14 Tips To Master Cleaning Tasks Most Of Us Would Rather Ignore

I don't know about you, but cleaning isn't really one of my favorite pastimes. But, somebody has to do it, am I right? So in our household, that usually happens to be me.

Needless to say, I have already mastered some of those tasks, but there are plenty I still need to learn how to do better. Here are just a few of them.

1. Dust Your Home From Top To Bottom

This makes perfect sense, but somehow most people forget. Start dusting your blinds, that ceiling fan, and then move on to your lower surfaces. After all, dust does fall down, you know.

2. Don't Forget The Baseboards

This might be a small thing, but baseboards do collect a lot of dust. So, to keep them dust-free for longer, run a fabric softener sheet over them. That's a house cleaner's tip for you.

3. Clean Your Washer And Dryer

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Oh, yes, here's another task you've been avoiding. You do need to clean your washer and dryer from time to time. Otherwise, your clothes may start smelling that not-so-fresh way again. It's a pain, but you've got to do it.

4. Don't Forget Your Dishwasher Too

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Speaking of appliances you don't want to clean, how about the dishwasher? The easiest way to keep those dishes sparkly white is to run an empty cycle with some vinegar. Those dishes will shine for longer then.

5. Keep Those Sponges Clean

There's nothing worse than cleaning stuff with a dirty sponge. Am I right? Don't do that. Instead, squeeze some lemon on your sponge and microwave it for a few minutes. It will smell like it's brand new.

6. Wash Your Pillows Twice A Year

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Let me ask you a question: Do you wash your pillows? I'm not talking about just the covers — the actual pillows, people. You should wash them at least twice a year. Oh my goodness. I have to start doing that.

7. Use Dyer Balls Instead of Dryer Sheets

I've finally switched to wool dryer balls instead of using dryer sheets, and I'm so glad. Our clothes come out so much more soft and manageable now. And the balls are totally reusable, too.

8. Clean That Toilet Thoroughly

Did you realize that hard water, rust, and lime can build up in your toilet bowl over time? I know it's gross, ha, ha. But this handy pumice stone will quickly get rid of all that grime.

9. Use A Lint Roller

If you think a lint roller is only handy to remove lint from clothes, you'd be wrong. I use it everywhere in our house. It's really great at picking up dirt from the carpet, the couch, and surfaces in the bathroom too.

10. Clean Those Blinds

When was the last time you cleaned your blinds? It's been a while, huh? There's no shame in that. But do yourself a favor and pick up one of these microfiber wands, and you'll be good to go.

11. Polish That Wood Furniture And Hardwood Floors

Wood furniture and hardwood floors can look dull over time. But don't worry about that. You can bring them back to life with a Feed-N-Wax Wood conditioner. Check out the difference here. Nice, huh?

12. Keep Those Stainless Steel Appliance Shiny

Same as with hardwood floors, those stainless steel appliances can show streaks and fingerprints. But not when you clean them with a stainless steel cleaner and polish. They'll look as good as new.

13. Get Rid Of Stains With A Stick

Nellie's WOW Stick is my secret weapon to remove stains from clothes. All you need to do is wet the stained spot, rub the stick on, leave for a few minutes and wash it off. It really works.

14. Invest In Some Real Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber cleaning cloths are a must for cleaning mirrors, windows, and other glass surfaces. Unlike paper towels, these cleaning cloths won't leave any streaks behind and you can enjoy that crystal-clear cleaning job.

So after you read all these tips, do you feel like a master cleaner now?

Ha, ha, I hope so! I know it seems like a lot of work, but it will pay off in the long run. Trust me on that one. Now, let's get to work, alright?

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