20 Times A Closer Look Would Have Really Paid Off

Growing up, were you taught the importance of being careful? Double-checking things, measuring twice and cutting once, so on and so forth?

It's safe to say most of us were, or if we weren't, we adopted it along the way. Not all of us, though, as the people on this list could have really done with a closer inspection here.

It would have paid off.

"Well that's not the soy sauce..."

Is sweet rice a thing? Can you make it a thing? Wait, rice pudding exists, can you make that from this?

"This ‘motivational’ quote app which doesn’t quite fit all the text on the screen..."

There's probably a 'don't' at the beginning of that sentence, which makes it even funnier that the app thought to only show the middle of the quote. Nothing here makes sense!

"That 'S.'"

Don't you mean that ƨ? Congrats to the happy couple, knowing they ƨtill love you just as much as the day you got married is a lovely feeling.

"Tiny rocks at my kid's park are the same color as the shred. Many face plants."

Ah, a park, certainly the best place to overlook a physical hazard that definitely won't land you a lawsuit if someone were to get hurt.

"Found my kid's watch he lost 3 months ago."

Had a similar experience in my youth, except it was a phone and not a watch. can always be worse!

"Sprong squad."

The egg didn't have to be part of the design. Or it could have been the 'D,' which still isn't great but it sure is better than 'I'.

Not quite.

I've heard of smoke being dangerous, but smork is new to me. Sounds worse, sounds... gross.

"[Someone] locked his cycle with my bike."

Did they think your bike was on a bike rack? If you drive away with it, is it your fault? Both important questions.

"Found this, don't trip!"

Not only dangerous, but terrible to clean and totally inaccessible! A triple threat!

"You need REALLY little fingers to squeeze in this."

No, no, you misunderstand, it's a coin slot. Slip a dime in there and an arm lifts the coffee mug right to your mouth! You have to do it for every sip, though.

"I LOVE my 4 eyed gingerbread men."

The perfect way to combine both Halloween and Christmas, for those who can't pick their favorite holiday.

"I wish my foot had star power at 3am last night, when my kids left this on the stairs."

I live alone in a tiny apartment and I always make sure I have my phone flashlight on if I have to get up during the night. I just don't trust myself.

"[Just] found this in the house [I'm] renting."

You know what you must do. Time to buy some paint and hope your landlord doesn't notice.

"Oh, so that’s where they went...again."

If there's one habit I'm glad my mother instilled in me, it's always checking pockets before doing laundry.

"I pass this [every] morning and it drives me crazy that the puzzle piece doesn't work."

Not sure what they're selling but thanks to this logo, I won't be buying.

"Spot the light switch, took me too long to find."

Ohh, so that's why light switch covers are always white or something else high-contrast. I get it now.

"School computer. Been typing for minutes until realized."

The good news is that the keycaps don't dictate the key, so your typing should still be fine. Hopefully.

"Look what I found after installation."

The good news is he wasn't missing much — just an installation video — but that doesn't excuse such poor packaging design.

"Laundry detergent uses 2/3 scoop but has a line for 1/2 scoop."

A great way to practice eyeballing measurements, with no way to know if you're right!

"I did not look closely enough at that label."

I'm imagining that partway through the baking process, you started smelling garlic and just went, "Oh no."

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