15+ Surprises That People Probably Never Thought They'd Discover

There's nothing like a good old-fashioned treasure hunt! Be it on purpose, a day made specifically for digging around to see what you can find, or completely accidental.

This list leans towards the latter, with 15+ surprises that people probably never thought they'd discover.

'This gate that allows horses but not vehicles."

Starting to think horses might be the superior mode of transportation if they can best this while a car can't.

"My buddy has a human brain on his bookshelf."

This feels concerning. Have you ever seen all of your friend's house? Is there perhaps a secret basement housing a lab or a dungeon?

"My delicious chicken sandwich from Wendy’s."

A little more rare than I like my chicken, but to each their own!

"This handle I saw in a restroom today."

Why are all these smart innovations only coming out now? We could have all voided years of germ sharing this way.

"This sign telling me to 'Duck'..."

A fun new way to still get the message across! Though it seems a little more urgent than needed.

"My sister's microwave has a scary chaos button."

Sometimes you just want to shake things up a little, cause some unruliness just to see what happens.

"Cleaned out the attic and discovered rats had eaten my 81 Dodgers baseball. Fernando, LaSorda, Stewart, Sax, Koufax... Damn."

This really is unfortunate, but on the bright side, I got to learn what the inside of a baseball looks like.

"A drawing found under wallpaper in my house on the original walls."

A fun little fact about someone who lived in this house, they probably really liked cars!

"This supremely vivid rainbow coming off of the patio table."

If you don't want to wait for the weather to be right, small-scale, handmade rainbows work just as well.

"The fact that bananas are trilaterally symmetrical."

Huh, I never knew that. I have no idea what to do with the information and I don't know if I'm better off for knowing it, but it is new!

"This bookshelf in Tallinn airport."

I'm glad the tiny library concept is spreading to many corners of society. I want to be able to grab a book wherever I am.

"A house in my town has decorated a 12-foot skeleton for every holiday since last Halloween."

Wasn't that skeleton a few hundred dollars? They're getting their money's worth!

"Found a quote from *The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy* on a gravestone in a local cemetery."

If there's one series that's perfect for a number of headstone quotes, it's this one!

"That time we learned our cat likes to chew on toxic plants."

I will be thinking about this cat's puffed-up allergy face for weeks. Thank you so much for this gem.

"This palm tree growing out of the middle of an oak tree."

With the way that oak tree is slanting, it looks properly defeated.

When a big tire gets flat, it can throw the whole vehicle off balance.

Frankly, I'm surprised they managed to keep this steady enough to make it to the BBQ joint without crashing into it.

After all, I think we could create a more awkward driving experience if we tried.

Maybe melted trash cans are an everyday sight for garbage collectors but I'd say they're a pretty rare sight for most of us.

I guess that depends on how many people throw out recently lit cigarette butts or oily rags like they're just your garden variety trash.

Talk about playing with fire.

If you're wondering what kind of experiment is going on here, I'm afraid you're making a little too much sense.

It turns out that this is just a display for a store that sells luxury sunglasses. I'm not sure what the ancient Greek-inspired donkey collider has to do with that, but I guess it makes customers curious.

When the uploader's wife brought this pillow home, it was probably a startling surprise on a few levels.

For one thing, it's hard not to feel any other way when you're suddenly confronted by a stretched out face making a weird expression.

But the real kicker is that this was the result of an app merging the faces of the uploader's parents, which is a weird image to contend with at the best of times.

You can find a lot of things on the beach, but a target drone from the U.S. Air Force usually isn't one of them.

And if you wonder what you should do if you find one of these, the Air Force helpfully tells you on the side of the device.

In addition to saying, "Live munitions, civilians leave in place," it also provides a phone number and a radio frequency to contact authorities.

Extreme temperatures can cause some unpredictable destruction but they certainly had a fascinating effect on this planter.

Apparently, it froze overnight and then broke into this collection of rings that probably don't fit together anymore.

Still, there's something oddly satisfying about them.

I suppose that's one way to find out you have a latex allergy.

When this person received their COVID-19 vaccine, they were warned that it might cause a rash.

However, it turned out that while the vaccine seemed to take to their body relatively smoothly, the same couldn't be said for the adhesive on the bandage.

Although most of us don't expect to see cars burn on the highway when we start our days, it's fairly easy to understand why this happened.

According to Jalopnik, not only was this Jeep left in gear while the owner towed it with an RV, but it was specifically left in "4-Low."

The manual explicitly warns against going faster than 25 miles per hour at that setting and this picture perfectly explains why.

The amount of time it takes to get your car keys out of your pocket and into the door isn't that long, but it's long enough for some unexpected things to happen.

In this case, it's apparently a large enough window of time for a small bird to decide it wants to hang out right on the edge of the key.

Pets can already be equal parts adorable and in the way, they don't need any help from nature.

If the caution tape seems a little excessive, you've obviously never dealt with Canada geese before.

They're not kidding with that warning and the attack they're talking about will be a lot more vicious than you might expect.

It starts with a weird hissing noise and ends with some really persistent pecking.

If this bruise seems a little unusual, that's because it didn't start off this way.

Apparently, a mosquito happened to bite this area after the bruise had formed, which drained the blood from the impact site and reverted part of it back to the original skin color.

Roombas can get themselves into some sticky situations but this has to be a new one.

Mine usually just gets stuck under a bed or a couch, but I might actually be more impressed than annoyed if it managed to wedge itself under a broken chair leg and shut itself off like this one did.

When this person's daffodils started blooming, they ended up with more flowers than they bargained for.

It already seems pretty unusual for a flower to have two heads, let alone six like this one. I wonder if it's as lucky as a four-leaf clover?

At first glance, you may look at this and wonder what's supposed to be so special about a few shoots growing out of a ptach of brown grass.

Well, the fact of the matter is that this is actually a door mat that is now hosting life. Apparently, a week of heavy rain was just the ticket to giving them a fighting chance.

Believe it or not, we're looking at the uploader's shadow here.

We know that they can get pretty long when sunlight hits us from a low enough angle but this seems really extreme even with that in mind.

I'm tempted to think that Mr. Fantastic took this picture.

The Chichén Itza ruins in Mexico make for a breathtaking sight but today, they're being upstaged by nature.

As we can see, a pretty massive dust devil formed right in front of it to the amazement of everyone around.

And since this happened a day after the spring equinox, the uploader said it apparently led some in the area to believe that the serpent god Kukulkan was about to make a grand return.

As wild as the discoveries we've seen so far have been, we can at least say that we've known what we've been looking at.

The same, however, can not be said at all for whatever this decoration found on the top of a truck is supposed to be.

Seriously, aside from the skull design, is there any part of this that we can even identify, let alone that makes sense?

Raccoons can be pretty resourceful but it looks like this one got a little too ambitious for its own good.

I'm suddenly reminded of the kinds of cat burglars who are slick enough to get into bank vaults but aren't quite as good at getting back out.

Surrounded by riches but not able to do anything with them.

"Removed my bathroom medicine cabinet and found this old wallpaper and wall behind it. The house was built in 1812."

While it's certainly not able to be kept, it'd be cool to salvage some and frame it! A literal piece of history.

"My grandma's Chinese teacups where you can see a woman's face when you put them against light [...]."

This way, you're always drinking tea with a friend!

"The AMC at my local mall still has their *Megamind* poster up after more than 10 years."

They're simply paying homage to one of the best animated cinematic masterpieces created in the past few decades, as they should.

"This door just hanging out all alone at the front of the walkway."

That's definitely a portal situation. Open the door and you'll see that garden is lush and green in an eternal summer on the other side.

"The Olympic jacket I got at a thrift store had the original owners I.D badge (as well as tickets for the opening ceremony, plane tickets and stickers) inside one of the pockets."

A great jacket with a cool story behind it too. You can find anything at thrift stores these days.

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