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20 Bad Days That Are Making Us Feel A Little Better About How Ours Is Going

Here's a fun fact: no matter how badly your day is going, someone out there has it worse. Does that help? No? Well, perhaps seeing photographic proof of strangers' bad days will make yours seem just a bit better by comparison.

"I think more than one drink was needed after that text."

I can't say I've ever received a text quite this embarrassing, but this is still a good reminder that you should set your phone to never display a text's contents on the lockscreen.

"The way this banner fell."

Reddit | Niiv0

When the pandemic started, there was so much talk about how we need to recognize and appreciate front-line workers. Then it just kind of... stopped. Well, those front-line workers are still out there, and they still deserve our appreciation.

"Currently stuck in an elevator."

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I can say from experience that being stuck in an elevator is not a fun situation. If there's a silver lining, it's that this guy got an absolutely perfect profile pic to use across social media.

"Dropped my wedding ring this morning."

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A ring is symbolic. It's something that has no beginning and no end. That is, of course, assuming the ring doesn't break. I don't know where this ring's beginning is, but I can definitively say that it has an end.

"That’s why you don’t lie, kids."

Reddit | VortiganS

Virtually everyone pads their resume in little ways. I mean, I barely know how Excel works but I would probably claim that I'm proficient in it on my resume. Maybe lying about piano mastery is a step too far.

"Waited the entire summer to harvest potatoes and this is all my garden produced."

This is truly an embarrassingly small potato. If this person managed to grow many hundreds more of these, they might have the beginnings of a lucrative tater tot operation.

"My pepper grinder broke this morning."

Reddit | scoobdrew

Here's a fun fact: the peppercorns that we load into a pepper grinder are actually dried fruit. Here's another fun fact: there's no possible way that this person will salvage these fried eggs.

"My friend is allergic to everything."

Reddit | arzuros

Say what you will about allergy tests, but they're certainly conclusive. You can conclude from this pic that this person should probably never go outside again, because the whole world is going to irritate their skin.

"Walking to my first job this morning with a fresh cup of coffee. That’s not cream, it’s a crow s*** hole in one."

Reddit | rilescrane

This is no doubt a lousy day for the person who posted this. But for the crow who aced this shot, it's the best day ever.

"Dropped my school hard drive and it stopped working. On the way to get it fixed, lost my 1982 Cadillac Seville because a guy made an illegal left hand turn. A day later, my pet bird died. Worst week of my life."

Reddit | sacredpotato0

There's a lot to unpack here, but long story short, there's no way your day is going worse than this guy's.

"I just spent over an hour in traffic on my way to work. Only then I looked down."

Reddit | ghmatos

I have sympathy for this person, I really do. That said, I can't fathom how a person can be unaware that they're wearing mismatched shoes.

"Look I've heard it's rough in Australia, but South Africa hits different. No morning swim today."

Reddit | ShaunBezzo

I love cats and all, but I also can't imagine how people can exist in places where big murder machines like this are just casually prowling around all the time.

"In 10 seconds I'm going to discover the value of lifejackets and renter's insurance."

Reddit | dbcannon

The caption kind of implies that this person is going to open the window and see what happens. I would suggest that opening the window seems like a bad idea.


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There isn't much to this note, but what it contains tells a tale of woe. Hopefully, any potential ticketers who saw this took mercy on this poor person. After all, they did say that after their snack, they'd BRB.

"Ignored my girlfriend's texts after a tough shift at work. She took her frustration out on my TV, RIP big guy."

Reddit | zzaman

I don't get this. A TV, even if it isn't your TV, gives you endless entertainment and binge-watching. If you need to smash something, just find an old phone or a cat toy or something.

"A student in my class tried using 4 devices to cheat on a quiz, but somehow managed to get the wrong answer on all of them."

Reddit | Character-Ad4440

It seems justified that this cheater couldn't even cheat properly. Should we celebrate this, or have some empathy for their very bad day?

"After our nine-hour car ride, this is the picture my mom took of us at Mt. Rushmore."

Reddit | ZimbleGoat

If you drive a million hours to go to Mount Rushmore, but have no photos of Mount Rushmore, did you really go to Mount Rushmore at all?

"The FedEx deliveries in my area frequently get lost. Today someone found 300-400 boxes in a ravine."

Does this mean that the FedEx drivers in this area just dump their packages into a ravine every day? That seems kind of scandalous.

"Some poor kid’s croc and sock jammed in the escalator."

Reddit | ventriclez

I can just picture this kid's desperate parent yelling, "Leave the croc! Leave the sock! There's no helping them now! Just save yourself!" I picture it kind of like a scene from Titanic.

"Thieves stole my steering wheel, now I can only drive straight."

Reddit | helekip

I've seen a couple of these stolen steering wheel posts lately, and I just don't get it. Like, it makes sense that a thief would take your valuables, but what good is a detached steering wheel?