18 Times Common Sense Wasn't Part Of The Blueprints

There is something about a beautifully designed house. Am I right? Call it a "flow" or whatever. I don't care what you say, but a well-designed space functions a lot better than a poorly designed one.

So I often wonder what went through someone's mind when I see serious creative flaws. The following pictures are the perfect examples of that.

1. This Complete Disaster

Just when I thought I'd seen the worst, I stumbled upon this photo here. In this case, I think the blueprints simply went out of the window because I can't explain this fiasco any other way, ha, ha!

2. This Modern Prison

Is it just me, or does this apartment complex remind you of something? Oh, yeah? Then we are on the same page here, alright. I just don't think I would enjoy living in a place that was once a prison.

3. This Vortex

Honestly, if I had to visit this bathroom here, I'd probably decide to hold it. When I look at this floor, I feel like I'm going into some kind of vortex. And that's not a good thing at all.

4. This Pyramid

I'm a fan of pyramids. I've always wanted to go to Egypt to see one in person. I feel like maybe that's what this person was going for here. However, they forgot to line it up with the front door.

5. This Room With A View

When I look at this picture, I have only one question. How in the heck did they even get the furniture up there? That must've been some kind of massive ladder they used, hee-hee.

6. This 'Guest' Bedroom

How clever of these people to list the house with a so-called "guest" bedroom. Nice try to fool the unsuspecting buyer into thinking this bed in a garage constitutes an extra room. Do you think anybody was impressed by this? I don't think so.

7. This Private Toilet Situatiion

If you're the kind of person who wants privacy when using the bathroom, I'm afraid you came to the wrong house. Here, everybody will know exactly what you're doing, and you can't be shy about it.

8. This Living Room

Um, wait a minute. Do you see what I see here? Is that a hot tub in the middle of a living room? Not only that but the whole place is carpeted, too. I have so many questions I need to ask the real estate agent.

9. This Lounging Area

Call me crazy, but I don't think you need a lounging area in the bathroom. Unless you just took a big dump, and now you need to rest up a bit. This gives me such an odd feeling, though.

10. This Oven Island

Here's something you don't see every day. Normally, when you place an oven range, it's right against the wall. However, some genius thought this would be a suitable place for it instead. Does that appeal to you? Um, no.

11. This 'Open Concept' Bathroom

There was a time when "open concept" was all the rage. Am I right? The only thing is, I doubt it's supposed to apply to the location of the bathroom. This design idea wouldn't fly in my house.

12. This Mini Closet

This is what happens when you hire a shady carpenter to build you a custom closet, and they run out of material. There's clearly enough room here for a full one, but for some reason, they chose to do this instead. Why?

13. This Private Roof Deck

If you were expecting a sprawling private roof deck here, I'm really sorry to disappoint you. This person thought they could make people believe that this insane idea would suffice. Let me break it to you — it didn't work!

14. This Purple Nightmare

I do like the color purple, but even I think this kitchen here is absolutely aghast. Who in their right mind thought that this particular color would attract anyone to want to buy this house? Are they mad?

15. This Floating Bathroom Concept

First of all, how is this even possible? And second of all, why would you do this to your home? I guess whoever lives here is quite the exhibitionist, and they expect everyone else to be like them, too.

16. This — Whatever This Is

I have to be honest when I say I'm completely confused here. What is going on in this room? Why all the steps and raised platforms? I have more questions than I think there are answers.

17. This Perfect Situation

Imagine having to stress every time you open your front door? I don't envy this person. I would rather spend the money to reroute this drain than have a heart attack each time I leave my house.

18. This Nightmare Of A Bathroom

Imagine having to deal with this every time you need to use the bathroom? There's no rhyme or reason to any of it here. Whoever came up with this concept must've been on something.

Oh no!

I feel quite terrible for whoever has to live with these awful home designs here. I wonder if they're just as horrified as we are, or do they think this is totally acceptable?

What do you think? Would you try to fix any of these or just cut your losses and move?