13 Pics That Prove Cleaning Up Is More Trouble Than It's Worth

I have to admit I'm not always a fan of cleaning. In fact, that's what's waiting for me tomorrow. Ugh! I'm already dreading it, ha, ha!

But when I do end up doing it, it's always thorough. And I have to pat myself on the back for a job well done. The same can't be said of these folks here who somehow missed that cleaning gene.

1. This Fun In The Kitchen

So you just finished cleaning the kitchen and everything looked absolutely spotless. Then all you had to do is move one thing, and this happened. Oh, those chia seeds are going to be in every crevice. That really sucks.

2. This Roomba Tumble

You know things are really bad when even your Roomba robot decides to throw itself down the stairs. Now you can't even rely on someone else to do your cleaning for you. You better take care of this before it totally dies on you.

3. This Pantry Revenge

This person just finished cleaning their pantry when a bag of chips decided to go on a rampage. I bet it isn't going to be that much fun cleaning this mess up here. Better luck next time.

4. This Scheduled Mess

It must be great to be able to schedule a robot vacuum to clean your place. In this case, though, the thunderstorm and a scared dog happened to be around the same time that wasn't a happy coincidence at all.

5. This Vacuum Revolt

This person spilled cocoa powder on the floor and vacuumed it up. Then unbeknownst to them, the cordless vacuum exploded and poured everything onto their chair and table. Wow, I didn't even realize that could happen, lol.

6. This Coffee Nightmare

If you have a lot of stuff on your kitchen counter, you might have encountered a similar disaster. This person was cleaning when they bumped into their coffee container, and well, the rest, as you can see, is history.

7. This Bean Bag Fail

Word to the wise, never buy a bean bag. Why? It's because you might occasionally need to refill it, and that could end up being more hassle than it's worth, ha, ha! Do you see what I mean?

8. This Unfortunate Accident

Normally, you wouldn't expect vacuuming to create a bigger mess. Am I right or what? However, you really do need to be careful around your plants. Unless you really want one of them to bite the dust.

9. This Costly Mistake

This person made the mistake of using a so-called non-scratch sponge scourer because he didn’t have a normal sponge. And this is how the car looked like after a thorough clean. Yikes! I hope they don't have to get it detailed.

10. This Painting Accident

Those who have cats know this, but maybe this person is a novice. You shall never leave a can of paint and a Roomba vacuum anywhere near your feline friend unless you're a fan of Jackson Pollock's style of paintings.

11. This Sad Mistake

I don't actually own a coffee machine, so I'm not sure how they work. But I'm sure you should remember to always put the handle back up after cleaning. This person didn't, and now they have this to deal with.

12. This Doggie Mess

This, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why dogs and robot vacuums don't mix. This poor doggo was so scared that he did the only thing he knew what to do. He chewed the Roomba to death, lol.

13. This Absolute Disaster

I don't know about you, but this looks to me like the stuff of nightmares. I'm not sure what went wrong here, but I don't envy this person one bit. I wonder how long it will take them to clean this up.

Okay, I wish I had some words of advice here, but I do not.

The only thing I recommend before your next cleaning job is to try not to get too distracted. Otherwise, things could pretty much end in disaster.