18 Cleaning Fails That Prove Sometimes It's Better To Live With The Dust

Household chores are one of the most dreaded things people do. I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of cleaning. I love a clean house, but I definitely don't look forward to the actual cleaning part.

And then there are those times when your appliances strike back. Those are always fun. Am I right? From the looks of it, these folks experienced just that, haha.

1. This Oven Sabotage

"Spent a few hours meticulously cleaning a disgusting oven door. Was really happy with how clean I got it, until..."

Oh, no! I guess the scourer left a ton of invisible grooves in the glass which drastically weakened its structure. Yikes!

2. This Cast Iron Fiasco

"Wife tried to clean my cast iron. How much alimony should I get?"

Haha, I love the sense of humor of this guy. But, indeed, you can never mess with a man and his cast iron. That's like a carnal sin or something. Am I right?

3. This Work Mishap

"Just finished cleaning the whole store at work, and this happens just before we leave."

Oh my goodness. I don't envy this person here. What the heck did happen? That's what I would like to know. Ugh!

4. This Microwave Accident

This is what happens when your microwave doesn't like its contents, hehe. I guess it just rejected this bag of microwavable instant rice and said, "the heck with it." And it happened right after this person cleaned it.

5. This Roomba Suicide

This person witnessed a Roomba suicide in their house last night. It somehow wrapped up its sensors in toilet paper and headed off the edge.

Oh my goodness. If your robot vacuum gives up, that's not a good sign, eh?

6. This Sad Situation

"Spent hours detail cleaning apartment. As soon as I'm finished it flooded. Family is visiting tomorrow too to make things worse."

Wow, needless to say, this person here is having a very bad day. That's totally unfair.

7. This Glasses Mishap

I'm always super careful when I clean my eyeglasses. Why? Well, clearly, I don't want something like this to happen. Glasses are expensive, so I feel for this person. I would be absolutely livid if this happened to me.

8. This Nightcap Fail

"Right after I'd cleaned up and had a shower, this overpriced chocolate powder exploded upon opening."

Well, that must've sucked. Serves you right. You actually thought you could have a nice nightcap with a hot cup of cocoa? Not so fast, haha.

9. This Kitchen Disaster

This person just wanted to clean their pitcher, but I guess the pitcher had another idea. Oh well, it's pretty much useless now. But it could have been worse. It could have shattered all over the place, huh?

10. This Vacuum Surprise

So your vacuum cleaner doesn't work. Well, when was the last time you looked inside? You can't remember, huh? If this is what you find, then that's pretty much the culprit, haha. Clean that s*** up!

11. This Overprotective Dog

Next time you decide to get a robot vacuum, make sure you think your decision through. This person got one anyway, and the dog thought it was some kind of assailant. It didn't fare well for the Roomba, lol.

12. This Stovetop Mistake

Ladies and gentlemen, don't make the same mistake this person did here. Never touch your hot stovetop with a microfiber cloth. They did so, and now this won't come off.

OMG! That's unbelievable, huh? What a costly mistake, indeed.

13. This Plant Mishap

"Knocked my house plant and the water and wet soil went everywhere. The image below is me in the process of cleaning it, and a stain will be left."

Oh man, that really sucks. I feel this one in my gut.

14. This Shelf Fail

"Just cleaned the floors, hear a crash and come out to a broken shelf in the bar."

I wouldn't be crying about the wet floors but the booze that's all broken now, haha. This is the one time a drink would be needed, huh?

15. This Vacuum Romance

This is what happens when your wife leaves the door open to the pool area. Your expensive robot vacuum decides it wants to meet the pool vacuum.

I don't know about you, but I think it's still a better love story than 'Twilight," haha.

16. This Roomba Revenge

I love a robot vacuum as much as the next person, but sometimes I wonder if they're more trouble than they're worth. In this case, I think I would be right. What did this robot have against toilet paper, haha?

17. This Chocolate Milk Disaster

This is what happens when you slaved away cleaning your floor, and then one mistake sends you into a tailspin. A gallon of chocolate milk didn't seem like a lot until it found its way on your floor, lol.

18. This Poop Surprise

Is your dog deadly afraid of thunderstorms? Well, if he is, make sure you don't schedule your robot vacuum during the same time. This person did, and now they have to clean the robot and the floors.


Well, next time you're getting ready to clean the house, brace yourself.

As you can see here, you never know what might happen, haha. So you need to be prepared for anything. Am I right? What was your worst cleaning disaster? Please share with us all the gory details, okay?