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20 Times Someone Spotted An Easter Egg In The Real World

We're used to seeing Easter eggs — little blink-and-you'll-miss-it references in TV shows and movies and so on. But less common is the Easter egg that you find out in the wild, in real life.

Since these Easter eggs, by their very definition, are tough to spot, you might miss them the first time around.

"A curious question on social anxiety, found on the back of a Kit Kat."

Reddit | Satonami7

Kit Kat's very ethos is about having a break and taking it easy, and then they decide to hit you with this question. C'mon, Kit Kat. I'm already anxious enough without pondering these social conundrums.

"The cooking instructions on this package of bacon."

Reddit | anoobsearcher

I like how the cooking instructions started with straightforward cooking instructions and then quickly devolved into a rant on the sorry state of the education system. It's just bacon, guys. Don't sweat it.

"My pants have been complimenting me this whole time!"

This is the kind of Easter egg I like: one that doesn't rant or ask me difficult questions, but gets right to the point with the language we all understand: flattery.

"Caught out by the tea box."

Reddit | alamanyo

This is an Easter egg, yes, but it seems kind of lazy. Like, give me a riddle or something. Don't just tell me that I should go out and buy more tea, because that's boring.

"Found on the inside of a FatBoy Edison lamp."

Reddit | spacekoaster

I had to Google "Fatboy Edison lamp" because I had no idea what it was. Apparently, it's a kind of small bulbous lamp that really doesn't want you to take its shade off.

"Under the label of my lip balm."

I thought there was some kind of law that even self-explanatory products had to include directions on their label. This lip balm proves that some companies are willing to give you some credit for knowing how stuff works.

"Found on the back of a moving truck."

Reddit | Intuner

This truck explains how turn signals work in easy-to-understand language, but it could still be clearer. Blinky thing means turning, but who's turning? What direction are they turning? I need more hand-holding here.

"PacSun jeans giving me confidence."

Reddit | NotMarq

There's nothing wrong with wearing jeans that look good, but if jeans are the sole determining factor for someone going on a second date with you, it's kind of a red flag. You're more than your jeans.

"Couple lolz on my craft beer. I’d give my right arm…."

Reddit | Extreme_norco

This is most definitely an Easter egg, but I'm not sure it's a joke. It's more of a riddle or conundrum. If you gave your right arm to be ambidextrous, you wouldn't be able to appreciate being ambidextrous.

"My coconut yogurt wants to be a book cover."

Reddit | redhouse7

Humans aren't the only entities with life goals, you know. This packaging may have been born as a yogurt container, but it has aspirations of being a book cover someday in the future.

"Shaun of the Dead' reference in my math homework."

Reddit | ChoRandom

If you're a teacher, you know you need to create problems to test your students, and these problems are often boring. Throwing a little Cornetto Trilogy Easter egg into their work is a way to jazz things up.

"Found this behind a Samsung washing machine."

Reddit | slide0990

I'm not sure if this beaming happy face on the back of the washing machine is an intentional Easter egg, but we could all use a few more smiles in our day, so I'm going to allow it.

"The recipe for Old Bay 2-step crab cakes."

Not to be a buzzkill or anything, but both of my grandmothers are long dead. I think that means I will forever be unable to complete this simple recipe. It's a bummer, because I like crab cakes.

"Found inside my hoodie."

Reddit | yepimasian

It's all well and good to line your clothes with quotes from Thoreau, but at the end of the day, this clothing manufacturer wants your dollars and cents. They're not asking for an amount of life in exchange for their products.

"My 3D printer has emotions."

Reddit | amoserks

Most people would see this and assume the printer will get damaged if it gets wet. Others might see this as an opportunity to help the printer get over its unreasonable fear of getting wet.

"Idk if this is just a mistake but I love it either way!"

Reddit | milhouse_is_bae

I hope this isn't a mistake, because it's a delightful little find in the otherwise soulless world of TV menus. There should be an additional bonus Easter egg: if you fix all of your problems, you'll never see Groundhog Day appear ever again.

"IRL Christmas eggs."

Reddit | midian454_666

I don't need my eggs to smile at me, or wear a Santa hat, or do anything at all besides contain a yolk. That doesn't mean that I don't appreciate their efforts to bring Christmas spirit into my day.

"The TARDIS on a rooftop in Cambridge, Massachusetts."

Reddit | PatentGeek

I especially like the fact that the TARDIS isn't front and center in this photo. It's not demanding that you look at it or anything. It just happens to be there for the truly observant to take note of.

"Little greeting on my Bubly tab."

Reddit | WoxyBoxy

As someone who drinks a case of Bubly pretty much every two days, I've long been accustomed to the little greetings on their tabs. I might be used to them, but that doesn't stop me from reading each and every one of them.

"Snow measurer on can of beer."

Reddit | TheWholeEffinJoe

There's nothing more satisfying than stashing your beer in a big pile of soft snow. This brewery clearly understands this impulse and is practically inviting you to do so with this snow measurer thingy on their cans.

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