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19 Pictures Of Cringey Gender Reveal Parties

A gender reveal party is supposed to be a joyous occasion — filled with family, friends, cake, and pink or blue confetti.

But as this trend has picked up popularity, so have some questionable ideas.

From using a pet alligator to break the news to inappropriate cakes to wildfire disasters, here are 19 pictures of cringe-y reveal parties.

Things are getting out of hand.

What happened to popping a balloon that lets out pink or blue confetti? Or just TELLING people what the baby's sex is? Why do people have to haunt our dreams with a giant twerking baby?

The explosion.


By now, you've probably heard about the dangers of gender reveal parties. This one in Australia went terribly wrong, as a car used to spew blue smoke ignited and blue (pardon the pun) the car up. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

No, no, dear God, NO!

Aaaaand, we're officially traumatized. This family certainly could've done this gender reveal party without a pink Papa Smurf dressed like a baby. Can he disappear into the smoke as fast as he came?

The party you're looking for is a Swingers Party.

Considering gender reveal parties usually happen with close friends and family, we don't want to think of one man being naked around his mom and dad...

Something ain't right here.

The man on the left knows he's about to be on The Maury Show, the man in the middle is blissfully unaware of what's happening, and the woman is wondering who knows her secret.

The party fowl.

If you're going to sprinkle confetti everywhere, at least clean it up. When one group refused to do this at Applebees, a huge fight broke out between the gender partygoers and the restaurant staff.

It doesn't get more Florida than this.


Florida couple, Stacie Childs-Wright and Chad Wright, found it entirely appropriate to use their pet alligator (????) to reveal the pink smoke of their 10th child. They're just lucky no one saw red that day.

Like a car crash, you can't look away.

This is what happens when not enough people 'like' your gender reveal post on Facebook.

Unsatisfied, this person sought out to let the world know by crashing their car into the local Walmart! Sounds reasonable.

No, Mon.

It's hard to imagine Granny trying to decide on a piece of cake with a marijuana leaf on it or the actual joint.

Let's all do ourselves a favor and decide that a marijuana-themed cake for a gender reveal party isn't it.

They said decorate a pie, not a *pizza* pie.

This one's too cheesy. The only way this is acceptable is if the girl's name will be "Olive." We'd also appreciate it if the name could be spelled out in bacon, kthnx.

This gender reveal cake.

I mean, the cake isn't wrong. People are there for the sex, as in determining what sex the baby is. But this was just a very awkward way of wording things.

"Gender reveal lasagna" shouldn't be a thing.

We were willing to accept the gender reveal pizza, but this is going too far. Cheese dyed blue? We'll take the "we're here for the sex" cake over this anytime.

Y'all are going too far.

This dog isn't missing; he wants to get away! Even if safe pet dye exists, people shouldn't drag their pets into this. They're already having to deal with no longer being the spoiled baby of childless adults.

We're never having a hot dog or taco again.

In case you're wondering what this is, this reviewer wrote, "this big guy was the perfect way to reveal the sex of our baby at our Hotdog or Taco baby sex reveal party."

Why are these the only two options?

Is there no in-between? This just goes to show that we're instilling gender stereotypes onto our kids before they've even left the woman.

Not every boy wants to be a soldier and not every girl wants to be a ballerina.

Here for the cops to arrive.

We can only imagine the strange looks neighbors gave this house on that day. This especially includes when they saw grandma pull up to what presumably looks like a swingers party.

The hungry hippo.

If you're going to do a gender reveal party, the least you can do is leave animals out of it. Don't dye the dog pink or blue and don't make a hippo eat food coloring.


Once again, it doesn't get more American than this. This couple decided to learn the sex of their baby using a monster truck. What, was the local Walmart too busy to host the function?

The wildfire.

A gender reveal party in Arizona had a roaring good time until the gender reveal caused a 47,000-acre wildfire.

This happened after the family exploded the sign, causing a fire to start. Eight million dollars of damage later...