Man Asks If He's Wrong To Hire People To Help With Household Chores His Wife Refuses To Do

Thankfully, we live in a time when all the housework is not explected to fall on the women of the house anymore. Many couples work together on household chores thus making the workload equal and totally manageable with a full-time job!

However, one husband recently took to Reddit to ask what to do after years of his wife refused to do many basic household chores.

One anonymous user is asking Reddit if he's wrong for wanting to hire people to help around the house and do things his wife refuses to do.

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"I do most the housework," the OP began. "My wife worked at a family restaurant as a kid so she won't do anything involving the kitchen or bathroom, including sharing the cooking. All of that falls on me, as well as dishes, laundry, pet care, yard care, car care, organizing, all of that fun stuff."

"I work from home so I'm working and doing all of that. Most nights my wife comes home and gets to relax or go to her choir practice or her friends houses."

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He continued: "All she really does around the house is clean out the fridge once a week, tidy her craft room, put away her clean laundry and split walking the puppies with me. Yeah, we have puppies, which are messy so right now messes are a constant to be cleaned up while we train them."

"I get pretty tired and get maybe one day a week to just veg. Lately though, on weekends my wife is wanting to do big projects around the house."

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"That means me doing all the heavy lifting AND doing whatever menial daily tasks there are. I've mentioned the burn out before but we haven't really made progress there yet. We're going on vacation this week. I made it pretty clear to her Friday I intended to just relax this weekend before doing all of the prep for leaving and making sure the car is good to go. Plus, we're driving the entire way and she hates long distance driving so who's going to be stuck doing all the driving too? This guy."

"Low and behold Saturday rolls around and she wants to organize all our closets and the attic. I told her no but she insisted on it."

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Fed up, OP decided to give a call to some friends who are strapped for cash and who have offered to do odd jobs around the house if needed.

"My wife was pissed and sent our friends home, I still paid them, but I really don't think I was in the wrong," he explained.

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"My wife thinks otherwise and says that stuff like that is our responsibility and I shouldn't try pawning it off on others."

Most users agreed that OP was in the right, and needed to get some help around the house! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!