20 Times Something Went Wrong, But The Victim Looked On The Bright Side

One of the most valuable skills you can have in life is the ability to think before you act. When you're able to stop and think things through before reacting to something, you can gain a whole new perspective!

That's what happened to the people on this list. Though something went wrong, they paused to think and found a bright side, sharing the humor with all of us.

"I did a shoot for a local casino, somehow made a face like I just smelt a fart, and they decided to use that shot for their ads."

If this is the shot they went with, I fear to think what you must have looked like in all the other ones!

Or, maybe, it was everyone else that looked worse in every other picture. This one being published is your sacrifice for them.

"Budget cuts are really affecting the new Batman movie."

I would be extremely into a Batman movie where Bruce Wayne is a Gotham city cab driver and has to fight crime in between rides. He's not rich in this one, doesn't have a suit — just a mask he throws on to throw down with bad guys.

"Clever way to get a $3 tip from me."

Uh, the only change I have on me right now is 57 cents and an old Chuck E Cheese token I've kept since I was seven. I don't know where that lands me on the attractiveness scale, but I don't think it's anywhere good.

No parking.

This is definitely a more creative way to deter people from parking there. Visualizing the consequences of your actions can really make you not want to do said actions! No one is free from punishment, it could happen to you!

"Lol instantly booked an appointment here!"

This place may not have been suited to this person's taste, which is well and fine, but it's certainly suited to mine. I like to know the people I'm getting a service from are having fun in their free time!

"Today's housing market. Drove past this today."

"Have you ever wanted to live in a house that most definitely has a secret basement cellar being used by a serial killer? Well, here's your opportunity! New on the market is this, um, cozy antique home atop a lush lot of land!"

"This deer regularly stares me down while going to the bathroom."

In the deer's defense, you're somehow always there when it's going to the bathroom, waiting, watching. Kind of weird if you ask me. Maybe the deer is trying to indicate that they find it weird too by staring right back, making you uncomfortable for a change.

"They know what they want."

I don't think anyone has the power to say no to their local tamale ladies, it just helps that the tamales they have are always incredible. All local homemade food sellers should be the only exceptions to the no-solicitation rules.

"Every time I’ve peed for 6 months since adoption."

As a fellow cat owner, I've never seen something more relatable. I appreciate my cat wanting to stand guard and protect me when I'm at my most vulnerable, but she doesn't have to brute force her way into the bathroom every time I'm in there.

"This guy at a major intersection in my city really loves fiber."

Looks like a recent convert to me, they're always the most enthusiastic. He'd been feeling backed up for ages before he finally gave bran a shot, and now that he's seen the miracles it can work, he's a fiber devotee.

"Chris would've wanted it this way."

Chris was a loyal enough employee that they recognized his passing on their signage, which means he wouldn't have wanted Dogs R Us to fall behind in his absence. He wished for nothing more than the success of the restaurant he so loved.

"These reindeer look suspiciously like they are from another holiday."

From far enough away, they sort of look like...rabbits? No, no, that can't be true. This company surely isn't the same one behind the famous gold-wrapped chocolate bunnies we see at Easter. This is all just one big coincidence!

"Stress reduction."

Not many people know this, but this method helps with a lot of other emotional disregularities. Stress reduction, anger management, excitement control, all of these and more can be taken care of with the head-banging method! Forget breathing exercises and mindfulness, this is where it's at.

"Found in a bathroom at a restaurant."

Don't even present this option, because some people will take it. They would love to have some company while doing their business, even though no one wants to be that company, so they'll leave the door unlocked and wait for someone to walk right on in.

"Got caught 'sniffing glue' at a friends wedding."

And judging by your expression, you were enjoying it, too.

A lot of the comments were pointing out that this isn't what sniffing glue is, missing the joke entirely and deciding to get into semantics over a questionable act in the first place.

"Statue of liberty selfie. Nailed it."

I mean, you're in it, the Statue of Liberty is in it, sounds like a victory to me!

Not to mention that this photo will probably bring back funnier and more cherished memories than a regular selfie would have, making it all the more valuable.

"The single life in a picture. Beer, random birthday cake slice purchase and *It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia*."

One of the greatest revelations I had when I moved out on my own and started my adult life was that I could just go out and buy a cake whenever I wanted. That type of freedom really is the peak of human existence.

"True story!"

I can only imagine the conversation that must have happened after the fact.

"Wow, what a beautiful story that show told. The dancing was exquisite, the emotional impact was life-changing, it was stunning!"

"Really? You enjoyed it?"

"No! I couldn't see a damn thing!"

"Good news guys! Satan's selling Christmas trees."

Business in Hell has been slow lately, so Satan decided to broaden his horizons and try some new ventures. He's got a few choice evergreens, so long as you don't mind the bark being charred and the needles on fire.

"Captured a photo of my mate mid Thanos snap."

Seeing how nonchalant your other friends are being, are you sure he was ever there to start? Are you the only person that talks about this friend? Is it possible that this whole time, you've been the only one who can see him?

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