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19 Ways Women Flirt With Their Husband To Keep Things Spicy

It takes a lot more than love to make a marriage work.

Keeping that spark ignited also takes communication, quality time, and lots of flirting.

This could mean physical touch, role-playing, compliments, or even nude pictures...

So if you're looking to spice up your marriage, come learn what women are doing to keep things red-hot.

Dry humping

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Hey, if it works, it works! Every time this Redditor's husband bends over in her presence, she will grab his hips and go to town. They've been together for 22 years and it's still one of her go-to flirting tactics.

Pretending to be strangers


"Whenever we run errands together, if we split up, we always pretend not to know each other when we see each other again, and try to pick each other up as if we were strangers. I get his 'first time seeing a girl I want' eyes every few weeks and it is awesome." - u/hollidaydidit

Physical touch

"I love touching him. Physical touch is my love language and I love kissing him and pressing my body on his. His love language is words of affirmation so I make sure to tell him sexy, flirty, etc things while touching/holding him." - u/AevumFlux

Complimenting him

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This Redditor loves to use words of affirmation to connect with her man. She will compliment his outfits, hair cuts, basically anything to make him feel irresistible. She'll even do this when he’s sweaty from working out or doing yard work.

Making Austin powers-level ridiculous comments

"Oh baby, I hate to see you go but u love watching you leave! Or I’d wolf whistle while he was doing mundane things like sitting at his desk or getting dinner ready. Just over the top cheese ball stuff." - u/Frenchitwist

Laying on the sexual innuendos


"The other thing is asking questions that have either an innuendo or some kind of romantic underpinning. The perk of being with someone for that long is you learn what they like. Give that to them and... well... things start gettin steamy in my experience." - u/TheHumbleUmbreon

Nude pictures

If you really want to spice things up, do what this Redditor does and send your hubby nude photos during the workday.

Her husband has a corporate job with a relatively open office, so this only heightens the riskiness/intensity of the situation.

Consistent petting

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"I’m always grabbing him, front, back, side to side; pretty much whatever I can get my hands on. I ask him to flex. peak in the shower. When we lay down I’ll wiggle up on him. Tell him he looks good, shake my butt in front of him anytime I walk past him." - U/Nancy2421

Pretending to be a police officer

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"Usually when I leave home on my own, my boyfriend walks me out and walks up to my car like a police officer and asks for "license and registration" and I still find it so funny and cute after years together." - u/bunnybabiey

Non-sexual touch


Remember: touch doesn't always have to be sexual. This Redditor reminded us of that when she shared that she brushes her hand across her SO's shoulder when he's doing the dishes and other mundane tasks.

Acting like teenagers again

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"Went out with him and his friends yesterday, we flirted all night and made out in the corner, I felt 16 again lol. One of his friends tapped him on the shoulder because he knew he had a girlfriend and thought he was cheating." - u/claymountain

Remembering the little things

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"Like getting a lil snack you know they'd like, or texting them that they are on your mind, or just sharing your inside jokes with each other. Its what keeps the spark alive and well!" - u/thegiraffethatcould

Using cheesy pick-up lines

This Redditor takes a page from Joey from Friends. She will purposely flirt with him and say, " How you doin?" with an eyebrow raise. "12 years married we just like to be silly."

Flashing him

"I flash my husband regularly and walk into his office naked (baby on the way, need to learn to not do this…) and make body parts talk. I also initiate wrestling/tickle fights and grab his butt in the kitchen." - u/SecretBattleship

Brief groping sessions


"Basically boils down to a series of brief groping sessions in the hall lol. 'Good morning hun,' *slaps his butt. 'You going to the store later?' *hand on my boob." - u/Mel-Knight

"That's what she said" jokes

Michael Scott from The Office would be so proud! This Redditor uses the line often and just generally twists any normal sentence into something spicy.

It makes them laugh constantly together, which is what love is all about.

Acting like kids together


"We look like two kids annoying each other. Sometimes we look like an old couple just clinging to each other and sometimes we look like a lovey dovey couple. Idk. It depends on our mood." - u/Sad-Understanding342

Saying sweet nothings

"Tell him he's so beautiful, handsome, and make sure to notice when he's got a fresh bald head! I also draw comics of him on a small chalkboard in the kitchen and he LOVES it." - u/Samsquamchadora

Just a mixture of little things

"Tell them you appreciate them. Point out something you like about them every day, big or small. Smack their ass. Peek at them in the shower. Nudes." - u/beesntheirknees. This certainly escalated...