15 Home Designs That Didn't Follow The Blueprints

I absolutely love bad design.

Whether it's bad home design or bad packaging design, fails like the ones here never fail to entertain me. We're talking light switches cut in half, sideways toilets, and stairs to nowhere kind of bad design here, people.

Let's dive in.

I would smash this so fast.

"The lamp prevents the cupboard from fully opening in my new apartment."

I would forget that light is there and yank the cabinet open without a second thought.

Oh this is illegal for sure.

"An apartment in London that has no front door. Just a set of stairs leading up to a window."

Boy, landlords will do anything to make a buck, huh?

Nothing like peeing with one foot in the tub.

"I was looking for an apartment and found this bathroom abomination. Also, why is the toilet so skinny?"

Not only is that toilet weirdly small, it's smushed right up next to the tub.

I have nightmares that look like this.

I seriously thought this was a joke until I saw that the plumbing actually connects to the toilet. Imagine trying to actually use this...I would just leave.

See ya later.

"May I present to you: The weird stairs at my house. [...] I never actually realized how weird this are since I lived with them all my life."

It's the steps on top of steps for me.

No lights, just vibes.

"In the 'newly remodeled bathroom' of my apartment (also there’s a window in the shower)."

If you're going to do a remodel, do it all the way. Don't LITERALLY cut corners.

Hey! This is horrifying!

"This bathroom I saw while looking for a house."

I'm sorry, but if you're going to list your house, at least put some peel and stick tile over the diarrhea-lookin' tile you already have. MY GOD.

Why do people think it's okay to do weird things in bathrooms?

What is it about bathrooms that inspires the weirdest design choices? Who looked at this and thought, "We should put the toilet roll holder in the shower" and can I hit them?

I lived in a house like this!

"These doors open into each other and get stuck together."

I lived in a house in Spokane, Washington that did this. Whoever designed doors like this is a clown.

What kind of game is this?

"I spent 5 minutes searching for the light switch until I opened the FREAKING MEDICINE CABINET."

My favorite part is the fact that the switch plate is cracked as hell.

The whole anti-wall movement has to go.

I get wanting an open floor plan, but you know where that doesn't need to extend to? The bathroom. I do not need a view of my apartment from the toilet. I just don't.

I'm going to fist fight whoever did this.

"Wooden TV panel mounted over the plug sockets."

I mean, what? Why? Was whoever did this expecting they would NEVER have to unplug the TV again? What if you wanted to replace it? This hurts my head.

That's one way to get a concussion.

Whoever looked at this bathroom and thought it needed stairs should be fired. Imagine trying to get out of the shower in this bathroom. No thank you, I like my bones blissfully unbroken.

Oh, I am tripping all up and down these.

"Stairs retrofitted into old house are a death trap."

I mean...why didn't they just build two stairs up and then make that whole floor level? What happened here?

So this window is going to stay closed forever, got it.

"New apartment. Window doesn't open because of the cold water tap."

How anyone got away with designing this is beyond me. I think it might be time to combine the hot and cold taps, don't you?