16+ Collections People Really Wanted To Show Off

Pretty much everyone has dabbled in collecting at one point or another. The nice thing about collections is they can be big or small, cheap or expensive. You can collect almost anything, and the following pics prove it.

Around the world.

Reddit | mrbojanglez69

You're looking at a collection of banknotes from every country in the world. I wonder what the value of all this is in U.S. dollars.

Special editions.

This isn't just a collection of Doritos, it's a collection of limited edition Age of Ultron Doritos. Hopefully this person's friends don't inadvertantly open a bag.

Well stocked.

Reddit | em_pdx

It looks like a well-stocked pantry shelf, but if you look closely you'll see that everything here is a jar of peanut butter. This person collects peanut butter from all around the world.

Intel inside.

Reddit | hiddenbus

Those little Intel stickers you find on computers are aesthetically satisfying, but it had never occurred to me until now to collect them.

Classic collection.

Reddit | BoyITellYa

Matchbooks aren't as common as they once were, but they still make for an excellent collectible. Here's an old-school matchbook collection.

The freshmaker.

Reddit | RaynardWw

This colorful array has to represent every kind of Mentos known to humanity. Now I can't stop myself from humming the Mentos jingle.

Behind the curtain.

Reddit | Jeroen207

Like many countries, North Korea produces its own commemorative keepsakes. Here's one person's collection of North Korean collectible coins.

Perfect gradient.

Reddit | hacibtbp

This isn't just a Hot Wheels collection, it's a Hot Wheels collection with an incredibly satisfying color gradient from dark to light.

Documenting history.

Reddit | ShadyBoots11

Collecting newspapers is tricky because the newsprint doesn't tend to age well, but it's still possible. Here's an ongoing collection commemorating history-making American events.

A trip around the world.

Reddit | flaflou

Each of these vials is full of sand from a beach somewhere in the world. I love the idea of documenting the beaches you've visited in this way.

Frequent travelers can relate.

This is an intentional collection of hotel keycards, but anyone who travels for work has probably accumulated something like this unintentionally.

Every last one.

Reddit | Tusserte

This person has a well-curated, and immaculately displayed, collection of every shield ever produced by the good people at Lego.

Must be a grandparent.

Reddit | yjballoon

I don't know if spoon collecting will ever coming back. Until that day, the best spoon collections reside in the homes of grandparents everywhere.

This rocks.

Reddit | Fourtires3rims

This is an impressive rock collection, made all the more impressive by the fact that the collector is only nine years old.

Don't take any of these.

Reddit | ceqwz

I love the labels of old medical tonics, and evidently this person does as well. Just don't take them, because they probably contained, like, literal poison.

All stars.

Reddit | Ibinobe

Anyone who's seen all of these concerts can safely say they've seen some of the biggest acts of the latter half of the 20th century.

Clippers for days.

Reddit | JohnnyBordello91

Bics are alright, but everyone knows that the best lighters, when you can find them, are Clippers. Here's one impressive Clipper collection.

Literally radioactive.

Reddit | Tritium_Forge

If you're wondering why this glassware is glowing, it's because it's infused with uranium. They don't make this stuff anymore.

Seashells by the sea shore.

Reddit | markboats

The person who posted this says they found all of these shells over a few years of living, sailing and spearfishing in Croatia.

View these View-Masters.

Reddit | By_Eck

This person collected enough View-Masters, and View-Master accessories, to make a pretty nice curio cabinet.

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