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15 People Who Gave Their Family Hilariously Bad Christmas Gifts

Time and time again, you hear people talking about how it's not about the gift itself but rather the thought that counts — what a complete and utter crock.

The truth of the matter is that some people are notoriously bad gift-givers and put no thought whatsoever into what they give to others. Take a look below at these 15 hilariously horrible Christmas gifts and see what I mean.

Doll clothes should never come from the thrift shop.

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Redditor PhoenixChameleon remembers opening a shoebox full of cloth and rags one Christmas morning. Apparently, they were supposed to be used as makeshift clothes for their doll collection — it did not go over well.

It actually isn't funny.

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The old adage around Christmas time is those good children get presents, whereas bad kids get lumps of coal in their stockings. Apparently, VisionBoard2022 must have had a rough year because they received a box full of coal from their mother's boyfriend.

At least you'll stand out in the crowd.

Safety should always come first, but not at the expense of Christmas cheer. That's how viking78 felt after their sister gifted them a reflective vest to use in the event of a car breakdown.

A rather morbid gift, isn't it?

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"One of those funeral service things that looks like a book mark[sic] with the deceased person's obit on one side and a Bible verse on the other, of someone I did not know who died years before (one of the gift givers[sic] friends maybe)." - Reddit u/NCKALA

Unless a person specifically asks, stay away from cosmetics.

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The worst thing you can ever "gift" someone is a suggestion. It leaves the receiver feeling conflicted, just like Milo_12 after they were given undereye cream from their father (for dark circles).

The lack of foresight that went into this gift is truly remarkable.

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The only thing you should ever regift to someone is alcohol. A fake leather notebook with a used writing pad, such as the one redkatt received, is probably not your best option.

Sharp objects are best left alone.

One Christmas, Redditor MSD1981 received a large unwrapped Chef's Knife for Christmas — without a sheath! For those superstitious types, this is considered to be incredibly bad luck because it's said to cut or sever the friendship.

I can understand now why he's your ex.

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"An ex-boyfriend’s mother gave me a watch for X-mas that played “Oh Tannenbaum” when you pressed a button and had a Christmas tree on its face. The only glitch? I’m Jewish." - Reddit u/LMLTHB

An Xbox would've been better.

A few Christmases ago, yogabba329 was given pictures of her own children in a tacky cheap frame. To make matters worse, these were photos that yogabba329 had paid for herself and had already given to members of the family months prior.

Flush it right down the drain.

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Redditor pennyrescuer is taking the term "crappy gift" to an entirely new level. They were recently gifted a single roll of toilet paper from a very wealthy well-off aunt. It did happen to have a poinsettia print, so I guess there's that.

I personally would've preferred a bag of Skittles.

Redditor MooMooRadish was given a box of the most disgusting theater candy ever created for Christmas — Malteasers! What's worse is that they were told to share the box with their younger brother.

At least it's sugar-free.

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"I once received a 24 pack of Diet Pepsi (soda) for Christmas which my father and step-mother seemed convinced was a great gift since at the time I enjoyed drinking soda and was on a very tight budget due to working full time while paying for my own college and apartment, etc." - Reddit u/DarkHeraldMage

I think there's a deeper message at play, here.

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Reddit user oddlyhere3 remembers being given a box of live ammunition for a gun they didn't even own. Later on, their stepfather (who gave the gift) asked for it back.

Apparently, he didn't want the rest of the family to think he hadn't gotten oddlyhere3 anything.

Are you Irish by any chance?

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If you think you're family is bad at giving gifts, just be fortunate you never had to come downstairs on Christmas morning and open a 50-lbs bag of russet potatoes, like Reddit user Picards-Flute had to do.

For those who say "It's the thought that counts!"

"A very ex friend[sic] gave me a “re-gifted” Vin Diesel, Pitch Black calendar, originally destined for his sister. Could not even be bothered to remove the original name sticker. Just stuck another one over it." - Reddit u/TheNewMouster

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