20 People Who Stumbled Upon Hilarity

Normally when we walk into a scenario, it's pretty awkward. We're interrupting something, so we finish what we came to do quickly and leave, allowing the others to continue on with whatever they were up to.

Sometimes, though, we're pretty lucky, and we end up walking in on something hilarious instead. Like the situations in the following list in which people stumbled upon some funny stuff.

"I bought an off-brand box of corn flakes cereal and my smart-ass roommate sticks this picture he drew on the box."

Off-brand cereal isn't that bad! Why is everyone so afraid of saving a few dollars?

"The last guest in our hotel room had their priorities straight."

I'm not the only one who thought this was alcohol at first glance, right? It's hot sauce. Who puts hot sauce in the bible drawer?

"This baby’s a steal at only $250."

Wow, only $250? That's an amazing deal! You'll finally be able to offer your friends a seat on the jean couch, the jouch.

"First day is going well."

This looks like the setup to a cartoon show about an extremely vengeful cat and a very oblivious dog.

"This sign at the Akron Zoo that looks like a man peeing in his own face."

Not only is that what this looks like, but I truly can't figure out what it's supposed to be. What's a circle torso?!

"Life is hard."

Life is hard, but it's a lot easier when you're a cat. At least you still have someone feeding you every day; having to pick what you want for dinner every night is exhausting.

"The marketing team at BIC deserves a raise."

Not just them, but whoever it was that discovered the advertising dream team that is Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. They changed the face of pop culture forever.

"Did I just get Misfortune Cookie?"

I would probably just start crying if I ever got this in a fortune cookie. Like, that would be it for me. What have I done?

"When you have to be in the carpool at 8 am and the swimming pool at 6 pm."

A prime example of just because something does exist, doesn't mean that it should.

"Dog? Silhouette at a well-known big box store."

I don't know what that is, but it's definitely not a dog. It's more like an abomination, a crime against nature maybe.

"Spotted in a Burger King drive-thru."

If you're in a car, maybe. Let us not forget our truck-driving brethren who cannot experience the privilege of the drive-thru.

"Neighbor courtesy locally."

Having the knowledge about yourself to type and print this out beforehand is admirable.

"Florida problems, this is how Monday started."

Surely there's some Floridian saying about not parking under coconut trees? If not, maybe there should be.

"Just driving through the park and had to do a double take."

What? He's a comfortable homeowner popping out for a moment of fresh air on his balcony, what's so weird about that?

"How some neighbors are dealing with roofing contractors."

Who knew the roofing industry could be so drama-filled? At least it's a happy ending!

"Congrats to the happy individual on their special day."

Kudos to them for celebrating all they can! Sorry to the other party who's likely not feeling like this.

"Found in my [7-year-old's] notebook."

Great premise, strong start, sounds like the next New York Times bestseller!

"Forget Florida man….how about Florida plumber."

Advertising your business as the 'hottest plumbers in town' might make some people use you all as a dating service more than a plumber. Whatever pays the bills.

"See you in 2072…"

Apple was bold for including this as a feature anyway. Who needs their phone locked for 50 years for 'security purposes'?

"Neighbor kids got afraid and abandoned it."

Yeah, I would too. Watermelon rinds are hard, I wouldn't want to walk away from that with bruises.