Fans Fall In Love After Chris Evans Takes Adorable 'Twins' Selfie With Rescue Dog

Chris Evans has been in the game for a while, but recent years have definitely seen him win a lot of adoring fans.

Part of this appeal has to do with how handsome he is, but he's also earned a reputation as a kind-hearted classic gentleman who can also boast some serious acting chops.

So a lot of fans were excited to see him finally join Instagram in May of 2020 and they were probably even happier when they discovered what subject he seems to dedicate most of his time on the platform toward.

Because if they didn't know how much Evans loves his rescue dog before, they certainly got the message after the pair took an instantly beloved selfie together.

As anyone who follows Evans on Instagram would quickly learn, he's the proud fur dad of a Boxer mix named Dodger.

As he told People, Evans first felt compelled to adopt Dodger when he met him on the set of the movie Gifted in 2017.

In his words, "One of the last scenes we were filming was in a pound, a kennel. I foolishly walked in and I thought, 'Are these actor dogs or are these real up for adoption dogs?'"

And once he learned the dogs were genuinely up for adoption, he came across Dodger and felt like he didn't belong there.

So the actor adopted him and became fast friends with the energetic little pup.

As he put it, "They aged him at about one, he acts like a puppy, he's got the energy of a puppy, he's just such a sweetheart, he's such a good boy. He loves dogs, he loves kids, he's full of love."

But if fans liked the dog before, they loved him after Evans took a side-by-side selfie with Dodger captioned "Twins?"

Whether it had to with how happy they looked together or just how adorable their photo was, the pic netted breathless comments from fans the world over.

But if Evans was competing with Dodger in the looks department, it seems he's got more competition than he realized.

As one commenter said, "I don't know who is more adorable. But look at that handsome face ... sorry but I gotta go with Dodger."

In the words of another, "The guy on the right is definitely the cute one. Sorry not sorry."

And in a way, it's fitting that Dodger would get so much of the attention since he's the main reason Evans joined Instagram in the first place.

As the actor said, "You know what it is? I had too many good pictures of my dog. I was like, they're being wasted in my phone. I need to put these somewhere."

h/t: People