20 Details We're Not Sure Anybody Needed

Getting a closer look at things is never usually a bad option. It can help you learn more about a given situation and can train you to examine details before drawing conclusions.

That being said, sometimes there are details included in things that truly serve no purpose, which is what's being shared in this list of 20 details we're not sure anybody needed.

"Same amount of tools, two genders, two different prices."

The comments were filled with various workers who said they've started using this as a tactic, painting their tools pink on purpose so their coworkers won't steal them. So, while it is a silly double standard, at least some people are finding the bright side!

"Outlet at my grandparents house."

"This could be for Christmas lights," some people claimed, "Or a wall clock! It could have use, it could have a purpose!"

Though, does this potential purpose matter when it is not being used? When it remains uncentered, an eyesore, bare against the wall? I think not.

"My toddler has exceptionally large big toes."

Not just the big toe, but all of them are definitely miles longer than the toes of any other toddler. At this rate of growth, your child will be able to stomp through cities and destroy them like Godzilla by age 11.

"The Photoshop job on this pillow packaging."

Was it this company's intention to create a new Frankenstein's monster? Every part of her looks like it was taken from a different stock image then stitched together to achieve this pose. Her smile is only there to hide the pain.

"This sign I found has a translation for dogs."

I don't know, the dog side seems a little too aggressive to match the owner side. Are we sure it says the same thing? Can we be certain that it's not encouraging dogs to run amok and make this walk hell for their humans?

"The way my mother-in-law takes her pills."

Thank you so much for sharing this infuriating behavior with the world. You could have kept it private, but no, even in knowing how much pain it would cause others, you decided to upload it to the internet for everyone to see. Shame on you.

"The way my father in law keeps his drop cord."

Just like the last one, why share it! Instead of doing the responsible thing and hosting an intervention for this abhorrent behavior, you only spread it. Now we all have to bear witness to it and shudder at the sight.

"A decapitated sour patch head in my bag of [Swedish] fish."

This...feels like a threat. I'm assuming you're not a sour patch kid and thus should have nothing to worry about, but it still has a sinister aura to it. Have you wronged any Swedish fish lately? Know of any sour patch kids who have been acting sketchy?

"On the back of a tag in my shirt."

While that is a nice thought, I can't help but worry about their working conditions. Are they happily wearing nothing but thongs and coconut oil? It's not too cold in the shirt-making facility for them? Are they being paid well?

"This floor tile at LaGuardia Airport has a house key embedded in it."

Either someone at the flooring factory lost a key, or the airport did this on purpose. If you can chip away at this tile and take the key out whole, it unlocks every door in the building, and you're just allowed to do what you want there now. You earned it.

"This jeep has cats on its taillight."

That's a rather spooky-looking cat, but even if it's some sort of ghostly image, I'm sure it's still a friend. It's doing the rounds, making sure all the lights are still functioning, and scaring drivers behind them, as is part of its duties.

"Found a framed big mac instructional picture I stole from McDonalds over 20yrs ago."

Did they use to have a little cylindrical mold to stack the Big Macs in? Nowadays it looks like they throw all your toppings on from 20 feet away and just hope for the best. It's become more of an art piece than a burger.

"All dog butts are hovering in this photo."

That certainly is true. This is a peak example of information that is utterly useless to me and everyone on planet earth, but it's also not wrong! I hope the dogs were having fun in this photo, though it's hard not to when your butt's in the air.

"I stacked up all the books that I read in 2021 and the pile was as high as my nipples."

Wow, that's amazing! Congrats on reading so much last year, that's truly impressive and ought to be celebrated. You definitely did not need to tell us the exact part of your body they measured up to, but I'm choosing to ignore that and focus on the positives here.

"Thought this man had big holes in his socks…nope he just wears the ankles of the socks."

Someone suggested that maybe he doesn't like to wear socks with shoes, so he wears these to appear normal in public. Well, someone should tell him it's backfiring. I'd rather see a man sockless in his shoes than see this.

"Poorly designed road sign."

It's easy not to drive and drive as when you're driving a car you're only doing one singular act of driving. Driving and driving would mean either driving two cars at once or playing something like Mario Kart while you drive, both situations being very easy to avoid.

"The letters in the spine title of this re-covered textbook are shifted one letter forward in the alphabet."

I couldn't understand why anyone would want to do this, but someone in the comments explained it like this, "Cryptography is an example of applied mathematics in the real world. This is an example of a caesar cipher which is one of the simplest ways to encrypt text. So a book about applied mathematics has applied mathematics in its title - its pretty clever, actually."

Also, if you're wondering, the real title is Mathematics Applying the Concepts 10.

"This tanker truck driving down the highway only carries 'inedible' blood."

Just an ominous label on a truck? No! Well, yes, but it does serve a purpose. As explained by one commenter, "Often the inedible blood from a slaughter house is collected and taken to another processing plant. The blood is processed and used to make animal feed for other livestock. The 'inedible' refers to human consumption. Sometimes blood from slaughter houses is used to make human edible foods like sausages. In order to make sure there isn’t any cross contamination the tankers are labeled correctly."

"My friend has quite a lot of clocks in his kitchen."

So he does! When one vigilant commenter noticed they're all out of sync, the uploader came back with an explanation, "He changes batteries, makes repairs and sets them all correct twice a year when the clocks change." Seems he doesn't mind the rest of the year.

"This on-flight tv that won’t turn off. One channel only, crappy pranks. I really don’t want to see that right now. Or ever."

This airline said you will be watching pranks today, that's the only in-flight entertainment you're going to get, so you better enjoy it. Have a light-hearted, silly time while on this flight, or else.