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19 Hilarious Wives Who Are Definitely The Boss

If you were to ask married men who wears the pants in their marriage, nine out of 10 men would say their wife!

Good answer, right? They've been trained taught well. But the truth is, women are exceptionaly good at keeping their men in line (in a loving way, of course).

Whether that's leaving hilarious notes or their creative solutions to various problems, here are 19 hilarious wives who are definitely the boss!

This wife who scared her husband

What's the point of having a husband if you can't make them terrified every once in a while? If it's not telling them you have PMS, then the freaky girl from The Exorist will do.

This wife who left her husband a sweet (and cheesy) surprise

"My husband wanted a sweet treat. I made orange rolls. To keep it interesting, one of these has nacho cheese on it," this wife wrote.

It's like Russian Roulette, cinnamon bun version!

This wife who owned Halloween

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"My wife got a new Halloween decoration," this husband wrote. "I nearly [expletive] when I walked in the bathroom." Well, it's a good thing he was already in the bathroom! Perfect place to soil yourself.

This wife who was one step ahead of her husband by cakeblocking him

She knows his tricks! There's no way she can make cupcakes and leave them unguarded all night! So she had to bring in reinforcements. Wife 1, husband 0.

This creative wife who knows how to problem solve

"My wife wanted to let the pizza place know that they're overdoing it with the advertising," this husband wrote.

Such a brilliant idea! He updated the post to say that every apartment in their complex got a new menu except for them!

This wife with the pawesome sense of humor

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"We were looking through old pictures of me when my wife started laughing and got the dog's flea pills from the cupboard," this Redditor wrote.

She was finally able to figure out why the dog reminded her of someone!

This wife who sent her husband some "underwear pics"

This was the photo the cheeky wife sent to her hubby when he asked her to send underwear pics.

Hey, he didn't say that the person in the photo had to be her!

This wife who left this hilarious surprise

"Was wondering why my wife was giggling when she asked me to change the air filters..." this husband wrote on Reddit.

So is marriage just 90 percent pranking each other? If so, we want in!

This wife who added googley eyes to every item in the fridge

"I hope my husband feels special when he wakes up. All eyes will be on him," this wife wrote. This is hilarious and also a good weight loss tactic!

This wife who told her husband there was a serious "leek" in the kitchen

It's a good thing this wasn't a real leak since we all know what would've happened. He would have told her "I'll get to it," and then 10 years would've gone by.

This wife who had the best pregnancy announcement

"My wife gave me this Bob Ross book. This photo was inside..." this husband wrote. He has one clever wife! Congrats to this man's wife and Bob Ross!

This wife who didn't waste time grieving her late husband

"My friends Grandma's house. She put a magazine cut out of Leonardo DiCaprio over her late (not so nice) husband's face," this Redditor wrote. "The 80+ year old's version of photoshop."

This wife who snuck around her husband's office window to scare him

Anyone who has worn a skincare face mask can attest to how they make you look like a serial killer. So bravo to this wife for taking advantage of it!

This wife who loves to tease her husband

"My wife (a geologist) purchased this for me for my birthday," this husband wrote.

What a true gem this wife is! If you can't tease each other in a marriage, what good is it?

This wife who's hilariously passive aggressive

"My wife made me a passive aggressive flow chart to use every time I get hungry," this husband wrote. Every wife with a messy husband should steal this!

This wife who was tired of her husband's snoring

Before you call her crazy, remember that sleep deprivation makes you do crazy things!

The only thing she may be in trouble for is encouraging other wives to steal this prank.

This wife who was well prepared for her trip away

"So my wife is going away for a few months. This is how she left our bed this morning," this husband wrote.

So that's what she meant when she said to hug his pillow tight at night.

This wife who messed with her husband

This is one trained husband! He didn't question her insane request. He just did it!

"Big Daddy" probably wasn't looking like such a tough guy with his finger in his ear LOL.

This husband who wasn't pleased with her husband guessing his Christmas present

Monica from Friends, is that you? After all, she has a husband like Chandler who totally ruined the surprise! This husband is lucky to get anything at all after this.