18 'Easter Eggs' People Found Unexpectedly In Real Life

Who here is a fan of Easter eggs. No, I'm not talking about the actual eggs for Easter. I'm talking about an odd little secret that someone left unnoticed for the few people who are smart enough to find it or happen to stumble upon it.

Well, as it turns out, it not only happens in the movies and video games but in real life, too.

1. This Rad Shirt

Oh my goodness. Not only is this T-shirt really cool in itself, but check out what came with it, hee-hee! Don't you love it? I enjoy supporting businesses that do stuff like this. Let's see more of it.

2. This Pizza Box Surprise

Isn't it so cool when a food delivery place makes the experience extra special? Oh, yes. I love that. But I bet this person didn't expect to find this little fact written on their pizza box, ha, ha!

3. This Doormat

First of all, who reads the description on the back of a brand new doormat? I couldn't be bothered. But if you're that thorough, it's a good thing because otherwise, you would have missed this sweet little tidbit here.

4. This Coffee Surprise

I wonder what kind of company is so detail-oriented that they insist on a message like this to be printed on their coffee packaging? What do you think? I guess it's their marketing team that deserves credit for it.

5. This 'Yarn Bombing' Street Art

Let me ask you a question: do you know what "yarn bombing" is? Me neither, so I had to look it up. Apparently, it's just like graffiti, but instead of spray paint, people place knitted works around random fixtures on the street. Ah, so neat!

6. This Smiling Mug

Sometimes all you need is something to smile about to lift your spirits up. This person found exactly what they were looking for underneath their new coffee mug. It's a small thing, but it's still pretty nice.

7. This Matter-Of-Fact Message

Who here looks at the cleaning instructions in every garment they buy? I do, but I still don't understand what these symbols mean, ha, ha! So here's an explanation for you.

  1. Machine wash, delicate, temperature below 30C
  2. Do not bleach
  3. Do not tumble dry
  4. Iron at low temperature, no steam.

8. These Cleaning Instructions

In all honesty, a lot of people would already be lost. This company obviously knows this, so they were clever enough to suggest giving this garment to your mom to wash. After all, she knows best, no?

9. This Life Lesson

Not many people would expect to find a life lesson on the inside of their new hoodie, but here you have it, folks. Don't you just love it when you discover little gems like these, huh?

10. This Fire Hydrant

I think it takes a special creative mind to look at a fire hydrant and see a person, ha, ha! Whoever did this outside of the hospital either had too much time on their hands or needed a creative outlet, alright.

11. This Street Art

It's not unusual to spot a rat on the street. Am I right? However, one would not suspect it to look quite like that. I guess the street artist had a wicked sense of humor to depict it in such an odd position.

12. This Sound Advice

Is it just me, or this is not the kind of advice you would expect to come from the tongue of your new shoe, hee-hee? However, you better take it to heart. Am I right or what?

13. This Museum Wall

Some people might find visiting a museum a little tedious. After all, all you do is look at stuff and read a bunch of boring facts. So perhaps this WNDR Museum in Chicago wanted to break things up, and so they did, ha, ha!

14. This Baggage Roulette

Oh my goodness, hee-hee. I don't think I've ever seen an airport baggage strip quite like this before. It looks like an actual casino roulette. Don't you love that? From now on, I want them all to have a feature like this one.

15. This Cardboard Surprise

It's a good thing that this person didn't toss out this Traeger smoker box. As it turns out, what they found inside was a cute play cabin for kids. Ah! Isn't that so cool or what?

16. This Yummy Street Art

I hope whoever finds this on their way to work already had their breakfast, ha, ha! Otherwise, they might have to make a pit stop and chance getting there a little late. It does look tasty, huh?

17. This Funny Car Surprise

If you're a Vauxhall car owner, you might already know this, but here's something interesting for the rest of us. Every Vauxhall car built since 2004 has a hidden shark somewhere in the car. This one was in the glove box. Wow!

18. This Dog Toy

The life of a dog toy isn't a long one. They often get chewed up at some point. But when this one got ripped, an unhappy ball showed up, and I bet it made the dog's owner chuckle a little bit.

I hope all these awesome Easter eggs made you smile today.

I honestly wish I could find something like this every day. It sure would make our life a little nicer. Don't you think? On behalf of all of us, I say a collective "thank-you" to the folks that treated us to these little gems.