20 Pics Where The Perspective Just Causes A Lot More Confusion

Have you ever looked at a picture and thought about how it doesn't make any sense? Usually, if you look a little closer, then you can figure out what's going on.

And the same goes for these pictures. Sure, they might look like one thing, but they're actually pretty different. It's all about figuring the perspective out, one way or another.

Ever gotten so angry you stretched your arm to twice its size?

I guess both of those soccer players felt the need to point their arms in the exact same direction. Thanks to this angle, though, it looks like the one guy's arm is super long. Maybe he has a superpower that no one knew about.

You doing okay there, bud?

This shirt has a pretty... interesting design. Not only does it make this guy's waist look incredibly small, but it's giving him skinny arms, too. At a glance, it just doesn't look very proportionate.

"Dog chillin' with arms."

This dog may not actually have human arms, but it's still pretty convincing. I'm glad it isn't real, though; it would be so weird, having some dog out in the world with human arms. Or a human with a dog head.

"In my peripheral vision I thought there was a weird cutout in the middle of the plate."

When you make food that's really similar in color and pattern to your countertop, you're bound to accidentally mistake it for the counter itself from time to time. If you try to take a bite out if it (the food or the counter), the truth will become clear.

Now that's one monstrous cat!

No, not a monster cat. Just a cat laying down too close to the edge of a table, making it look like it's bigger than it really is. The wood of the table and the wood floors don't match, but it kind of looks like a lighting issue, anyway.

How many hands can one person have?

These two women are wearing incredibly busy patterns that make their outfits basically indistinguishable from one another. It means their arms are indistinguishable, too. Which also means, for a split second, the woman on the left looks like she has three hands.

"You may now kiss the father."

From literally any other angle, this would probably be a really nice wedding photo. But from this angle, it looks like the bride and her father have become some kind of father-daughter hybrid. To be honest, I really hate that thought.

It looks like that tree is in a loving relationship.

I mean, I guess this is what happens when you sit against a tree that's covered in the exact shade of blue you happen to be wearing. You just become one with the tree. Not the worst way to go, I guess.

"Guard offering tiny bag to swan."

This is definitely a case of being at the right place at the right time. The guy walking with that shopping bag probably never would've guessed that it would be taken from him by an officer, only to be then given to a swan.

"The way they photographed this section of broken highway in BC."

I'm not going to lie, I've been staring at this one for a while and I can't see it as anything other than a highway with an incredibly steep slope. It's like a bridge gone wrong or something.

"Part of the marsh dried out and it looks upside down."

This is definitely very confusing. It looks like the ground is the sky and also the ground somehow. If only they'd captured the actual sky in this picture, then we probably wouldn't have to think about it too much.

I wouldn't take a sip of that drink.

Whatever happens to be behind the wineglass is making the nastiest shape right now. I would 100% jump if I saw this in real life because it looks like there's a giant bug in there. 0/10, would not drink.

"The water looks deep and crystal clear but actually it’s just too dirty to see into at all."

The way the surface of this water is so reflective is just a distraction. This waterway is apparently really dirty, but we'll never know. At least, not from this picture by itself.

"When I opened the trunk, I freaked out thinking someone stole the cover and the spare tire. Then I've remembered that I bought a mirror."

If I saw this in the trunk of my car, I'd probably start crying. Thinking my trunk had a gaping, spare tire-less hole in it would be awful. As if I don't have enough things to worry about.

"Stop! What the heck are you doing over there!? This is not a public toil.. Oh, never mind."

The upside of wearing shorts: you won't overheat on a super hot day. The downside of wearing shorts: if you sit in a massage chair in public, people might think you've decided to use it as a toilet.

"It's just a leaf disguised as a toad?"

Is it a leaf? Is it a frog? Is it confusing? The answer to at least two of those questions is yes. And neither one is the frog one.

In other words, that's just a leaf.

"A Giant Woman."

Not to worry, this is almost definitely a regular-sized woman. But the way this picture was shot makes her look like she's a good 50 feet tall. The street sign in the background really isn't helping.

Whoa... where did that hand come from!?

If you aren't paying enough attention, you might find that this hand is floating in midair. But if you look a little closer, you can see the arm to the left of the laptop bag. No ghost hand here.

Walking on stilts is permitted over here.

Of course, there just so happens to be two beams sticking out from the ground, and they line up perfectly with the sign of the dude walking. And it's only a little bit creepy, so that's good.

"Found on Tinder. Muppet woman?"

There are two very interesting things going on here. The first is the way this woman's head is tilted. The second is the fact that the man next to her has his hand out, making it look like it's part of her face. Not a Muppet woman, but close enough.

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