20 Pics Where It's The Details That Make Them More Interesting

Sure, looking at the big picture is important. But sometimes, the devil is in the details, and that's what you're going to want to be looking for.

In these pictures, detail is key. Whether you're a big picture person or you like to look at the little things, you'll probably get a kick out of these strange and interesting pictures.

"This paw has a small paw mark."

Okay, first of all, this paw is absolutely adorable! I'd love to see the rest of the animal it's attached to.

Do you think it knows it has a bit of a paw-ception going on? Because that would be wild.

"I made a sword entirely out of price labels at work."

I'm sure that a lot of effort went into making that sword (while clocked-in, too, which is a bold move). The only way to go forward now is to paint it to look like an actual prop sword and pose with it a bunch.

"The way dead leaves stained the concrete."

For a split second, I thought that those leaves were still on the concrete. But I guess that's what happens when they've been left to decompose for a while. Man, fall is such a strange season.

"My pencil shaving came out perfectly; the graphite didn't crumble away."

That actually just looks like a tip of a pencil that got carved off its body, not like a shaving in the slightest. That's so cool, though! Too bad there's... literally no reason to keep it.

"This tiny branch that got perfectly stuck in a hole in the sidewalk. Looks like a miniature tree."

You probably have to have some real eagle eyes to spot something like that in the sidewalk. Part of me almost wants to reach in and take it out, but then the hole wouldn't be nearly as interesting.

"This single leaf on a tree."

I guess we're getting to that part of autumn where the trees stop looking pretty and start looking pretty dead (they're dormant, I know).

...Except for that one leaf that refuses to let go. Keep holding on, little guy!

"My balled up socks look like they have teeth."

I feel like, if I walked by my couch and saw something like this, I'd probably jump through the ceiling. It looks like a creepy little face with a healthy amount of teeth. And I don't like it one bit.

"The storm blew this random turtle thing into my yard."

I'm not going to lie, I thought this turtle floaty was way bigger than it actually is. It's all because that toy car looked like a regular-sized car for a second.

And don't even get me started on the fence!

"My largest and smallest shark(?) teeth, penny for scale."

I really wish we knew what kinds of sharks these teeth came from. Not that I'm on the hunt for different shark species' teeth, I just think it would be neat.

Is it just me, or is that small one, like, smaller than a human tooth?

"Dropped my phone and my screen protector broke in a really interesting pattern."

See, this is why screen protectors are so important. Instead of this cool design being permanently etched into someone's phone screen, it's permanently etched into a piece of plastic that can be replaced easily. I love that for this person.

"A colorless ladybug landed on me today."

I've definitely never seen a ladybug without any color on it before. Red? Yeah, of course. Orange? Sometimes. Yellow? Not often, but I've seen it. But white? Yeah, that's a new one for sure.

The real question is, is this good luck, or bad luck?

"The web my neighbor made."

Let's take the time to appreciate the fact that this caption refers to the spider as a neighbor. Sure, the web is cool and all, but let's just hope that neighbor doesn't end up becoming a roommate that doesn't pay rent.

"The gradient the leaves make in the water."

I guess a combination of the leaves, algae, and whatever else is in that water is what's making the gradient in this river. And the reflection from the trees on the other end of the bank, maybe? I dunno, nature is cool though.

"In addition to 13, this elevator doesn't use any 4s either, for reasons."

In Chinese and other Asian languages, the number four is considered unlucky because it sounds like death. So some buildings avoid any number that has a four in it.

Coupled with avoiding floor 13, you're going to find some strange-looking elevator button layouts.

"This sign in a cubicle at work that has 'Toilet' spelt wrong the same way three times."

This funny little detail is brought to you by someone who clearly didn't pay attention to every little detail. I mean, they could've also spelled "toilet" wrong on purpose to get people's attention. If only people would just flush when they're done...

"Whoever owned my car before me had a Transformers decal, and I never noticed until my windows got foggy."

It's kind of funny; if this person never encountered fog, they may have never noticed that there was the remnants of a Transformers decal on the back windshield. Talk about more than meets the eye!

"Margarine that expires on 2-sday (02/02/2022) at 22!"

The company that makes this margarine saw the opportunity and took it. Either that, or they got really, really lucky with the timing of the manufacturing of this tub. In any case, just looking at it makes me feel luckier than someone who's found a white ladybug.

"My keyboard's right arrow key has been completely worn out from data entry."

Either this person does an incredible amount of data entry, or this keyboard is just super old (or some combination of the two!). At least it's a key that's pretty easy to find, even if it is worn.

"Not 100% whole wheat bread."

To be fair, is there really a difference between white and whole wheat bread? Probably not. So even if it does look slightly off-putting, this slice of bread is probably going to taste the same.

Seriously, I'm sure you can "crust" it.

"I used this sponge to clean out my water bottle that had lemon chia water in it last week."

I'm pretty sure that germinating seeds on a sponge is, like, a thing (though people usually do it on purpose), so at least this person could just roll with it.

Make a homemade Chia Pet! Cut it to look like Bob Ross!

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