30 Funny Pics To Scroll Through In The Bathroom — Admit It; We All Do It

Listen, I'm not here to judge. The time of day you choose to mindlessly scroll through your phone is none of my business. If anything, I'm happy you're here! Choosing to spend your most precious alone time with my article is an honor.

To make it worth your while, here's a collection of funny pics for you to enjoy. Your secret is safe with me.

"My girlfriend’s cat looks like she’s been working the drive-thru window for too long."

In her defense, it looks like you guys built her a little drive-thru window to be working at, but instead of her giving you food, you're force-feeding her treats so she'll pose for photos. I'd be a little tired of it too, but at least there are snack benefits.

"Went to get a drink of my coffee only to find this."

This is deranged behavior. Stealing someone else's coffee? That's not even remotely okay. It should be punishable by law, actually.

Could you take it to court? Federal court? Get the thief charged with not only robbery but high treason, make them pay for emotional damages?

"When assembling your dog kit, be sure to follow the instructions to avoid disasters like this…"

Though it looks rather complex, there's actually an easy fix for this! Try one of your dog's activation words like 'walk' or 'treat', and after a moment of processing, they should be able to untangle themselves and pop up right at your side!

"Found this at my local gym, yes that’s a hole below it."

The gym is full of machines and equipment that are perfectly suited to take out anger on, or blow off steam in general, and someone still chose to hit a wall? All that will do will make your hand hurt, you don't even get bigger muscles for it!

"I found out that our Volkswagen fits in the den. Will see what the wife thinks when she gets home."

You say you just 'found out' about this like it was an accident, but I'm not sure if it being an accident is worse than it being deliberate.

Either way, there's a car in your house now, and that sure is...something.

"My wife literally said, 'don’t move', then snapped this pic of me."

What, did you expect her to pass up on this moment of comedy gold? This photo is one that will follow you for some time, and will probably become your wife's favorite pic of you. Forget wedding photos, this is where it's at.

"Got this award from school today."

Ah, I've found my brethren. While not exactly the same, I was once told by an old coworker of mine that of all the people he knew, he thought I was the one most likely to marry a ghost. I don't know what that says about me, but I like it!

"This is what happens when the weather computer fails during my local news."

At least they're still getting what info they can to you! They could have written literally any temperature they wanted and would have had the same chance at being right as they normally do, but this time their forecast includes a scribble-filled sky.

"Don't mind if I do!"

While this is the bartender's job, if I worked anywhere where management encouraged customers to come and bug me when it's slow, I would quit very, very fast. Bartenders are busy people. Let them have their moments of peace.

"Went to get Starbucks this morning and saw that they had turkey on the menu."

This looks like some ominous folktale beast for the modern age. A bird who sits atop the Starbucks drive-thru menu and judges whatever you order, squawking insults when you ask for soy milk or calling you basic for getting the caramel macchiato.

"It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to realize that this wasn't a silhouette of a 'portly' man with his head shoved in the ground..."

No need to fear, picture-taker, for I also thought the exact same thing until I read the title. Even then, it took me a few moments to realize what it was actually supposed to be.

A camel. It's supposed to be a camel.

"My neighbor bought a tiny frame with a stock photo of a doggo. Before she could put a pic in it her cat demanded an explanation."

That neighbor had better put a proper photo of the cat in that frame ASAP, or it's going to end up broken on the floor.

"Great to see fuel prices falling."

A pretty steep decline, too. Some people are saying it's dangerous, but after prices being so high for so long, to hell with danger, I want my cheap gas. They could fix this tomorrow, I have to get in now!

"Finding a way."

This is funny situationally for the obvious reasons, but I can't stop chuckling at the truck itself. It just says 'finding new ways', but new ways to what? What is this business? Why is the text so unaligned? This is all a mess!

"Safety measures in Lapland Ice Hotel."

Yes, standardized safety regulations for public spaces are a net good for society, but that sometimes results in some really silly sights in non-standard buildings.

"Ordered a babyshower cake, got this."

Imagine the other end of this switch-up. You're about to celebrate a vasectomy, and suddenly you think your wife might have gotten pregnant right before the procedure! On your side it's funny, on their side it's potentially heart attack-inducing.

"The Christmas tree at my OBGYNs office…"

I know some people might wrinkle their nose at this, but I am delighted by the uterus reindeer. I never would have thought a pair of googly eyes and a red nose would make it look so much like Rudolph, but now I know!

"No dents for this guy. The cones are a nice touch."

I respect this. It looks like a nice car, and they're not being a total tool by parking it in two spots to avoid dents and scratches that way. They're using an appropriate amount of space and buffers to keep their property safe. Carry on.

"I’d like one grandpa cola please."

What exactly is the secret ingredient to grandpa cola?

I'm imagining a cocktail of Werther's candies and Viagra.

"We got some new technology here."

We can do anything online these days, can't we?

What's next? Online conception?

"They’re Not Wrong."

Do you think this was the opinion of the person who made the sale sign, or had they simply heard dozens of customers explain that the color was why they wouldn't buy the stool at full price?

I certainly wouldn't buy it at the sale price, either.

"New guy went to use the Porta Potty."

The second that thing starts to move, you bet I'm keeping that door locked, my eyes closed, and I'm just pretending to use an airplane bathroom instead. I'd refuse to face the horrors of my current predicament.

"I designed and made some non traditional Christmas movie ornaments this year."

"I’m happy Reddit gets my sense of humor. My family… doesn’t always get it haha."

If this person put these ornaments up for sale, I'd totally buy a set. This is exactly my kind of humor.

Can I request a Gremlins one?

"Guess they couldn't read."

If I had to guess, the original license plate was damaged in the accident, and if you have to get new plates anyway, why not have a bit of fun with it?

"I don't know why but I found the cover of these nuggets funny."

Gotta get some of those tasty nuggs.

You know what? I also find this packaging funny. The chicken is cute, but the dino is worth a chef's kiss.

"I saw this at work today and I was crying."

The perfect diversion to make sure no one realizes or cares that you messed up the milk jug. Just make a joke! A joke funny enough that everyone forgets their initial annoyance and shrugs it off. You can get out of a lot by just being funny.

"My boyfriend's attempt at flipping a pancake didn't go too well..."

Readers, is that salvageable, or do I just have worryingly low standards for my food? I think it's salvageable. Drag it right back into the pan and give the flip another go. What's the worst that could happen after this?

"Happy Little Cat-Trees."

I don't care what kind of trickery was required to create this masterpiece. It's purrfect. I will hear no words against it.

"OH NOOOOO.... The Kool-aid man left his mark, again."

No one ever likes to talk about how destructive the Kool-Aid man can be, but it's getting ridiculous! He needs to learn how to be more careful and navigate the world around him instead of making doors for himself wherever he so pleases.

"So Snapchat face swap works on imaginary faces too."

Wow! Snapchat somehow turned a human face and a wall feature into two separate nightmare faces. That's equally impressive and horrific. I think we should put this technology to bed now and make sure it never sees the light of day again.

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