera up during a photoshoot.

Let's check some of these daddies out. And yes, in case you were wondering: there's definitely Daisy dukes involved here.

Meet the chicken daddies.

They're a group of men from around the world who own and love chickens. Not only that, but they're all dressed in farm dresses, because fashion is the name of the game with these guys.

They look fly af.

Try and tell me you don't want a wall calendar of men in dresses. You can't! Each month features a unique chicken daddy and one (or more) of his prized chickens.

The daddies strike some classic pin-up poses.

Oh, he has got this down PAT. The legs, the ankles, the mischievous finger on the chin? The pin-up girls of old are quaking right now. Move over, ladies. There's new calendar girls in town.

They travel worldwide to find each year's daddies.

"We met up with Jeff Parness, a non-profit executive, and Miss Maisy in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Times Square in New York!" They explained on Instagram.

I had no idea you could keep chickens in New York City!

And yes, there's a raunchy edition, too.

Because of course there is! If you can't get enough of the chicken daddies, grab yourself the Daisy dukes edition and get ready to see 12 months of men in tiny shorts.

You know you want this.

Come on. Look at the photography happening here. Those boots, those shorts, that hat! And the chicken balanced perfectly on the handle? This is true art right here.

(Also, the chicken's name is Fluffy Butt. Cute.)

You gotta love those Daisy dukes.

Each calendar page has a short blurb that tells you the name of the featured daddy and chicken. For instance, this is daddy Rob and his chicken, Shotsy!

These would make amazing gifts.

Honestly, I can't think of a single person who wouldn't be the target audience for these calendars. They're perfect for everyone.

You can get the farm dress edition here and the Daisy dukes edition here.

So, what do you think?

Are you ready to dive into the chicken daddy fantasy, or are you going to pass on the greatest idea man has ever come up with? The choice is yours!